The Power Within

By: Ultima Phoenix


Long in the history of mankind, people worshipped figures that they deemed legendary or even godly, all because they possessed a power over something a normal human didn't. Unknown to them, these legendary figures were just like them, only they had powers and lived much longer. These figures also could be killed just as easily as a normal human.

Nowadays, people just pass those figures that really existed among people off as myths. Their bloodlines still exist today, and their powers come with their blood. People often go without noticing that they have these extraordinary powers, but even if they didn't know, they still pass them on to their sons and daughters with their blood.

A young boy named Aster one day finds that he has an affinity with electricity, and is the most energized during a storm. He also finds that when he is emotionally stressed, the weather tends to be overcast, and when he is downright enraged, the weather forecast shows a severe thunderstorm. He pays this no mind, as he is like most other humans and passes it off as coincidence.

Elsewhere, a man who has found his powers, and has become the most powerful of the Elementals, sees Aster, and knows that these occurrences aren't mere coincidence. He intends to find the young boy and teach him to become an Elemental.

Okay, this just popped into my head one day, and IT WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!! That is until I start writing it. I realize that this is short and I promise that the coming chapters will lengthen, but remember that this is just a prologue. I promise that the coming chapters will be longer. Now remember to review!