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Summary: Bella Swan has a rough past, one that she doesn't love repeating. Edward Cullen is the new boy. What happens when they're put in a situation with each other? AU, OOC, Vampires.

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It was almost scary, how close I was to dying, to never breathing, I was.

He had tried to protect me from the life he's damned to. I told him I really didn't care – I already had a pretty screwed up life.

But knowing him had brought me to the sudden realization that even with all the crap in my life, I still had it good.

Living in a small town doesn't help.

But strangely, I feel like if it weren't for Edward Cullen, I'd still be the uninformed small-town girl I was.

I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. I didn't have enough air.

As my own cruel father sauntered toward me, I whispered, "Edward…"

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