Two days later…

Finally, the shack was in sight. It had never looked so appealing. There was something to be said about returning home after a trying day or two at work, Hakkai mused.

Gojyo strutted next to him in a swaying march punctuated by curses. "Frickin' Sanzo. I'd like to see his holy ass out doing this crap he pushes off on us all the time."

"I did warn you those heels were a bit much."

Gojyo paused to light a cigarette. The light briefly illuminated his lips, painted as red as his hair, and a false beauty mark stuck just above his top lip. "Yeah, but they make my ass look great. Those bastards were too busy checking me out to even realize we walked right in without the 'secret password' or whatever."

Hakkai chuckled. "True, or it might have been the amount of leg you're showing. Or the way you walk."

The red hair snorted and pushed his hair back with one hand. "There ain't nothing wrong with the way I walk."

"No...but your legs, well you keep them a tad widespread. It's not very ladylike."

"I'm not a lady."

"Yes, as those thugs quickly found out."

"Whatever man, let's just get home. These fishnets are riding up in places they were never meant to be."

Hakkai chuckled again as Gojyo strode off easily on his stilettos, taking long steps while tugging at his crotch underneath his skirt. He had to admit, his friend did have a point. The heels did do an amazing job highlighting assets.