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Kind of a sequel to Finders Keepers, since this got me thinking too.

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Snippet Ten: Loser's Weepers

Yuri looked around the small hotel room in Capua Nor, as Flynn and his second in command discussed something with the apple head kid. He perked as hs saw a drawer slightly opened, a small drawstring hanging out from it. He glanced at the people in the room, noticing they were engrossed in their conversation and decided to investigate.

He walked over and opened the drawer very casually. He noticed it was a small pouch, a wallet. Checking a quick glance to see no one was watching, he opened it up. A couple of fifty gald coins were in there, two maybe three hundred gald. Maybe if he could just place them in his own wallet...

"Yuri. What are you doing?"

He turned to notice that Flynn was almost right beside him a very suspicious look on his face. The others in the room also drew their attention to the swordsman. Sodia was glaring at him like he was the source of all evil.

He was the kid whose hand was caught in the cookie jar. Which he had done several times as well so he knew how to handle this.

"Can't you at least wait for us to be out of the room for you to begin stealing?" Flynn frowned, more disappointed than anything.

Yuri did his fake pout look. "I'm hurt Flynn. Do you think I would really steal anything right in front of your face?"

"You were just about to take that wallet, Yuri Lowell!" Sodia shouted, advancing on him and drawing her sword.

"She's right, Yuri. Care to explain yourself?" Flynn asked irritated, tapping his foot on the ground impatiently. Mother hen was in full affect.

Yuri shrugged, used to the act and ignoring it, before pointing to Witcher. "Is it yours, Apple head?"

"W-wha? Of course not, mine is-"

"Is it yours, sword happy?"

"How dare you-"

"How about you, Flynn?"

Flynn sighed. "No, it's not."

Yuri smirked, taking the wallet out of the drawer. "Well then, I've tried to help find the owners but seeing as no one can claim it, I suppose I'll just take it for the greater good. See you guys around."

Yuri didn't get very far towards the door as Flynn grabbed his friends collar from behind him. "You are to bring that back immediately, Yuri."

Estelle smiled nervously, walking over to the two, maybe she could help. "It's a souvenir, Flynn. For our travels." That had won her over so surely Flynn would see it the same way.

Flynn blinked in surprise at her words before giving Yuri's neck a good glare. "And what have you been teaching Lady Estellise?"

Yuri chuckled nervously. "Oh you know, this and that. She's a great learner, absorbs things like that." He snapped his fingers to emphasize her learning and trying to get away from the deathgrip that Flynn had on his shirt. Little luck with either of them.

"Yuri." Flynn's hand tightened on the man's collar and his other stretched to the front of him. "Give it back. It doesn't belong to you."

The swordsman looked at the knight's hand and - very reluctantly - plopped the wallet into Flynn's hand. He didn't want to mess with Flynn when that tone was use on him. He felt his collar being let go. "Just don't put it for the taxes, you guys get paid enough as is."

Flynn smiled, grasping the wallet securely in his hands. "Deal."

Yuri relaxed as he laid down on the bed in the inn of the newly finished Aurnion. It had been a long day, Brave Vesperia had decided to help them out with a landslide and if Yuri heard another 'thank you' or 'we are eternally grateful' sort of thing he might just bash his head against the wall until they stopped.

Placing his sword on the end table he heard a jingle as it knocked it slightly. Curiousity getting over him, he opened the drawer and peered inside.

In it, was a note and a bag. Yuri read the neat handwriting that only years of practice reading it could he tell what it said:

'Here's a little souvenir of Aurnion

- Flynn'

It was the exact wallet he had found in Capua Nor...though surpisingly a little heavier then before. Yuri couldn't help but laugh.

"At least the knight's pay got a little less this time."

Yuri gained the title - Trouble Maker: You just can't help it. It's free money!

Flynn gained the title - Mischeif Maker at Heart: You still like the occasional trouble here and there, it's in your blood.

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