Author's Note: Another older one of mine. This was written roughly a year and half ago. At least that's when it was completed, so maybe a little more than that.

I wrote this as a step-by-step approach to how Relena and Heero would eventually confess their love to each other, instead of the usual one-shot everyone seemed to do back then. Along with my fictional events, I also counted all the official ones, so heads up on references to Endless Waltz or Blind Target or Ground Zero. Either one.

Also, I began writing this before I had actually seen the end of the series, or Endless Waltz, so that's why Relena is still a Peacecraft. Simply because I didn't know any better. I hope you enjoy this even though it's not a new fic of mine. Thanks for reading this rather drawn-out author's note. Ah yes, and Gundam Wing definitely doesn't belong to me, despite my entreaty's to Santa.

Wait for Me

(fic title contributed by Carebear)

She looked out her window and sighed. The sights that met her blue blue eyes were cheery and heart warming but when you don't have anyone to share the vision with it loses some of it's appeal. Besides the constant battle for peace doesn't allow holidays.

"Miss Relena"

The sound of her trusted butler shook her from the feelings of loneliness looming in her mind.

"Yes Pagan?" Relena answered softly, turning to see her butler standing in the doorframe, all dressed for the frigid weather outside.

"Well I know that your all alone since your mother....and then your brother..well I don't want you to be here all alone for the holidays and I wanted to know if you would like to come with me to my brothers house ...I mean your practically family already......" Pagan broke off unsure of what else to say.

Relena gave him a melancholy smile and shook her head,

"That's very kind of you Pagan but I should be fine here" .....It's not the first Christmas I'll be spending alone she finished mentally.

"Are you sure Miss Relena because I'm sure they'd be happy...

Relena held up one hand to silence the rest of his generous offer.

"Go and be with your family Pagan.... I'll make sure I'll take very good care of myself. ..Besides," she added crossing her fingers "Duo is going to stop by later tomorrow with Hilde for a little Christmas get together."

She hoped the lie would be enough to convince her butler to go.

"Well" .......

"Go!" Relena teased making a shooing motion with her hands.

"Alright Miss Relena you take care ...Merry Christmas!" Pagan called to her before walking out the door.

"Merry Christmas" she whispered to no one in particular.

She walked back to the window were she had been reflecting moments before. The quiet and emptiness of the house was a constant reminder of her sadness. She watched the fluffy white snowflakes twirl and dance in the wind. Her finger lightly traced the faces of the people she missed so much.

Her father........

A victim of an angry time. Peace had killed him...or rather ...the pursuit of peace. A memory flashed in her mind. of the rare Christmases he had managed to get away from his work. They had played in the snow for hours. "Every snow flake is different he told her...just like people. The ache in Relena's chest intensified. Her finger began to outline a different face.

Her mother.....

Funny how when a politician dies you can't even escape the pity it's so suffocating, but when his wife dies in a car accident a week after his death you can barely get family members to come to pay their last respects. This was the event that had almost undone her. But with the discovery of her real identity she felt that all was not lost...she still had people who needed her. Another memory came flooding back to her. Dancing....twirling....She used to dance with her mother. It had been one of the things her mother had enjoyed most. Spinning on the wooden floors in slippery cotton socks with her baby girl. A tear slipped down her cheek splashing onto the cold floor beneath her. Her finger began a new path.

Her brother..........

Millardo was not dead. She knew it. It had to be true. They never found a body. That's what she always told herself. He was her only living relative. She was an orphan now, without biological or adoptive parents to take care of her. It overwhelmed her at times. That's when she needed her older brother. To sort of put it all in perspective. But she hadn't seen him since the war ended four months ago. And one cannot live on hope forever. She reached back in the recesses of her mind trying to find a memory where he was not a bitter solider but just simply her older brother Milliardo........ah there it was ..... fluffy...white......they used to have pillow fights. When she was a tiny little thing. The feathers would explode from their cases and rain down on them, soft little tickles wherever they touched. Of course they'd always have to pick them up later. She stared into the darkness beyond the snowy valley, silently wishing for his presence. Then her finger began to trace the final face.

......Her Obsession.

Heero Yuy, Heero Yuy, Heero Yuy. No matter how many times she uttered his name he never came. She wouldn't go as far as to say she loved would be foolish. To love someone you have just begun to know??

But she cared for him immensely. When he looked at her she could see the pain and the battles frozen forever in his arctic eyes. She wanted to heal that pain she wanted to undo those battles and she wanted to melt those eyes as they had done to her.

But he always ran before she could act. She had always felt a bit foolish chasing after him as she did. But she needed to know ....did he reciprocate her feelings? She was sure, now, that he didn't. All she was to him was a reason to fight; an icon to protect. She remembered the wind......the wind......she had handed him the invitation to her birthday smiling prettily , a thin facade to cover the anxiety she was feeling.

She wasn't prepared to see him callously rip the invitation in two. Tears formed in her eyes as she choked out a single word. ....Why?

Again she wasn't prepared for him to, very gently...almost in a revered way...wipe away the salty drops that had escaped their prison. A death threat followed in the wake of his hand. And he left with the wind hissing and whistling and moaning adding to the confusion Relena felt inside.

That had been the beginning alright. She ached to see him again even if it was only to have him fulfill the promise he made long ago. Dwelling on the empty feelings inside, the tears began to fall with more frequency as Relena Peacecraft's huddled form sniffled away her Christmas eve.


He stumbled through the streets, his balance off kilter. Damn that Duo he cursed the American mentally.

You go and visit a comrade and ally to lose some of your Christmas blues and what does he do?? He gets you drunk. Duo had always known Heero had been a easy drunk. Two beers and he's barely coherent. Oh sure Heero's mind could still think in the same old rational manner but under the influence of alcohol his body only seems to obey the irrational side of his mind. The side that whispered possibilities unheard of. The side that was telling his body that it.....he...wanted to see Relena Peacecraft again .......right now in fact. And of course his legs obeyed.

The wind blew eerily through the branches of the barren trees reminding Heero of the first time he saw her. I mean REALLY saw her. When he first came around at the beach she was there bending over him telling him to lie still. Then he was too preoccupied with the fear that he would be discovered to notice her features. Then the second time in class he was too busy acting indifferent to notice her. It had been that afternoon. He had been looking upon the beautiful scenery the Earth had to offer.

"Here you go" she had said. He sighed mentally. He didn't need this. He automatically ripped the invitation in two hoping that it would get the message across to this persistent girl. That's when he heard the indrawn gasp followed by a hurt little "Why?". 'Oh shit' he had thought, turning to face her with the intent of glaring at her. ' I didn't mean to make her cr....'

His thoughts had been interrupted when he saw her face. She was beautiful. Her aquamarine eyes were large and sparkly with unshed tears. He was entranced. He watched as one of the crystalline drops made it's way down her flawless cheek. He reached up and brushed it away. The feeling of smooth skin under his calloused knuckles brought him back to reality.

'Damn it! I shouldn't be comforting her I should be getting rid of her. She knows too much.'

And somewhere in the back of his mind the irrational part murmured "and now she's one of your only weaknesses." So he did what any of the other Gundam piolets would have done. He threatened her life. After all part of his mission was to eliminate all obstacles. And she was definitely a obstacle.

Except when the time came to terminate her, he found himself reluctant. He became even more alarmed when he tried to shoot her. He couldn't pull the trigger. His finger could tighten on it all it wanted but it never could make the final tug.

Then that idiot Maxwell had shot him, causing him all sorts of trouble. But even then she was gracious towards him. Patching up his wounds with scraps of her party dress and then visiting him in the hospital. What did he ever do to deserve such kindness from such a person. That's when it hit him......a low blow indeed. He realized he hadn't done anything. Not a god damn single thing. And here she was putting her life on the line for him, a boy she barely knows.

He didn't deserve her.

He knew then that he must forget about her. To show his feelings would encourage her. He didn't want anything to happen to her. Even if she never got near a battlefield he knew that she would at least suffer heartbreak.

He wanted her to be happy and in order for that goal to be obtained he must forget about her and bottle up his feelings for her. It was his way of protecting the angelic Relena Peacecraft. That had been at the beginning of the war. It was long over and he was still thinking about her, worrying about her, wanting her. She was his reason for everything. And he could never tell her. But even with that very thought in mind he trudged up the driveway to the Peacecraft mansion.