Here's yet another idea that came to mind and is posted now.

Zoro: Why the hell am I here!?

Isn't if obvious?

Zoro: Why am I tied down in a chair!?

Because you wouldn't come here if I didn't.

Zoro: You could've asked!

I did.

Zoro: You're going to get hurt once I get out of here.

Easy there, I just happen to try to make up to you about this situation.

Zoro: Like what?

I just called Luffy, and should be here any minute.

Zoro: You didn't...

You're welcome. (walks away) Enjoy this new fic everyone!

Zoro: Get back here Sho-a!

Chapter 1: Green Eyes


The sun shone through a partly open curtain, the ray hitting a young face. The owner of that face groaned as the he got up, only to go back down on the pillow with a louder groan as he placed a hand on his head.

'Shit… What the hell happen?' He thought as he opened his eyes, which were brown with some light blue specks along the iris, which he quickly closed when the sun light hit them.

He placed his hand on his forehead, which he rubbed a bit.

Flashes of his blurry memory appeared in his mind as he sighed, trying to remember how he got here.

He remembered a lot of lights…

Feeling really good…

Spinning a lot…

Being really warm…

Loud music and voices…

Seeing two people doing…

Then everything went out of proportion.

He sighed as he tried to clear his head, but it was pounding so hard it was hard for him to focus.

Then all of his thinking stopped when he heard someone yawn next to him. He was afraid to open his eyes and look to see who was with him. Instead he felt what he had on under the sheet he was in. And he concluded that he was indeed nude like a new born.

'Fuck!' He thought as he stayed completely still when he felt the bed move.

"You up?"

He heard a voice and concluded that it was a man and sounded a little older than him, but not by much.

"Oi, you're not dead are you?"

He didn't say anything.

"After all that stupid heavy drinking you did, I wouldn't be surprised if you died from alcohol poisoning."

He had to groan to let the man know that he heard that.

"You're having a hangover. Wait here, I'll get you something that helps."

He heard the man walk out of the room for a moment, heard faint sounds from another room, and the pair of feet coming back into the room, this time to his side.

"How bad do you feel?"

He only whimpered as his head pounded with the sound of the man's voice so close, especially the thought that something had happen, otherwise he wouldn't be nude in the same bed.

"Here…" The man said in a whispered tone.

He managed to open his eyes to see a hand holding a glass of water.

"I would've given you pills, but your body maybe still getting rid of the alcohol."

He tried getting up, but his head pounded harder from the movement.

"Shit. I don't know what you were drinking, but it has to be the strongest kind to put you in this much pain."

He whimpered as he felt rough hands, lifting him up a little so that the glass of water can easily go down his throat. It was cold and awakened his body a little. But his head still pounded like a drum at a football game. He then felt something cool and wet on his forehead, which helped dimmed the pounding, but it still persisted.

"You have to stay here for a bit. You're in no condition to go out and about." The man said as he sighed. "You're lucky I don't have work to do today. So just relax and focus on getting better."

He sensed the man getting up and was walking away from the bed.

"You're clothes are being washed, so that you can go home looking decent instead of being a wreak like you were last night."

'Last night?' He thought as he groaned. 'Just what happened last night?'

"If I were you, I wouldn't try to think about the past for now. It will only give you a headache. I'll be around the place, so if you need anything, try to make a loud noise and I'll be here."

He heard the door being closed and he sensed that he was indeed alone on the bed, naked, and his head pounding a mile a second.

He sighed as he opened his eyes a bit more to see the plain grey walls and white ceiling of the room. He saw the night stand and saw the tall glass of water. The sheets were white and it smelled clean.

He explored his body with his hand and realized that he didn't feel any pain anywhere in his body except his head.

'Rape is out.' He thought, which was a good thing, but he has to know what was going on. 'But how do I know that he didn't do something else and not that?' He groaned as he tried to make ends meet, if only there wasn't so many ends to make a complete thought.

He decided that trying to think in this state was almost impossible, and thought a nap would help.


Sometime later he woke up and the pounding seemed to reside a bit, letting him sit up. His black bangs wet from the cloth that slipped off and landed on his lap.

He tried opening his eyes more, but his eyes were still a bit sensitive from the light as he heard sounds coming from behind the door.

His body as well seemed numbed from lack of use and was in the sitting position for a while when he heard the door open and a pair of feet came in.

"I see that you're up." The man said as he walked up to the side of the bed and placed something on the nightstand. "Figured you would be hungry by now. If you're not, tough luck, you need something solid in your stomach so the digestive fluid doesn't attack your stomach. And then where will that lead you?"

He felt his chin being lifted and his nose picked up something good.

"Hope you don't mind soup." The man said as he felt the warm liquid go down his throat and the softened vegetables harbored in his mouth for him to chew. "That okay?"

He made a noise that lets his host know that it was good.

"You probably don't remember what happened last night, correct?"

He made a sound again.

"Well, I don't know what happened before you started drinking, but I can tell you what happened that made me get you to my place."

"Naked…" He managed to say.

"That's another story." The man said.

He felt the continuous offer of the warm soup as the man spoke.

"I walked in, hoping to have a drink of my own, when I saw you, on the stripper's pole of all places."

He nearly choked on the soup.

"I never said it was going to be pretty." The man said. "Anyway… I see you there and just left you alone until I saw some shady characters whispering and pointing your way. I've seen the scum bags before… Seems they wanted something fresh for a change."

He choked on the soup again.

"Well, obviously that never happened. I managed to get you out before that. Let me tell you, you weren't exactly making it easier by crying out stupid songs and being like a human rubber guy with the way you keep going around and bending in ways that would make yoga look like a kid's activity. And, since I didn't know where the hell you live, plus you were crying about someone betraying you, I brought you to my place and you immediately started taking off your clothes."

He choked again.

"Would you mind not trying to kill yourself? Anyway, not that you were very tempting, I knew it was just the crazy drinks you had. Which, by then, you threw up all over my bathroom. I cleaned you up, brought you to my room, and was going to clean the bathroom when you stopped me, and asked me to stay."

He felt the other wiping his face to get rid of any liquid that remained on his face.

"I knew it was still the drinks…" The man sighed. "But you had the look that made me think to hell with the bathroom, and here we are."

"That's it?" He asked.

"That's it." The man said as he gathered the dishes. "You should continue to rest. Another nap should do the trick."

"Thank you…" He said.

"No problem."

"I'm Luffy…"

The man paused at the doorway. "Not to be rude, but I don't like giving out my name."


"I'll check on you later. If you need to go to the restroom, it's cleaned up now and it's at the left from this door."

"Okay…" Luffy said as he took a nap again.


By the time he woke up again, he still felt a bit of a headache, but he felt a bit better than before. He looked out at the window to see that it was nighttime and felt the need to go.

He got up, gets his balance back, and started to walk towards the door, which was opened and he bumped into a strong chest.

"I see you're getting better." The man said.

"My head still hurts…"

"That does happen. Going to the bathroom?"

He nodded then remembered that he doesn't have any clothes on, which he tried to get away.

"I'm not going to do anything to you. You're still not well, nor am I interested in sleeping with strangers I just met. Right this way." The man said as he led the way.

"You're really nice…"

The man was silent as he opened the door. "Just focus on getting better." He said as he left the other be.

Luffy looked up for the first time and saw that the man was athletically built and has a black bandana on.


After doing his business and getting back to bed, the man came back to the room and saw a plate of food as well as a huge white shirt.

"Hope you don't mind stir-fry." He said. "It's mostly what I could do around here."

"I like anything that's food related."

"Good to know."

Luffy looked at the other, still wearing a bandana, but saw that the other has light green side burns and a darker shade of light green eyes. He also saw that the face has a grouchy look, but looked good at the same time as the man put the shirt over his head and helped him put it on.

The man handed him the plate and he immediately digged in.

"Did you starve?"

He shook his head. "Just love eating."


He nodded as he finished the plate. "Seconds?"

"Glad to see you got your appetite back." He said as he grabbed the plate.

"What time is it?"

"About nine."

Luffy then remembered something. "Nine…"

"Yeah…" He said when he saw the look on the other's face. "Something wrong?"

"Last night…" He said as everything came flooding back.


Luffy just got out of the grocery store with a bag held protectively in his arm. He looked into the bag to see a wine bottle, a case of strawberries, and some chocolate syrup. He smiled, can't wait to get to his apartment that he shared with his boyfriend.

He had planned for their fifth year anniversary for some time, and he was ready. He had dodged the one thing that every couple should have in their relationship. But this time he was completely ready.

He made it to his apartment and felt excited about it.

He had told his boyfriend of five years that he was going to be working a bit late so that he could go out to the store, buy the most expensive red wine there along with rest of the dessert, and surprise him.

He quietly walked down the hall, his excitement increasing with each step when he heard a sound that sounded familiar, but off at the same time.

His steps became cautious as he went closer to his door, where the sounds were becoming a little louder.

He wanted to be a sick joke, but when he opened the door…

End of Flashback

"That jackass was doing the doggie position with my best friend!" Luffy shouted. "I'm so stupid!" He pounded his fists to his head. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" He kept repeating when he felt hands on his wrists.

"You're going to give yourself another headache."

"The last thing I did was drop the $150 wine to the floor and saw the look on both their faces before running to the farthest bar and… try to forget…"

"And it was working, but it's only a temporary thing." He said as he let go of the other's wrists.

"Yeah…" He said as he brought his knees up to his chin. "I can't go back there… I just can't…"

The man looked at him with no emotion as he sighed. "Do you have anyone else to stay with? Maybe a hired assassin?"

Luffy managed a giggle with that. "I wish… I do have a lot of friends back in college… but I can't runaway to another place just because of what happened… I just wanted to know the truth."

"Then go up to him, get a really good punch in, possibly a kick in, tell him what a moron and a dumb fuck he is, grab anything that may have belonged to him, throw it like a crazy Amazon woman until he's out the door, and tell him it's over and you're back to your apartment."

"What if I don't want to stay there?"

"Then do what I just told you and find a new place."

Luffy nodded as he looked at his knees. "Thanks Nice Guy."

"Nice Guy?"

"Well, you didn't tell me your name, so I have to call you by something. It's either that or Green Eyes."

"Green Eyes?"

"Yeah, you got really cool green eyes."

"Whatever… I really don't care what you call me."

"… Okay… Green Eyes."

The man sighed again as he got up and gathered the dirty dishes.

"You live here by yourself?"

"Yeah… and no, I don't get lonely."

"Lucky… I don't think I could handle being alone for so long."

"You dependent or something?"

"No!" He said a bit loudly, a small glare towards the man before looking at his knees. "It's just the kind of person I am… Or so my brother says."

"You have a brother?"

"Well… We're not brothers by blood, but we're just as close."

"Then stay with him until you find another place."

"Can't… He just moved in with his boyfriend some weeks ago."

"That's no reason to not stay."

"He'll kill Sanji and Usopp for sure if I told him the reason… I'm horrible at lying and he always gets the truth out of me…"

The man sighed. "Do whatever you want, you're still recovering." He said as he started to head out of the door.

"Can I stay here with you for a bit?"

"That's out of the question."


The man paused at the doorway and sighed. "Remember when I told you that you were tempting when you drunkenly stripped when I brought you here?"


"I won't lie to you because I know you're a good kid and all, but I can't have anyone around me."


"Because I'm sick."

"You don't look sick to me."

"That's because it doesn't show on the outside. I worked hard not to let it show."

"Why tell me?"

"Like I said, you're a good kid… and you said that you wanted to know the truth, right?"

"Well… that's for why Sanji was fucking with Usopp…"


Luffy looked at Green Eyes for a moment before breaking the silence. "Can you tell me what you're being sick from?"

"It's my heart. I can't get excited or get stressed at the slightest or it will trigger some kind of heart attack."

"A weak heart?"

"To be blunt."

"It's not that. I've heard it in science class, but it seems so…"

"Yeah… Well… You should be good to go by morning. You're clothes are clean and in the bathroom."

"Thanks Green Eyes…"

"No problem."

"One more question."

"What's that?"

"How did you managed to get me out? You said you can't get stressed at the slightest or you're heart will…"

"Well, for some unknown reason, you came onto me after having your fun on the stripper's pole and dancing around like a drunken monkey. So, needless to say all I have to do is make sure you were clinging onto me as we walked out of the bar."

"Did I say anything stupid?"

"Nothing I could make out."

Luffy nodded. "Thanks… Good night…"

"Night kid."

"It's Luffy, and I'm twenty five."

The man looked at him with a raised brow. "You look like you're seventeen."

"You look like you're thirty."

"I'm twenty seven."

He smiled. "Just three years off."

The man rolled his eyes as he closed the door.

He sighed as he looked at the time, which was 10:03 p.m, and turned off the nightstand light but didn't immediately go to bed. Instead he thought about what the other said about his illness and the advice about going about confronting his now ex boyfriend and ex best friend. He thought about where to go after he moved out of the apartment, who will be willing to let him stay besides his brother, and whether or not this place has a room opening so that he could at least be his host and savior's neighbor. He then thought about the man's loneliness, and how long must the other have this heart condition that makes him… almost robotic if not for the sliver of kindness that he had witnessed.

He really need to sleep… maybe the answers will come to him by morning and slept uneasily to a dreamless, deep sleep.


When morning did come, he was much better and freshened himself up.

He went into the living room, which was just as bland and dull as the bedroom with only a couch, a table with two chairs, a rug that seemed to have seen better days, and a kitchen that had piled up dishes in the sink, cabinets and a fridge.

He couldn't place his finger on it, but he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable being in the apartment room. Like the atmosphere in the place was pressing against his chest.

The lack of any color besides gray and white was a little unnerving and, as he noticed, the place seemed to be untouched by any creativity or anything that may bring life to the room.

He ate the remainder of the soup that the other left for him to eat and walked out of the apartment, and walked down to the land lord's office, which he suddenly found difficult because all the doors looked the same except for the black numbers.

He saw an old woman and asked her where the office was.

"What's the matter with you dear?" She asked kindly.

He didn't understand what the old woman was talking about. "Nothing's the matter with me. I just wanted to know if there was a free room for me to move in."

It was the woman's turn to look confused. "You're not dying dear?"

"Huh? Dying?"

"Did you honestly think that you could move in to this complex?"

"I don't understand… what is this place?"

"Is there a problem here?" Said another woman, a bit more fit and athletically built to be a model than the older, seemingly feeble woman.

"This young man wants to know if there's a room when he's not dying." The woman said.

"Really? And why is that? Did the hospital make an error?"

"Nani? Hospital?"

"Do you have any idea what this apartment is for?"

He shook his head. "I just woke up and this guy was caring for me yesterday from a major hangover. And I wanted to move out of my apartment…"

"And why would you want to move out?"

"I caught my now ex with my now ex best friend."

"Oh…" Said the athletic woman.

"I'm so sorry dear." Said the feeble woman.

"I'm getting over it a little… And I just wanted to know if there's a room here."

The athletic woman sighed as she mentioned the other woman to go about her business. "Listen here brat. This may be an apartment complex, but the residence here are not like you."

"I know the guy who took care of me has a heart condition, but he made it clear that he doesn't want a roommate."

"Upon his request."

"You're the land lord?"

"Yes, and their personal doctor."


"This apartment is run by my hospital for patients who can still live their lives, but still need special care. This way the hospitals won't be crowded unnecessarily."

"Makes sense… but what did the woman mean by 'dying'?"

"This apartment was built, like I said, for patients that live out day in and day out like you and me, but their care is critical." She then bent down so that they were about nose to nose. "This place is for people to die in a steady environment."

"To… die…"