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If you think that your life is bad, you have never met me before. Hi, I'm Bella Swan and I'm God's personal joke.

Everything bad that could happen to me, does happen to me. Everything. I'm a junior in High School, I have one friend and I have never had a boyfried. People treat me like I am invisible. I am completely uncordinated and I have no brain. I guess God was feeling humorous the day he made me.

"Bella!" Alice, my one and only friend, called to me as she skipped down the hallway toward me, pulling someone behind her. "Bella, there is someone I need you to meet" I grabbed my chemistry book and slammed my locker door closed. And I immediately heard something fall from within my locker. Just my luck, right? "Bella," Alice said, pulling this guy up next to her so I could see him. "This is Edward."

Edward was like a greek god sent from heaven or something. He was lanky and tall, with just enough muscle to know its there, but not to scare you. His face was pale and his eyes were the most beautiful green I have ever seen. His hair was a wild mess, but somehow it looked good on him. His face was smooth, and his lips looked so . . . inviting. I know I have heard of him somewhere, I just couldn't figure out where.

"Hi" I said shyly. I'm also not so great at being outgoing. He smiled at me and my heart melted. His smile was crooked, but perfect somehow.

"Bella, this is my new boyfriend, Edward" Alice said, smiling the biggest smile that I have ever seen. It was then that I noticed how close they were standing and there hands were linked together.

"That's great Ali!" I said, hugging her. I truly meant it, I was happy for her.

"So, Bella, right?" Edward asked me, flashing me a crooked smile.

"I, uh, yeah" I said, blushing. I also wasn't the best public speaker when I was nervous. That's another reason why I hate school, especially my public speaking class. Stupid school requirements.

"You're a junior, right?" I nodded, not wanting to try to talk to talk again.

"He's a senior" Alice bragged, smiling up at him. He looked down at her and smiled. I could feel how much they love each other, it was almost nauseous. She shifted up to his height and kissed him once, twice, three times.

"I'm just going to go to class" I mumbled quietly, but I was sure that they didn't hear me. They were so wrapped up in each other. I grabbed my bag, sliging it over my shoulder and headed of the chemistry.

Alice Hale and I have been best friends since, like, forever. I don't know why she is my friend, it makes her unpopular. She is beautiful, to be honest. She is bubbly and smart. She has a million friends. Yet she was the one to take an interest in me when I was little and nobody else did. She was the one who was always there for me, no matter what. She always had a boyfriend; boys would do anything to be with her. She always knew exactly what to say to me.

I walked into chemistry and set down my bag. Nobody paid any attention to me, as usual. I was the only person in the class who didn't have a lab partner, but I was OK with that. Why force anyone into being with me if they didn't want to.

"Class, settle down" Our teacher, Mr. Warner, called. I was already being silent, as usual. Chemistry is really the only class that I can take an interest in. Actually, when I go to college, I want to major in it, then go to medical school. Its always been my dream to be a doctor. I don't know why, because that would mean socalizing with my patients, but it just is. Nobody knows that about me besides Ali.

"Bella, would you please come up here and answer the question?" Mr. Warner said and I froze. I hadn't been listening to a word he said, which was unusual for me. I looked around for help from my classmates, but nobody would even look at me. I'm stuck.

"Can you please repeat the question?" I finally asked, looking down. It wasn't like me to have this happen, especially in chemistry.

Mr. Warner gave me a good long hard look before he finally said, "Can you draw the pedeotatric table for us" This was going to be easy, such a simple question. I got up from my seat, headed for the board. Along the way I passed by a table with a bunch of test tubes and beakers with different liquids in them. Without meaning to, I bumped into one of the tables, spilling something all over me. I looked down. It was all over my pants. White pants. And it was yellow.

Everybody started laughing so hard and I turned beet red. Even Mr. Warner was laughing. I didn't know what to do. "Mr. Warner, can I please be exscused?" I muttered already heading for the door. I ran out of there as fast as I could and headed for the bathrooms. When I got there, I pulled out my phone and texted Alice.

ali- come quick 2 the bathroom, its an emmergency! -Bells

I figured that she wouldn't see the text till after class, but at least she would know where I was. I sat down on a bench and cried. I wasn't one to show my emotions much in public if I could help it, but when there is no one around, there is no stopping the tears. My brand new, expensive white jeans were ruined and I was a laughing stock. Not that I wasn't one before, but now that had something new to laugh at. My dad was going to kill me. These jeans were his birthday gift to me and I ruined them on my first time wearing them.

Not five minutes later, somebody entered the bathroom. I didn't look up or pay them any attention, figuring that they would just laugh at me. "Somebody order a best friend?" I heard somebody say and I looked up to see Ali! "Whats the emm-" She stopped when she saw my pants "Bells, did you have to go that bad?" She asked in disbelief.

"No, I bumped into a table and something from a beaker fell on me. Now please help me!" I cried in desperation.

"Don't worry, I have another pair of pants in my backpack" Ali smiled at me and pulled out some jeans from her backpack. One problem, though. Me and Ali don't wear the same size. "And its in your size" I swear, Alice could read me really well. That's one thing we love about each other. We can always tell what's going on with the other person.

"Ali, what would I do without you?" I smiled and went into a stall to change. The jeans were some designer name brand, and felt extrememly expensive. I pulled them on and stepped outside to show them to her.

She smiled a big smile when she saw me and said, "They look great!"

"Thanks Ali" I said, hugging her. I looked down at my watch; 20 minutes till the end of the day. No use in going back to chemistry now. I turned to Ali and said, "How did you get out of class?"

She smiled at me, I could tell this was going to be good. She faked a cough and said, "Mrs. Blue? I have a really bad cough. Can I be excused?" She coughed again for good measure and I laughed. Mrs. Blue was one of our most gullible teachers. She would believe anything.

Alice and I talked away the next 20 minutes, gossiping about make up and guys, Edward included, and everything else we could think of. Before we knew it, the bell rang and the day ended.

"I'll catch you later Ali" I said, hugging her and leaving the bathroom. I headed toward the Chemistry room to get my bag, which I left there when I ran out.

When I got there, Edward and some girl were standing in the middle of the room. She leaned up and kissed him and then left. I just stood there, unsure of what to do. Suddenly, my bag didn't matter anymore. I turned and ran out the door. I had to find Alice.

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