Hey ya'll,

You guys are probably tired of empty promises from me. I never did update. I just couldn't seem to do it. I finished the chapter, but it just . . . I don't know. I just couldn't be happy with it. So the only thing I will promise you right now it a break for this story. Give me a little while.

So while you are waiting, maybe check out some stories? I've got a couple of good ones I've read lately. Check 'em out!

Living Backwards


Both are very good and well written. Living Backwards is a longer story while Pictures is just starting out. Oh, and I tried to review Pictures and it wouldn't let me!! Grrr. There is 0 reviews for that story, but its so good! I sent a PM to the author telling her that I couldn't review, but I still hate somebody not having reviews. Do me a favor and go review that story for me.