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Chapter One: Women's Touch

Karol sighed, tired. The Heracles was so huge and winding that he was sure they had past that same post over a dozen times.

"Hey, Boss." Yuri called, already on the lower floor with everyone else. "Better get a move on or we'll leave you behind!"

"Ah! C-Coming guys, wait up!" Karol called back, clamoring down the stairs. At the last two steps, however, he manage to slip and fall down face first on the lower level...on top of Raven.

"Oh no, Karol. Are you all right?" Judith asked, smiling, not looking too concerned.

"Ow...I think so..." Karol stood up rubbing the back of his head.

"What? No love for ol'Raven, Judith darlin'?" Raven asked groggily.

Rita slammed her foot on to his stomach, grinding it. "I was hoping he killed you old man." She said, continuing to step on his stomach.

"Looks like you managed to do a bit of a number on yourself there, Captain." Yuri pointed to his nose which was slightly cut.

Karol reached up and poked his nose, wincing as it stung. "No sweat, I'll just heal it and it'll be good as new!" He swung out his sword and prepared to use his healing artes. "Nice Aid Sm--Eh?" He stopped half way, collasping on the ground again. "Aw man. I don't have enough energy for it." He looked over at Raven who was sitting comfortable now on the ground. "What about you, Raven?"

He shook his head. "Sorry, kid. This old man's been too busy healing in battle to use any now."

"Then I'll just use a apple gel."

"Idiot," Rita huffed. "we can't waste any gels on such a stupid little injury. We don't know when we'll get out of here."


Judith winked. "Maybe you could leave it like that. Ladies love the rugged look."

"Hey, I got it." Yuri snapped his fingers before he began to dig in his pockets for something. "I got this at the sythesize shop awhile back, it should do the trick." He pulled out a small rectangular beige patch from his pocket. He took off the backing and placed it on Karols scratch.

"Aw, it suits your Karol." Judith commented.

"Y-You think so?"

She nodded "It just needs something else though." She said slyly.


With that, she kissed Karol lightly on the nose. "There," she said, giving him a wink. "Now it won't hurt anymore."

"Heh heh..." Karol face burned red.

"My dear Judith!" Raven cried out. "How could you betray me so?!"

Rita punched him, knocking him out. "Stupid old man..."

Karol earned the title Lady Killer - Ladies are just head over heels in love with your cuteness

Raven earned the title Shot Down - No matter how hard you try, you always get rejected

Judith earned the title Teaser - It's just so much fun you can't help yourself

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