[First upload here, and it's not even a movie I'm very familiar with! I was chatting with my friend one day and we saw some CRAZY false eyelashes, and I commented that one of the vampiresses from Van Helsing would love those. And thus, this drabble was born. This is supposed to be at the All Hallows Eve Ball.]


The fiery-haired vampiress descended from the balcony, gown flowing behind. Tonight was yet another night to impress Dracula. Maybe Van Helsing would crash the ball and, hopefully, kill her rival, Verona.

She could 'fall' in front of me, she giggled.

Aleera approached her master, ready to make quite a splash.


Anna heard giggling and realized Aleera stood there. She wore a purple outfit that covered little skin, and, Anna was surprised to discover, an enormous pair of eyelashes made of peacock's feathers.

"Wellll," flutter. "hello..." flutter.

Dracula managed an unpleasantly shocked, "Dear god..."

"Ravishing, yes?"