A howl.

A single howl that filled the area with its mournful sound. Its notes dripped with grief and was laced with guilt. It all filtered into the minds of all the living that heard this howl from their dens, their homes deep within the forest.

This single howl made hearts bleed painfully with sorrow, for they all knew that the animal, this wolf, that had let the howl lose had lost his one true love. The only Drappa that could fill his heart with hope during the darkest times of the darkest days.

Huttser and Palla hung their heads low as they heard the howl of Kar, their adoptive son. They both knew that after the death of their daughter Larka, the white wolf, Kar and Fell had been filled with grief over the lose of their love, their sister. They had also been filled with this hurt over losing their daughter.

They had lost her, their Larka, to Palla's evil sister Morgra. It was her ill use of the Sight that made Larka fall from the stone bride high in the the mountains that held the gateway to heaven. They had watched in horror as the stone bridge broke and Larka made one last jump at life, but fell short and fallen to her death along with Morgra.

They all felt their heart hurt as Kar let out another cry, this time joined by his brother Fell, and soon Huttser, and Palla.

They wished so many times that Larka had not come to the valley where the Greater Pack was gathering for a revolt against Morgra. That Larka had not brought the child, Bran with her. That she had not been so trusting with the Drappa of the Greater Pack, Slavka. So many wishes and so many hopes that had fallen with Larka that one night high in the mountains.

Kar stopped the howl first, the Fell, Huttser, and finally Palla had fallen silent on the dark winter night.

They all turned their heads to the stars and thought that they saw the great gods Fernis and Tor sending their own howl high to the heaven.

Then in the quite of the night that had claimed so many of the packs lives a light breeze came through and ruffled everyone's fur. It seemed to stroke them as once Larka would when they were upset about something.

Then one last howl, high from the heavens came through the valley.

They all heard it only within themselves and they could have swore it was Larka telling them not to morn, but to start anew from the freedom of the Puntar, the wolf.


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