Summary: The Doctor and his companion, Bella Swan, visit Bella's father in Forks, Washington on a seemingly normal day. But events quickly lead them down a different path and they meet some unexpected allies. Will they be able to help the inhabitants of Forks before it's too late?

A/N: Thank you to the people who helped me write this – DQRC for brit picking and Le Jen for boosting my self-esteem. This started out as a prompt for the Twilight Gift Exchange Summer '09: Doctor Who (David Tennant, yum)/Twilight crossover (i.e., Edward is the Doctor, Bella is his companion, and - lol - Jacob can be K-9).

I changed it a bit. The Doctor is still very much the Doctor, as played by David Tennant, because it seemed wrong to make him anyone other than who he is.

The only person who is really different from the books is Bella.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, Doctor Who, or any of their characters.


Out of the thin morning mist a figure appeared, stopped and sniffed the air. He was quickly flanked by two others like him.


'North,' he instructed before taking off in that direction, not bothering to wait or coddle them. If they couldn't keep up, they didn't deserve to hunt with him.

The smell of blood and life caressed his senses, filling his head with its musky, sweet scent until the venom flowed freely down his throat. A thrill of knowing what would soon come made him smile ruthlessly. The hunt – that was what he lived for, why he was created.

Tracking, running, tearing down, and then finally that millisecond before taking his fill – it drove him. It was his only purpose in life. And how he loved it.

He loved playing with his food sometimes. Taunting it, hurting it, until it broke and begged, begged for its tiny, insignificant life. Didn't it know he didn't feel remorse for taking life? Didn't it know that this was how nature worked? The strong killed the weak. He was not bound by the same rules commanded by the food's god. He was above the god of prey, the god of humans.

He was his own god.

And no one could stop him.

That was the last thought he had before embracing the hunt and letting it take him over to become the animal, the monster that he was.

A second later, he leapt at the lone unsuspecting man who had decided to "get back to nature" for one weekend and camp by himself in the woods. The rangers had cautioned him about the wildlife that lurked in this forest, but he'd paid no mind. He carried a rifle with him for those nuisances.

But this was a different matter altogether. No one could have warned him about this, because no one knew this threat existed.

The hunter decided not to play today. He was too hungry.

James swiftly cut off his food's screams with a violent ripping tear and succumbed to the blood's power and the pleasure that strengthened him once more.

Chapter One

With a tremendous swell of sound, much like short bursts of metal scraping along a cement floor, where once only air and empty space had been, a blue box appeared. It was faint at first, but rapidly became solid and with a final thump, the TARDIS finished its arrival. The door swung open and out popped a head of brown hair.

'Is this it, then?' asked Bella, the girl to whom that head of brown hair belonged. 'This is Forks?' She looked at the green upon green scenery and forest as the early morning fog dissipated under the newly risen sun and muttered to herself, 'I don't remember it being this green.'

When her mother had told her, rather bluntly, during their last phone conversation that she needed to visit her father to assure him she was alive and well and to not start a nation-wide manhunt for the man he thought had kidnapped her, Bella reluctantly agreed. She didn't enjoy visiting Forks, the wettest, cloudiest, greenest place on earth, but she didn't want her father to needlessly worry about her.

It didn't matter that she had grown up in London, a formidable competitor to Forks when considering average rainfall per year, but Forks always felt damper to her somehow.

Thankfully it wasn't raining, which was all she needed to know. She turned back to shout into the TARDIS interior. 'Come on, Jake!'

'Jake?' the Doctor exclaimed in confusion, whipping off his black plastic glasses as he jumped into her path of sight. 'Did you just call me Jake?'

'No, I called K-9 Jake,' Bella clarified with a shake of her head. 'I felt like he should have a proper name, instead of something that sounded like a cleaning product.'

'You can't just go around changing someone's name! Especially when it reads 'K-9' right along the side of him!' he pointed out.

Bella shrugged. 'You can change that, right?'

'Why Jake?' he asked, a glint of amusement in his eyes and his trademark smirk firmly in place.

'Why not? I s'pose he just looks like a Jake.'

'Fair enough, but why don't we consult K-9 before we go changing his name on him?' The Doctor knelt down to the robotic dog, which had been patiently waiting next to the Doctor's feet during his and Bella's brief exchange. 'Well, ol' boy? What do you say? Do you like the name Jake?'

'Master may call me whichever name he wishes,' K-9 stated in his monotone robotic voice.

'That's not really an answer then, is it?' mused the Doctor out loud to no one in particular.

Bella knelt down and tried. 'Do you mind if I call you Jake?'

'No, Mistress,' K-9 replied.

She nodded her head decisively. 'That settles it.' Bella looked over Jake's head at the Doctor. 'I'm going to call him Jake from now on. You heard him, he doesn't mind.'

The Doctor mumbled something under his breath that sounded like headstrong human, but Bella couldn't be sure. They both straightened up and started for the door at the same time. Bella paused and looked down at Jake. 'On second thought, maybe it would be best if he stayed behind. I don't know how the people in this town would take to a robotic dog trailing behind us.'

'From what your mother insinuated, your father is going to hate me on sight. I might need the backup if things get ugly,' teased the Doctor.

'Oh, please. Charlie's not vindictive. He might be a policeman, but he's not going to pull his gun on you.'

'Okay,' the Doctor sighed. 'K-9... er, I mean Jake,' he corrected after a pointed look from Bella, 'You stay here and look after the TARDIS. The thought pattern collector needs to be refluxed anyway and see what you can do about the scanner. It's been a bit wonky since that meteor hit us.'

'Don't you mean since you hit that meteor?' Bella asked.

The Doctor mock-glared at her. 'Don't be cheeky. That meteor clearly had it in for us, thus diverting from its intended path and hitting us in mid-flight.'

Bella just laughed and shook her head.

'Yes, Master,' Jake answered, rolling away toward the TARDIS main controls.

The Doctor extended his bent arm out. 'Shall we?'

Bella wrapped her hand around his forearm, just below his elbow. 'We shall.'

It was a short ten minute walk to Charlie's house from the TARDIS' landing spot in the forest along the outskirts of town. The pair saw only two people during their walk, neither of whom Bella recognized from the handful of times she had visited her father during her childhood. Upon reaching the correct street, Bella consulted the piece of paper containing Charlie's home address that she'd received from her mother.

'Shouldn't be far now,' she mumbled, actually starting to feel nervous about seeing her father again after so much time had passed.

'Alright?' the Doctor asked, feeling Bella's hand trembling upon his arm. He covered her hand with his own and squeezed tight.

'Yeah, I'm fine.' Bella lifted her chin, squared her shoulders, and strode forward until they reached Charlie's front door. Then she promptly lost her nerve. 'You knock,' she instructed, pushing the Doctor between her and the door.

He shook his head and pulled her around to his side as he lifted his hand to knock. His fist struck only once before the door was wretched open by an older man in a hurry, struggling to put his coat on while gathering up his keys and opening the door.

'Bella!' Charlie, Bella's father, yelled in surprise, pausing in mid-motion with his arm only halfway through his coat's sleeve when he saw Bella standing before him on his door stoop. 'What are you doing here? What happened? Is everything okay?'

Charlie looked further up to see a strange man in a striped three-piece suit with hair that stuck up in various directions standing beside his daughter. His eyes narrowed in anger, knowing this was the man who had taken Bella away from Renee and the only life she had known.

'Hey, Dad,' greeted Bella, conscious of the sudden change in Charlie's demeanor. 'Is this a bad time? Do we need to come back?'

Charlie shook his head and focused on Bella again. 'I was just called to a crime scene about an hour south of here that I need to go to...' He trailed off, stuck at a crossroads. He wanted to visit with his daughter, whom he rarely spoke to and saw even less of since she resided an ocean away, but on the other hand, Officer Reynolds had told him this was urgent and all hands were needed on deck.

The Doctor, sensing an opportunity to involve himself in something new and potentially adventurous, leapt forward and stuck out his hand, grinning his most enthusiastic grin. 'Hullo! It's a pleasure to meet you, Charlie Swan.'

Charlie looked at him darkly and shook the man's hand, putting unneeded muscle behind the courteous gesture. 'You must be the Doctor. Renee's told me so much about you,' he ground out between clenched teeth.

'All good stuff, I'm sure,' the Doctor replied, unwavering in his outright glee at meeting Bella's father. 'Why don't we come with you?' he suggested. 'It'll give you and Bella time to catch up.'

Charlie didn't know how he felt about that idea. He didn't want to bring Bella to a particularly violent crime scene, but he gave in when he saw her hopeful expression. 'Fine,' he conceded with a sigh. 'Just as long as you stay in the car until I'm done.'

'With pleasure, Char- Dad. You know I hate the sight of blood.'

Charlie led the way to his police cruiser, taking a distinct pleasure of opening the back door where criminals usually went and ushering the Doctor inside. Once everyone was settled in, Charlie pulled out of the driveway and braked a little too hard in reverse, hard enough to make everyone jerk forward. Bella sent him a startled look.

'Sorry,' he mumbled, tentatively pressing on the gas to start driving again. 'I'm not used to having other people in the car with me.'

'Don't you have a partner?' Bella asked, suddenly realizing she didn't know much about her father's life. Their phone calls were focused briefly on her life and school, but rarely was the conversation turned onto him. Nothing more than the usual 'I'm fine. Work's fine.' was Bella's only insight into Charlie's life.

Charlie shook his head. 'I'm the Sheriff. I don't need a partner.'

'Oh,' she said, frowning because, while Charlie seemed self-sufficient, no one should be alone as much as he appeared to be. It made her feel like a horrible daughter for running off with the Doctor and neglecting her family, the people whom she loved more than any others on Earth.

Bella snuck a glance back at the Doctor, who was staring serenely out the side window and muttering to himself under his breath about one of the million things she knew he was thinking at that given moment. Was it fair for her to abandon him just to spend time with Charlie? Wouldn't that be like trading in one lonely man for another? The Doctor may be unable to say the words, but Bella knew he needed her around to keep him sane, to keep him from becoming that destructive, impulsive man he was when she first met him.

Charlie interrupted Bella's musings with a clearing of his throat. 'So… what have you been up to, kid?'

Bella winced at being called 'kid' in front of the Doctor. 'Oh, you know, the usual. Traveling through time and space. Saving races of aliens and humankind from being destroyed, or destroying themselves.'

She'd meant it as a joke, but Charlie didn't laugh. He didn't even crack a smile.

'Um… joking, Dad,' Bella said nervously. 'I'm sure Mum told you what happened last year.'

'About the spaceship? Yeah, she confirmed what the news reported,' Charlie replied, keeping his eyes on the road, but thinking back to that night when his heart had seized while footage of a giant spaceship hovering over the Buckingham Palace was shown on every channel. His only thought had been about Renee's and Bella's safety, and after being unable to reach them for hours, he'd finally gotten through only to have Renee tell him this crazy story about how Bella and this strange, older man had run off together. Suffice it to say, it was a memorable night for him.

'After I helped the Doctor with that situation, he invited me to travel with him and that's what I've been doing ever since,' she quickly summarized, not wanting to get into specifics because if Charlie knew how many times her life had been placed in danger, he'd probably lock her up in a cell and never let her out. He'd argue that it was for her own safety, of course.

Charlie snorted in disbelief, but didn't push the subject. And the Doctor stayed uncharacteristically silent in the backseat, which Bella was glad for because this was one place where butting his nose in would only make the situation worse.

'What have you been doing since I last spoke to you, Dad?' Bella inquired.

He shrugged, glancing sideways at his daughter. 'Fighting crime, harassing rambunctious and wild teenagers, keeping Forks a safer place. The mayor said my cape should arrive in the mail any day.'

'Dad… did you just make a joke?' Bella asked in astonishment.

'Yeah, I guess I did,' he replied, giving her a quick half-smile. Bella laughed, affectively easing the tension in the car and father and daughter began speaking more openly about the events in their life during their separation. The Doctor did occasionally butt his nose in when he thought Bella was explaining something poorly.

'No, it's Raxacoricofallapatorius. Why can you never say it properly?' admonished the Doctor in his "I'm a genius and you're not" tone. At least that was the title Bella had placed on that particular tone.

'Aren't we all high and mighty? I'll have you know it's a very difficult word to pronounce and I do the best I can,' Bella snipped back, having lived through this argument more than a few times already.

'Ooh, it's not that difficult. I bet Charlie here could say it.'

Bella and the Doctor both turned to Charlie at the same time. He waved one hand in the air and shook his head. 'I'm not involving myself in this. You guys need to work this out on your own.'

And so it went the entire drive until they spotted the flashing lights in the distance. Charlie maneuvered his squad car around a group of people huddled together near the back of a fire truck and parked between two other squad cars.

'Stay. Here,' Charlie reiterated to Bella sternly, even going so far as to point in an authoritative "Sheriff" manner.

'Yes, sir.' Bella saluted playfully.

'This is serious, Bella. I don't want you to get in trouble, wandering around an ongoing criminal investigation.'

She sobered up. 'Alright. I'll stay here.'

Charlie nodded and left, not bothering to tell the Doctor to stay put since he was in the back and couldn't open the doors from the inside. Bella looked back at the Doctor once the door shut behind Charlie and he had walked away from the car. The Doctor grinned mischievously and pulled out his sonic screwdriver. He quickly pointed the screwdriver at the side door behind Bella and opened it, looking around to see if anyone took notice of a sharply dressed man stepping out the back of a police car without assistance from the outside.

Confirming the way was clear, he jumped out and abruptly turned to tap on the passenger side window. Bella rolled it down and poked her head out.

'You coming?' the Doctor asked. Bella pulled a face and glanced over to the people milling around, talking to each other in loose clumps around a blocked off part of forest.

'You know I hate the sight of blood,' she replied, color draining from her face at the thought of voluntarily walking up to a murder victim.

The Doctor nodded once, knowing Bella's aversion to all bodily liquids. 'Stay here and don't wander off, then. You never know what could be lurking in those trees.'

He walked away, whistling a cheery jaunt under his breath, not knowing Bella had turned pale white and was now peering into the dense trees, leery of any shadow or slightest movement.

The Doctor made sure to dodge Charlie by walking a wide circle around him and the two men he was talking with as he headed toward the clearly marked off area where the body lie. A pretty, red-headed woman officer stopped him once he reached the outside perimeter of the taped off area.

'May I see some ID, sir?' she asked politely, holding a hand out to indicate he was to step no further until she was appeased. Without taking his eyes off the body a few metres away, the Doctor pulled out his slightly-psychic paper and flashed it at her.

'So sorry, sir. I didn't realize they had already called in the FBI,' she apologized.

'Yes, well, we've taken a special interest in this case,' he lied, rather convincingly actually after years of worming his way into restricted areas.

She allowed him through and – what luck! – he was the only one around.

His black-rimmed spectacles jammed on to his face, he bent down to give the body a quick examination. 'Hello, hello, hello...' he muttered, seeing something off about the massive tearing at the throat. 'What have we here?'

He stood back up and mused out loud, as he was prone to do. 'Why is it that whenever you think a species has been fully eradicated, they always crop back up at the most unlikely time?'

'Shouldn't the real question be "why do they always find you"?' Bella asked from behind him.

The Doctor spun around and broke into a broad smile. 'Oi! What are you doing here?'

Bella shrugged, unable to stop the little smile at the show of pride coming from the Doctor. 'I couldn't let you have all the fun, could I?'

The Doctor appraised Bella for a couple seconds until she blushed and dropped her gaze to the ground. He stepped forward and lifted her chin with the curve of his pointer finger. 'You really are the most surprising person I've met in a long time.'

'Is that a good thing?' she asked meekly, looking at him from underneath her eyelashes.

'I haven't decided,' he confessed. They experienced a rare serious moment, eyes locked in silent pleading on one side and contemplation on the other. A clearing of someone's throat, rather pointedly at that, broke them out of their trance.

'Right,' the Doctor said, stepping back from Bella and turning to their interrupter. 'Any news, Sheriff?'

Charlie stood a few yards away, arms crossed, his mouth set in a deep frown. 'So glad to see you listened to me, Bella,' he said harshly.

She had the grace to look ashamed and ducked her head. 'Sorry,' she mumbled.

'I'm heading back to town, if you want a ride.' He made it a point not to include the Doctor in his invitation. Turning abruptly, he stalked off in a huff, certain Bella would follow along quickly.

Bella looked beseechingly at the Doctor.

'Go on then,' the Doctor urged. 'I want to ask some questions anyway.'

'You're sure?' she asked, drawing her coat tighter around her. The wind had picked up and now cut through the layers of her clothing like they weren't even there.

The Doctor nodded in the direction Charlie had headed. 'Go. I'll find you when I'm done here.'

'Okay...' Bella trailed after her father, looking back at the man who had stolen her heart in more ways than one since that fateful day when their paths had crossed. If only he felt the same way...

But he didn't, and she knew that. Somehow... somehow she had to live with that.

It was a silent and terse ride back to Charlie's house. Charlie dropped Bella off at the house alone because he had to go back to the station to complete some paperwork. He informed her he'd be back in a few hours and to make herself at home before he left.

The Doctor took a look around him and noticed the same red-headed woman standing off to the side, frowning at a group of older gentlemen. He strode over to her, hands in his pockets, and gently asked, 'Would it be alright if I asked you some questions?'

She appeared startled, but quickly recovered to a more neutral expression; however, she poorly hid her glow from boosted pride. 'Of course.'

'Have other animal attacks of this nature occurred near here?'

'Yes, sir. There was one similar to this around Olympia, which is about 45 minutes away. And before that, we learned there was another animal attack around Mount St. Helen,' she told him in a hushed tone.

'When did they occur?'

'Oh, the Mount St Helen one was about a week and a half ago. And the one in Olympia was maybe four days ago?'

'Thank you, Officer Henley,' the Doctor said, quickly reading her name badge. 'You've been most helpful.' She smiled at him as he took his leave.

Once he'd turned his back on the crime scene, the Doctor frowned in thought. From what Officer Henley had said, it appeared the attacks were steadily moving north and would probably soon reach Forks.

Which was where Bella was… without him.

Well that wouldn't do. He needed to get back to her before something bad happened. That girl, as surprising and wonderful as she was, always managed to find herself in the middle of trouble when he wasn't around to help her out.

The Doctor stopped a police officer who stood near a row of squad cars and smiled broadly. He pulled out his slightly psychic paper again and flashed it in the officer's face. 'Hi! I'm going to need to commandeer one of these cars. Official FBI business.'

The officer, whose name was Tucker and didn't want to be here anyway because it was his day off and he could have avoided this whole thing if he'd just left his house to go on that fishing trip twenty minutes earlier than planned, quirked an eyebrow. 'If you work for the FBI, why are you English?'

The Doctor's feathers were visibly ruffled by that. 'If you must know, I was recruited from Scotland Yard.'

'Well, that's all well and good, but you can't commandeer one of the cars because this isn't a state of emergency. You're welcome to catch a ride with O'Malley, though.' He pointed to a stocky man standing in the opening of a car door, violently waving his hands in another officer's face.

'You've been a tremendous help,' observed the Doctor, who then turned abruptly and stalked over to the angry man. 'Excuse me, but are you by chance heading to Forks?'

O'Malley, his face red from yelling, swung around. 'Who wants to know?' he asked, his voice rough from years of screaming at insubordinate people.

The Doctor smiled politely and flashed the paper again. 'I need a lift, if you're going that way.'

'Sure,' O'Malley said, nodding his head to the passenger side. 'Could use someone with brains to talk to instead of these nitwits.' He jabbed his thumb behind his shoulder at the man he'd been yelling at.

'Oh-ho, this is going to be fun,' the Doctor stated, grinning ecstatically and hopping into the car. Once O'Malley started the engine up and pulled onto the road, the Doctor turned to him. 'I'm the Doctor, and you are?'

O'Malley grunted his name in answer, which caused the Doctor to grin excitedly.

'Tell me, do you know the history of the O'Malleys?'

O'Malley grunted again, rethinking his gut reaction of the skinny man sitting next to him, who was now enthusiastically using his hands while recounting the story of Grace O'Malley. Maybe it was better to stick to morons. At least they didn't regale themselves with origin tales of last names.

It was going to be a looooong hour ride at this rate.

Bella was bored. Bored, bored, bored. She flopped onto the couch long ways and sighed.

She wasn't interested in any of the weekday afternoon soap operas, didn't care for sporting events – especially American ones – and had no need for anything on the home shopping channels. It didn't appear Charlie was much of a reader, besides for the occasional fishing magazine. She'd already cleaned up as much as she could, although she didn't dare go into Charlie's bedroom. Whatever mess was in there, he would have to deal with by himself.

She could grab a book from the TARDIS. It wasn't but a ten minute walk and she would be back before either Charlie or the Doctor knew she was gone.

And Jake might be lonely. It had been four hours since her and the Doctor had left him.

That clinched it. Bella leapt off the couch and practically skipped out of the house, just happy to have something to do.

While walking to the TARDIS, a minivan passed her carrying two males occupants, one driving and the other in the passenger seat. Bella looked up as it drove by and watched as both boys craned their heads around to stare at her. She shook her head sadly when the van jerked to the right quickly, barely missing the side of the front bumper of a parked car on the left-hand side of the street.

Americans, she thought with a superior air. They never could drive properly.

She was maybe a hundred metres from the TARDIS when a petite girl with short, spiky black hair and glowing pale skin stepped in her path. Bella stopped short and warily watched the grinning girl as she approached.

'Hi!' the girl greeted, her grin somehow growing wider.

'Um… hi,' Bella replied, venturing a small smile in the girl's direction.

'I'm Alice,' she stated, having now stopped right in front of Bella. 'I normally don't approach people on the street, so this is new to me, but I just had to meet you.'

Bella's eyebrows knotted together in confusion, but she was highly amused now at this girl's excitable nature. It reminded her of the Doctor. 'Oh? Why's that?'

Alice's eyes widened. 'I forgot you'd have an English accent.'

'How did you know I was English?' Bella asked, racking her memory banks for any instance where she might have run into this pixie girl before.

'I've heard a lot about you, Isabella. Your father likes to brag about you.'

Bella sighed and dropped her head into her hands. 'That's a bit embarrassing,' she mumbled through her hands before lifting her head back up. 'It's Bella, by the way. And why is it that you needed to meet me?'

'Right!' Alice exclaimed, casting glances around her and Bella. 'Why don't we move to a less conspicuous location? People will wander past and overhear us if we stay here.'

Bella's eyebrows arched, but she shrugged and followed the girl she somehow trusted, even though they'd just met, to a small alley behind the stores lining the street. 'You're not going to kill me now, are you?' she joked.

Alice looked shocked. 'Of course not!'

'Sorry,' Bella said, waving her hands in front of her. 'I didn't mean to vex you. I was kidding.'

'Oh… okay.' Alice seemed placated, but still hesitated on revealing her reason behind dragging Bella to an alley.

'So? Your need to meet me?' Bella prompted.

'Bella, would you call yourself an open minded person? Do you believe in things beyond the perimeters others expect the world to work within?'

Bella cracked a smile at how ironic that question was because of all the people on the planet, she was probably one of the most open minded from all the things she'd seen and done. 'I'd say I'm fairly open minded,' she said slowly, wondering where this was going.

'Good. What I'm going to tell you now, I've never told another human being before. This is a closely held secret, but it's important you know.'

'Okay…' Bella was still very much confused at this point, but willing to hear the crazy girl out.

'I see things. Not like that kid in "Sixth Sense," which was a really good movie by the way, but like I can see into the future. Rather, I have visions about the future,' Alice tried to explain.

'You… see the future,' Bella echoed. Alice nodded and Bella added, 'Alright. As cool as that is, what does it have to do with me?'

'You believe me?' Alice asked in surprise.

Bella shrugged. 'Why shouldn't I?'

'Amazing! I knew you were going to be cool with it, but my sister Rosalie wouldn't stop harping on how you were going to run away screaming and blab to the first person you saw about me being crazy, and my brother Edward agreed with her, which is why he-' Alice stopped talking abruptly and looked bashful. 'Sorry. Please ignore my moment of overshare. Continuing on with my story… I saw a vision of you. Well, you and the man you're with. He's planning on hunting down the creatures responsible for the recent animal attacks, but everything's going to end horribly if my family and I don't help you.'

Bella grew slightly skeptical at this point. She knew the Doctor's plans tended to be of the "off the cuff" variety, but everything usually worked out in the end. She had complete faith in him. 'What can your family do that the Doctor can't?'

'You see, Bella, the creatures he's hunting are like me and my family.' She took a breath and stared intently into Bella's eyes. 'We're vampires.'

Bella stared back and asked flatly, 'You're a vampire?'


'You drink people's blood?'

'No,' Alice replied, shaking her head, 'Not people's blood, just animals. We're the good guys here, Bella. We don't intentionally kill people if we can help it.'

'If you can help it?'

'Accidents happen…' Alice said tentatively.

'This doesn't make sense. You don't look very frightening. Shouldn't I be scared of you?'

Alice sighed. 'I can see this will go on for a while, which is why I brought someone to collaborate my story.' She glanced up and called out, 'Edward, you can come down now.'

Down? Bella was able to think before a beautiful boy dropped gracefully to his feet a couple metres behind Alice. The air whooshed out of her lungs at the sight of him appearing out of nowhere.

Everything changed dramatically when the boy angel lifted his head, his expression pleasant as he raised his hand in greeting and took a breath. Without notice, or reason as far as Bella could see, his face contorted into disgust and his eyes widened until they were fully black like a cat's when its about to attack. Bella lifted her foot to take a step back, her feeling of frisson at the first sight of him quickly becoming one of trepidation, just as Alice disappeared from in front of her. Bella heard a thundering sound, barely perceiving Alice crashing into Edward and knocking him to the ground, creating a sizable crater in the asphalt. A roar ripped through the aftermath, followed quickly by Alice's shrill voice screaming at Bella.

'Run, Bella! RUN!'

Muscles tightened and posed to move, Bella took in the sight of Alice restraining a snarling, clawing Edward before adrenaline kicked in and she did the only thing she could. She ran.

She ran as fast as she could out of the alley, forgetting the TARDIS was close by and it could weather any attack. All she wanted was the comforting arms of her father, so to Charlie's house her feet went, her mind singularly focused on reaching the front door while she took gasping breaths in an effort to keep the sobbing tears inside.