I'm SO SORRY it's been so long. I could give you a whole list of reasons illustrating how real life got in the way, but I know you really don't care about that, so...

In case you've forgotten, Bella has been staying at Rose and Jasper's house, but has no clothes of her own with her, so she's taken to wearing Rose's clothes, but stole a pair of Jasper's brand new boxers (tags still attached).

In the past 'day', Bella and Jasper had a little fuck session in the kitchen during breakfast when they were almost caught by Rosalie and Emmett. Edward and Bella came to visit in honor of Emmett's upcoming birthday and they've decided to stay for the weekend. During lunch, Bella and Jasper teased each other, she playing footsie and he suggestively eating his corn on the cob. We left off with Bella and Jasper having an impromptu fuck session in the bathroom in the middle of the night, followed by a bit of self-induced climaxing. All while Alice, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett slept in the house.

Our naughty lovers talked briefly, and decided to keep the fuck sessions, ahem, coming, but to be sure to keep it a secret.


I slept really fucking well that night. I guess back-to-back orgasms will do that.

By the time I woke up it was late morning. I could hear Emmett's booming laugh from downstairs. I scrubbed my hands over my face.

So Bella had agreed to keep fucking me. That was good. And completely fucked up. I didn't even want to start thinking about how that would change our relationship, or lack thereof.

So I dressed and headed downstairs, somewhat disappointed that breakfast today wouldn't be as good as yesterday. As a matter of fact, it was much worse. Bella had raided Rose's closet again, and I could see the hem of my boxers showing under her jeans, popping out midway down her thigh as she sat beside Edward. And my jealousy was mildly consoled by the fact that, even though she was sitting practically on his lap, she was wearing my underwear.

I wanted to slap myself. Grow up, Jasper.

She was nothing more than a fuck buddy to me.

She glanced at me as I sat across from her, flopping down onto the plush furniture with a cereal bar in my hand.

"Tackle football!" Emmett suddenly exclaimed. His suggestion –obviously I'd missed a conversation about what to do that day- was met with a chorus of groans.

Couldn't he pick something that didn't involve much touching? Horseshoes, for example.

"Uh-uh," he protested. "You and you," he pointed to Edward and Alice, "are here for my upcoming birthday. And the rest of you have to put up with it too. Because it's my birthday and I pick what we do!" He sounded like a damn two-year-old.

So we played tackle football, guys vs. girls.

Emmett spent most of his time tackling Rosalie, whether she had the ball or not. Edward was careful not to tackle anyone.

Me? I fucking knocked the shit out of Bella more than once. And she retaliated by tackling me and 'accidentally' landing a knee between my legs.

"Easy!" I'd hissed, trying with all my might to hide the pain, depriving her of any satisfaction.

"I thought you said I already was," she snapped.

"You're learning." I feigned being impressed.

Emmett made hamburgers for lunch after the game. Guys won, of course.

We all gathered around the patio table outside to eat. We sat in the same arrangement we had for lunch yesterday. And, just like yesterday, Bella's foot began creeping up my leg. This time I grabbed it and ground it against myself. She startled, not expecting me to take control. And then she grabbed a whole pickle from the jar on the table and her mouth did nasty fucking things with it that I enjoyed far too much. Her sexual advances on the pickle seemed blatantly obvious to me, but no one else at the table seemed to take notice.

She mentioned something about some class tomorrow. Which reminded me that the weekend was over. And she would go back to her dorm. I nearly frowned at the idea of no more late night trysts. I looked down at my hand and scowled. No, I would find a way to make a late night tryst. To hell with flying solo. I wondered how suspicious it would be if I offered to drive Bella back to her dorm. Probably too suspicious.

Bella bit the end off the pickle and slurped at the juice. Naturally, my mind wandered to when she swallowed my cum last night…

Edward cleared his throat.

Bella snapped her eyes to him, halting her assault on the pickle without removing it from her mouth. She resembled a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Edward had his eyebrows raised in amusement.

Bella's eyes darted to mine for barely a moment before returning to Edward's. It was just enough to give us away.

Edward glanced at me, confusion setting into his expression.

I practically threw Bella's foot off of my chair.

Things were just starting to get awkward when Rosalie burst out laughing. The three of us snapped our attention to her, Emmett and Alice following suit.

"Bella, I know you're still trying to get back at Jasper for that bet, but please, not while we're eating." She finished with a forced laugh, and Emmett joined in her laughter.

Confused but accepting expressions crossed Edward's face. I didn't dare look at Alice's expression. I felt Rosalie's eyes on me and met her gaze. Her expression had a warning in it, and I grew suspicious that she knew more than her words let on. Shit.

The rest of lunch passed uneventfully, but Rosalie's gaze remained on my mind. When she began to clean up the table and disappeared into the kitchen, I followed her. I had to figure out just how much she knew.

I announced my presence by noisily setting an armful of dishes in the sink. I half expected her to start lecturing me on whatever it was she knew. But she didn't. It was up to me to bring it up. I sighed. "What was with that look outside?"

"What look?"

"Don't play games with me, Rose."

She sighed. "I know she's been trying to fuck with you after the uh… bet."

I waited for her to continue as I loaded the dishwasher.

She sighed again, realizing I wasn't going to drop the subject. "I just know, given your … track record …"

She paused to let me groan. She knew me too well.

"… I didn't want you to … retaliate, reciprocate, however you want to look at it."

I looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

She shook her head, exasperated. "Bella's off limits. No fucking her."

Um. Oops?

My expression must have shifted against my will. I had no idea what might have flashed across my face. Lust? Remorse? Because suddenly Rose was facing me, eyes boring into me.

I raised an eyebrow again.

"Jasper, she is off limits. I don't care if you want to force her mouth on you again, I-" she stopped abruptly.

Now what did my expression read? Her face almost looked horror-struck. I needed a damn mirror.

"You're not fucking her, are you?" she accused, poking a finger toward me.

Well, no. Not at the exact moment. "No!"

"Jasper?" She squinted her eyes, trying to be sure if it was the truth.

I had to assure her that I wasn't fucking Bella. "I… I want Alice." The words burned my throat as they came out.

"I know, Jazz. But I also know that you can't keep I in your pants. Just… off limits."


"And if I find out-"

"Yeah, yeah. Foot in my ass, my dick down my throat. I've heard it before." It was her favorite threat.

She laughed a little. "And Jasper? I mean it. She's my best friend."

I nodded, unable to speak.

I felt like a dick. But why? What we were doing was consensual. I wasn't so much of a dick that I wouldn't immediately stop if she asked me to. But I knew Rosalie wouldn't understand that unless Bella vouched for me. And I doubted Bella would.

I hadn't even noticed that Rosalie had left until Alice entered and I realized we were alone.

Oh. That's why I felt like a dick. Alice.

"Where do you want the hamburger buns?" she asked.

"Anywhere is fine." I watched her set the package on the counter. "Come here, Alice."

She walked toward me and I pulled her into a tight embrace. "I'm sorry," I whispered.

"Stop apologizing. Quit worrying about it. Everything will be okay."

"I don't deserve you," I said quietly.

"You're probably right." She laughed softly.

I chuckled and kissed her on the top of her spiky head. She smelled divine. She smelled like home, like love, like everything good in the world. "I do love you," I breathed into her hair.

She leaned back to look me in the eye. "I know you do. I love you."

And then my self-loathing kicked in full force again, like it often did when she was around. Before I could even react to my own emotions, she put a hand over my mouth, and commanded me with a gentle "Shh."

I realized that I ached for her. Feeling her in my arms reminded me of that. I missed her companionship, her laugh, and her touch. So when she removed her hand from my mouth, I told her I missed her.

Though she didn't reply verbally, the sadness that overtook her eyes told me she missed me, too. We stared at each other another moment before she spoke. "Edward and I are leaving soon. We have to get back to our own college."

"When will you guys make it back?"

"I don't know."

"Spring break is coming up."

"Yes, it is."

I sighed. I would get no answers tonight. Maybe I could use Edward's attraction to Bella to my advantage. I could talk him into visiting her and dragging Alice with him.

"Drive safely," I told her; regarding the two-hour drive she had ahead of her. I gave her one last squeeze before we walked back outside.


I was completely mortified. I had gotten so wrapped up in torturing Jasper that I went overboard and caught Edward's –and everyone else's- attention, too.

And then I had to glance at Jasper and give the whole thing away.

So when Rosalie and Jasper left the table, Edward turned to me with raised eyebrows.

"Please don't even ask," I begged him.

He laughed. "Okay, I won't ask. May I comment, though?"

I nodded nervously.

He leaned into my ear and said in a low, husky voice, "You really seemed to …enjoy that pickle."

He sat back in time to watch a blush creep across my face.

But I couldn't leave it at that. "Can I tell you something?"

He nodded.

I leaned into his ear and spoke in a seductive voice. "There are other things that I prefer to suck on."

He leaned back and smiled. "You are a dangerous woman."

"You have no idea."

He smirked. "Will I ever get to find out?"

I had to hand it to him; the boy knew how to play ball. Since he'd already mentioned having to head back to his college tonight, I'd use that to throw the ball in his court.

"I don't know," I said. "When will I get to see you again?"

He pondered a moment before promising to return during spring break in a few weeks and giving me his phone number for in the meantime.

"You'll call me, right?" he asked a short while later as he and Alice stood at the door.

"I will," I promised.

"So, Edward, huh?" Jasper prodded a few hours after Edward and Alice left, when Emmett and Rosalie were outside.

I frowned at him. "Why do you care?"

"Well," he glanced over his shoulder, "I don't want to be dipping in the same well as him." He offered a cocky grin.

I scoffed at his crudeness. "If you're one thing, it's eloquent. And I should be insulted that you feel the need to tell me not to screw two guys at once. How many times to I have to tell you? I 'm not the whore you think I am."

"Oh, really? So if I asked you to sneak upstairs with me quick, you wouldn't at least consider it? Or if I offered to drive you back to your dorm tonight, you wouldn't take me up on it? Perhaps considering that we could make a stop somewhere along the way?"

Well, I was now. And an idea popped into my head. An image, rather, of Jasper taking me against his motorcycle.

He was smiling triumphantly. "We could tell Rose that Newton came to pick you up and that I went for a ride, and she would be none the wiser."

It was tempting, for sure. But could I go through with it? Had we not had enough action for one weekend? The stirring within me suggested we had not. Why was I so insatiable when it came to him?

It was just getting dusk out, and I knew of a place or two on the way to campus where it would be easy to pull off the side of the road.

He took my silence as surrender and stood to grab his keys. He leaned out the back patio door and called out to Rosalie, notifying her that Newton had just picked me up and that he was going for a drive. "Come on," he told me, walking back through the house and toward the garage.

And I grabbed my purse and followed him like a puppy dog.

In the garage, he easily threw one leg over the bike. Now that I was allowing myself to look at him as something other than my best friend's brother, I was finding random things he did to be turn-ons. Like sitting on the motorcycle. It was inexplicably hot.

I must have stood there staring too long because he urged me to join him with a quick, "You coming?"

I certainly hope so.

I secured my purse over my shoulder and climbed on the bike behind him. I put my hands on my sides, wondering if it would be enough to keep me from falling off. Sex aside, he was still Jasper, and I still would feel awkward wrapping my arms around him.

But apparently he had no qualms with it. He grabbed my hands and pulled my arms tight around his hard, washboard abs. "You've seen me naked, but you're afraid to wrap your arms around me clothed?" he smirked over his shoulder.

Great. Now I was picturing him naked in the bathroom last night … stroking himself…

I shook my head to clear it and rolled my eyes. This fascination with him was only getting worse.

The bike rumbled to life beneath me and I instinctively wrapped my arms tighter around him as we started to move.

Once we had left the glow of the streetlights and reached the darker road, I snaked one hand down his stomach and between his legs. Time to get him worked up, too.

He pushed his knees further apart and sat a little straighter, rotating his hips back to give me better access.

Unfortunately, all that did was turn me on more.

I kept rubbing vigorously until I felt him hardening. Then I scratched my nails against the denim that covered the length of him, causing a vibration that made him twitch.

I leaned forward enough to growl in his ear, "Pull over." I knew he could see the place I saw ahead: a slight clearing just behind a large bush. He slowed and turned off the road, tucking us behind the bush, where there was minimal visibility from the road.

I noticed with pleasure that there was just enough visibility to heighten the experience, though.

The bike coasted to a stop and he cut the engine. He remained sill, allowing me to keep stroking him. In the quiet of the night, I heard a light moan escape him. "Mmm, Bella, you don't know what you do to me."

"I rather think I do," I replied, mentally noting the physical evidence of my own arousal.

"Is that so?"

"It is." I leaned closer to his ear. "Would you like to feel?"

He turned his head to look at me with raised eyebrows.

I removed my hands from between his legs and dismounted the crotch rocket. His eyelids drooped slightly as I made a show of unfastening first the belt I wore, then the jeans. "Give me your hand."

He paused before obeying my command, and when he finally did, I flipped his hand palm-up before guiding it down my unfastened pants. "Feel what you do to me," I said roughly.

His eyes focused on mine as he slowly slid his fingers into the boxers he gave me. His eyelids drooped as he felt my arousal. And when his fingers began probing, both of our mouths fell open. His visible reaction to me only seemed to turn me on more.

"Do you feel?" I couldn't force my voice any louder than a whisper.

He abruptly plunged a finger inside of me, then growled, "Oh, yeah. I feel."

I moaned at the feel of his finger and the sound of his voice.

"Now, can I taste?" Jasper asked.

He must have taken my ragged gasp as permission. In a swift motion, he was off of the bike and kneeling on the ground before me. Goosebumps erupted across my skin behind where his fingers trailed as he lowered the pants and boxers. When the clothing reached my ankles, he looked up at me and licked his lips, and my eyes tried to roll into the back of my head. He noticed, as was evidenced by the lopsided grin that broke across his face.

The smile disappeared as his mouth buried into me. My hands quickly tangled themselves into his thick golden locks and he moaned as I tugged at them roughly. His tongue moved more quickly in response as it expertly circled my most sensitive areas.

I never wanted him to stop.

His mouth felt amazing, and he was bringing me closer to release at an amazing speed.

No, I never wanted to part from his lips.

But part I did, because suddenly a car came around the bend. I ducked down beside him just before headlights flashed across the motorcycle, hopefully shielding us from sight.

Our eyes met, and although some part of me wanted to laugh, the lust I saw in his eyes kept me from it.

"Stand up," he growled, rising to his feet. His hands raced to his belt as he quickly unfastened it and then his shorts.

I stood, watching as he pushed his shorts and boxers down.

"Turn around."

I did. I was facing the motorcycle now.

"Put your hands on the fucking seat."

And I did. Gladly bending over.

Without hesitation, he stepped forward, positioned himself, and slammed into me. We both moaned into the night.

He wasted no time. He was immediately slamming roughly into me. One hand smacked my ass and remained where it made contact as the other hastily slid to grasp my shoulder.

Muffled groans escaped him with each thrust. And, though the kickstand was down, I had to concentrate on not knocking the bike over with the force he was using on me.

"Fuck," he muttered.

I could feel the grip of his hand tightening on my shoulder, the hand on my ass moved to grab my hip.

"Oh, fuck, Bella."

I was surprised by how turned on I was by the way he growled my name out. And I was surprised by the way that encouraged me. "Tell me, Jasper. Tell me how it feels."

"Ungh … so warm, so wet … so –unh- tight … so … good." He was thrusting more furiously now.

Sliding his hand from my hip, he slipped it between my thighs. He began rubbing me roughly, hastily. "I need you to come," he pleaded. "I … mmh … now."

Why was it so hot to hear him say that? Maybe it was just hot to see him relinquish control. I knew he could last longer than this, but to see him give into his lust was … intoxicating.

His hand was working sloppily between my legs; he was unable to focus himself through his need. "Mm… I need to … need you to … I can't …" he finished his sporadic statements with a rough growl. "Fuck," he muttered.

His thrusting slowed just slightly as he concentrated on his hand, set on bringing me to orgasm first. How chivalrous of him.

He delicately and expertly pressed against me, growling in my ear, "Come for me Bella … please," before biting down on my earlobe.

I gave a soft moan, which he responded to by working his hand faster.

Where the fuck did he get so good with his fingers? Soon I felt the orgasm building within me. I dug my fingers into the seat of his motorcycle. A soft "Yes…" slipped from my lips.

"That's it. Let me feel you come, Bella."

I heard him bite back a moan as the feeling shot through me and I felt myself squeeze around him. Both of his hands flew to my hips as he tried to stave off his own orgasm.

He gave me a moment to recover before he resumed thrusting furiously. And it didn't take long before he cried out, pulsing inside me, a stream of profanities escaping his lips.

As I started to stand back up, I heard a car engine approaching. By the time it rounded the corner, we must have looked like deer caught in its headlights.

And we began to giggle.

"Let's get out of here," he suggested, pulling out of me.

We quickly righted our clothing and hurriedly mounted the motorcycle. I kept my hands safely above his waist on the ride to my dorm.

"My roommate's not here," I noted, spying my darkened dorm window as we pulled into a parking space in front of the building. We sat there silently for a moment, neither of us rising from the bike. I don't know why I sought his company, but for some reason I decided to invite him in. "Do you want to, uh…"

He turned to look at me over his shoulder. His eyes flickered up and down my torso as he pondered. Rising, he quietly agreed and helped me off the bike.

I managed to keep my nerves somewhat in check as I swiped my entry card. I could practically feel the heat of his body even though he silently followed a few feet behind me.

It seemed to take longer to get to my second story room than normal, but eventually I slid my card through the slot and followed him into my room.

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't awkward. He was the only guy aside from Newton I'd ever brought here.

Jasper shoved his hands in his pockets and took in the room. Spotting the futon, he plopped own, hands still in his pockets.

"Your roommate likes pink," he noted.

I gave him my best don't-go-there glare as I sat at the opposite end of the futon as him.

He chuckled.

There was a brief silence before he cleared his throat. "Rose forbids me to fuck you."

My eyes darted to his. "When did she say that?"


I couldn't help the amused smile that broke across my face. "What did you say to her?"


"So she's suspicious?"

"I don't think."

"Good," I said.

He gave the sexiest, cockiest grin. My eyes found his lips and I lost all thought. He had a beautiful smile and soft, full lips. I suddenly found myself wondering what his mouth tasted like.

He must have seen my curiosity in my eyes because he fluidly slid himself across the futon, closer to me.

I noticed myself breathing harder; I could see my chest rising and falling in the bottom of my vision. I could actually feel his eyes on my lips. I heard his arm slide across the back of the futon behind me, and then he started to lean in.

He licked his lips.

My heart thudded.

He was so close.

My phone chimed. I jumped to get it from my purse across the room, thankful for the distraction. Had I really almost kissed him? Really gone against everything I'd ever thought about him, and kissed him? I cringed internally at the thought. But my heart was still racing and my stomach was full of butterflies.

I heard Jasper clear his throat behind me as I flipped the phone open.

It was a text from Mike Newton.

"Are you busy tonight? :)"

I burst out laughing, maybe a little too hard. Maybe it was a way of releasing the tension of the past few moments.

I glanced at Jasper and saw his eyebrow raised in curiosity.

I rolled my eyes and showed him the phone.

He snatched it from my hand with a small laugh and pressed a series of buttons. He flipped the phone shut and tossed it back to me.

I raised my eyebrows, worrying about what he might have texted back.

"Don't worry, I didn't write anything mean. You owe me for that. I had a few good comments in mind, too," he grinned. Something dawned on him then, and he flipped the phone back open and punched some numbers. I could hear his phone vibrate for a brief moment before he flipped mine shut and handed it back to me. Huh. I must have Jasper's phone number now. That was a strange concept, to say the least.

I sat back on the futon at one end. He was sitting in the middle. "So…"

He laughed. "So."

Well, at least we were in agreement.

My phone chimed again. Mike. "Busy with who?"

My eyes shot to Jasper. What had he written?

Searching my sent box, I found his message to Mike. "I think I'll be busy for a while, Newton. Sorry."

I looked at him. "A while?"

"What?" he frowned.

"You told him I'd be busy for 'a while'?"

"Won't you?"

"You're presumptuous. You think I'd quit Newton for you?"

He turned his body to face me. My heart rate increased. His leg was bent on the sofa now, his knee against my thigh. "You don't want to? You think Newton's better than me?" His voice was arrogant and seductive. He let a hand lazily trace up the inside of my thigh. "You think he has more to offer you than I do?"

My tongue felt tied. It was all I could do to squeak out a "No."

"Good," he smirked. "Then you'll be busy for a while. Newton will have to get better acquainted with his hand."

I stared at Jasper for a moment before I remembered Mike had texted me. I looked at my phone again.

"What'd he say?" Jasper asked.

"He wants to know with who."

A sly smile crossed Jasper's lips. "Give me the phone."

"Oh, no you don't."

He stretched out his hand.


I punched in the first reply I could think of before Jasper could grab the phone and reply with a cruel comment.

"You don't know him." I hit send.

Jasper frowned. "I just wanted to tell him you found someone better," he defended, feigning innocence.

"Don't let it get to your head."

Jasper opened his mouth to respond but was cut off by the click of the door. We both turned to see my roommate walk in.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she mumbled when she noticed us.

Jasper gave a charming smile. "No worries, we were just discussing-"

"Friends," I interrupted, afraid of what he might say.

"I'm Jasper." He extended his hand.

"Jessica," she smiled a little too much. "I don't think I've seen you around campus before, Jasper.

"No, I have my own place."

"Oh? I bet you get some great parties going." She sat down on the other side of him.

I put my elbow on the armrest and my head in my hand. She hit on everything with a dick (and sometimes without). But did she really have to hit on the guy I hated but was fucking? Wait – why did I even care?

"When the mood strikes," he smiled, turning to face her. "I'm not huge on parties, though. I prefer things to be more … intimate."

Jessica giggled.

Okay, that was more than enough. I jumped up. "Well," I announced loudly. "Thanks for bringing me home, Jasper, I'll see you later."

He looked at me, amusement playing in his eyes. "No problem." He stood and glided to the door. "I'll see myself out. Bye Bella. It was nice meeting you, Jessica," he grinned, opening the door. With one last glance at me, he was gone.

Jessica turned to me. "Wow!" she breathed.

I just looked at her.

"That is one fine ass slice of man meat."

Unsure of how to properly respond to that, I turned to play with my phone. Sure enough, in my call log was an outbound call placed to "Jasper", a contact I hadn't had listed ten minutes ago.

Jessica didn't know what to make of my silence. "Oh, I'm sorry, Bella. You and Jasper are… uh…"

"No. No, we're not 'uh'. We're not even friends. He just gave me a ride home, that's all." And what a ride it had been.

"From his place?"


"So why were you at his place if you're not even friends?" She furrowed her brow at me.

"He's Rosalie's brother. I was at their house."

Recognition dawned on her. "He's Dickwad?"

I chuckled, realizing 'Dickwad' must have been all I'd ever called him when I was around her. "Yeah."

"Damn. Too bad," she lamented, heading into the bathroom.

Yeah, I thought. Too bad.

My phone chimed again. Jasper this time. "Before it causes any problems with our arrangement, I was just toying with Jessica. She's not my type."

And before I could stop myself, I responded, "Why not?"

My phone chimed again. "I prefer brunettes."

Was he flirting with me?


When I retired an hour later, I found my bed to be lonely and cold. Had it really only been one weekend since I'd last slept in it?