Well, despite the long wait, I hope you guys enjoyed this all the same. I hope all of you are enjoying your summer, cause I'm not. *smiles* Joking, I had some good moments.

Good Heart Epilogue

Nami sighed harshly as she and the others were at the coffee shop in the mall, waiting at one of the tables. "Where are those two?" She said with a scowling feature.

"Maybe Luffy dragged Zoro into watching a marathon last night." Vivi said, trying to reduce the potential rise of the other girl's foul mood.

"That's something he would do." Usopp said as he drank his small cup of coffee.

"I remember he would do that to me once in awhile." Sanji said as he drank some tea. "The worst was the older Transformer marathon."

"Oi, that's a good show."

"I'm not bashing the fans, it's just not my thing."

"Why are we together again?"

"You tell me, I forgot a long time ago."

The two females sweat dropped when the two men bicker like any regular couple.


The group turned to where they heard the voice and saw the two they were waiting on, with Luffy having a piggy back ride on Zoro, who didn't seem to mind.

"What took you two so long?" Nami asked, clearly pissed about waiting.

"Sorry, we stayed up a bit too long and overslept a bit." Luffy said as he giggled while nuzzling against the man.

The group were suspicious of the two as Nami pointed to the empty chairs. "Sit." She demanded as she watched Zoro walk over to one of the empty chairs, helped the other down and even helped Luffy onto the chair.

"Want me to get you anything?" Zoro asked.

"Hot tea and one of those treats they have in there."

"Right. Be right back." He said as he went into the coffee shop.

Once he was gone from their sight, the group looked at Luffy.

"Luffy… did you and Zoro…?" Vivi, unexpectantly, boldly asked as the other three were wondering the same thing.

Luffy only smiled a smile that gave away everything that was on his mind, making Nami excited.

"Congratulations!" She said as she took a swing of her Chai Tea, cooled from the long wait.

"Thanks!" Luffy said as Zoro came out with two coffee cups and a small bag containing Luffy's treat.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"You and Luffy's hook up of the next level." Sanji said dully, secretly enjoying watching the man turn red.

"You told them?" He looked at Luffy who grabbed the bag and started eating the huge rice crispy block.

"He didn't have to say anything." Nami said with a chestier cat smile. "It was so obvious."

Zoro sighed as he sat down, placing the tea in front of his lover and took a sip of his black coffee. "So, why are we here again?"

"We were going to see a movie, but you two took your sweet time getting over the aftermath morning…" Nami said as she left the part to fill out unspoken, causing the man to blush even more. 'So easy it's funny.' She thought evilly as she shook it off and sighed. "Oh well, that just leaves us going around the mall and looking at some things for about two hours before the next viewing."

"Why can't we see the next movie?" Luffy asked, finished with his two items.

"They're already playing you dumbass!" She said, a vein popping out of her temple. 'He's still an idiot after losing his virginity… He's an unbreakable case…'

"I'm hungry…" Luffy said as he looked at the time, which was deemed too early for lunch.

"Is that all you think about?" Usopp joked as a few silently laughed at that.

"Not as much now, since I have Zoro now." He said as he wrapped his arms around the man's one arm and nuzzled. "He takes the number one spot of what I think about."

"Aww!" The girls said as the guys seemed dumbfounded, while Zoro seemed to not mind the display and finished up his coffee.

"So…" Zoro said as he gathered the two empty cups and crumpled up the empty paper bag to place in the cup. "Any idea of what to do before the next movie, if that plan is still up for it."

Nami thought about it and looked ahead to see a Spencers and grinned. "I have an idea…"

Vivi looked to where her girlfriend was looking and blushed. 'Oh boy…' She thought.

Zoro happened to look as well and looked surprised. 'Of all places…' He thought as he remembered the last time he checked out the small store ranging from harmless 'Happy Bunny' merchandise to fuzzy handcuffs and dectorate leather whips. He still remembered seeing a wall dedicated to items used for a bachelorette party with the 'pecker' theme all in pink and whatnot.

"Well! We better start moving then!" Nami said. "I have to get something from a store anyway."

Vivi blushed like a red streetlight as three out of the four guys sweat dropped. 'Poor girl…' They thought as they looked at the seemingly innocent, light blue haired girl.

"Huh? Where are we going?" Luffy asked, completely oblivious to everything.

Nami winked. "A shop for payback 'items'." She said making the group look at Zoro, who looked dumbstrucked at the devious woman as she giggled.

"Eh? I don't get it." Luffy said as Zoro sighed and the others sweat dropped, feeling a bit sorry for the man and their oblivious friend.

Zoro: You went to Spencers?

With a friend. It's a cool store overall, but definately not something to drag small kids into. I found it quite interesting.

Zoro:I'm guessing this friend of yours is your darker counterpart...?

And proud of her for that, because she can do things that I'm unable to do.

Zoro: Or too scared to do...

That too.

Zoro:You're able to do those things, but you decided not to and be this saint to the world...

... Where are you getting at?

Zoro: Nothing really, just opening up a conversation.

Well, we better close this now, since this is the last chapter and all.

Zoro: Finally...

What was that?

Zoro: Nothing...

Well! Anyway, thanks you guys for reading and hope you guys are doing well, have a great summer (if you're reading this from the date it was posted), and smile lots!

Zoro: Someone's been hanging around with Luffy too long...

Oi, it's not like that.