AN: Originally written as a release from all the drama going on in Wait For Me, this is a omake of sorts, where the characters confront me and each other about all the havoc being wreaked in their lives. Have fun!

Complete and Utter Nonsense

*We see Lauren sitting in her little working corner of her room consulting the current resident muse of comedy (she gets a new one every few months.pity), Thaliah!*

Thaliah: Come on Lauren! You know you want to use my suggestions!

Lauren: Thaliah I have told you this is a DRAMATIC fic and no I will definitely NOT have Heero charge to Relena's rescue dressed in drag. Good lord!

*At this moment a very annoyed Millardo/Zechs storms through the study door with a copy of "Wait For Me" clenched in his fist.*

Lauren: *smiles brightly* Hello Zechs, what brings you to the study of the almighty and slightly insane?

Zechs: What is the meaning of this! Not only am I portrayed as a negligent older brother I don't even have a part!!

Lauren: Don't worry Snow owl man...I mean Zechs. You get a part eventually!

Zechs: Well.....I guess...but what is all this about Heero Yuy kissing my sister!! This is unacceptable!! When I get my hands on that pathetic excuse of a man I'll make him wish...

*Heero mysteriously appears from inside Lauren's desk drawer.*

Lauren: Great Nortons Ghost! I wasn't aware he could do that!

Heero: Fight me Zechs! Right here, right now! And then I can finally kill you!!

Lauren: Awww.... look Zechs, Heero likes you!

*Zechs however does not notice this. He is looking in the mirror and taking his mask on and off*

Zechs: Zechs! Millardo! Zechs! Millardo! Zechs! Hee hee this is fun!

Heero: Did he just say "hee hee"?

Lauren: The horrors I have witnessed today.

*There is a pounding at the door. Surprise, surprise it's Wufei!*

Wufei: Woman! I have a few issues I would like to clarify!

Lauren: You and the rest of the cast of Wait For Me. Alright, lay it on me, 'Fei.

*Heero and Zechs are now engaged in a Light Saber battle in background*

Wufei: First off I do not laugh at the weak attempts at joking made by that IDIOT, Maxwell! And secondly, how dare you let those fiends capture my woman! She ,of course, is too strong to succumb to a attack made by those WEAKLINGS!

Lauren: Well ... Uhm.that is.

*Stops in mid-sentence when Duo jumps out of the same desk drawer as Heero*

Lauren: I'm starting to either doubt my sanity or organizational skills.

Thalia: Normally I'd say doubt the sanity first, but in this case, I'd go for the latter.

Duo: Hey Lady, when am I gonna get around to marrying Hilde! I mean come on now I can't remain a bachelor for life! And by the way Wufei's lying , when we were in that OZ prison he made me tell him so many jokes that my throat was sore.

*Duo turns to Thaliah, while Wufei sits there and sputters*

Duo: Do I know you? You seem very familiar!

Thaliah: I believe we've been acquainted once or twice.

Lauren: *blinks*

*Suddenly everyone's attention is drawn as a noise that can only be described as the sound a dying moose makes is torn from Heero's throat*

Heero: Eat saber, you Fabio wanna-be!

Zechs: At least I have the decency to brush my hair you nappy sadist!

*Each run at each other full speed sabers poised for a killing blow*

Lauren: *thinking to self* Did I leave the oven on?

*Just when it looks like Lauren was going to lose the main character and slightly there character of her fic, Relena pops up from under the cushion of Lauren's handy dandy stuck in the fic only for the purpose of having characters jump out of it *takes deep breath* sofa*

Relena: Everyone stop fighting! We cannot attain peace through war!

*Dorothy pops out the cushion next to the one Relena appeared from*

Dorothy: Actually we can. You said so yourself in Endless Waltz.

Relena: Well yes, that's true, but for the sake of my brothers life and Heero's I'll keep insisting that we can't and hopefully they'll believe me and stop fighting.

Dorothy: Fair enough.

*Suddenly Noin throws open Lauren's door and runs up to Heero and slugs him one in the face*

Noin: Don't touch my Zechs.

Relena: I'm sorry Noin but I'm afraid I'll have to kill you.

Noin: That's fine by me.

*Relena and Noin engage in a saber battle much like Heero and Zechs.*

Zechs: Oh dear! The one I love and my own flesh and blood are fighting! I don't know what to do for I don't want either to die!

Relena: Now you have a taste of what I have to put up with every time you and Heero start up.

Zechs: But that's different. It's just mine and Heero's way of bonding

Heero; *conscious but with a black eye* Perhaps he should have told me this sooner.

Relena: *ducking blow from Noin* Yeah whatever.

Lauren: *has received an invitation* The all honorable Trieze has invited you to attend his Hot Tub Extravaganza! Hmm.think he's trying to bribe his way into a mention in Wait For Me? Ah, whatever, It's a hot tub! Count me in!! What do you say Dorothy?

Dorothy: As much as I love battles I think I'll have to agree with you on this one.

Duo: Hey I wanna go!

Lauren: Sure thing! What about you Wufei?

Wufei: I hate Treize! But he has a hot tub. But I hate him. But he has a hot tub. Perhaps I shall put our differences aside and join you.

Lauren: And you Thaliah? Come I know I've been giving you a break right now, but you better take the chance while you still have it! I mean once I'm done with Wait For Me you're back to work!

Thaliah: Duo's going eh? Well count me in!

Duo: Sorry there hot stuff but I'm an engaged man.

Thaliah: *pouts* Oh well I'll just go for Trieze!

Lauren : Alright everyone off to the Hot Tub Extravaganza!

*They all leave while Relena and Noin and Zechs and Heero still battle*

-Fin-.........or is it??

Yes.yes it is.

I'd like to give credit of this fic to Ms. Otaku aka Midii Une for her "Great Romance Debate" which was the true inspiration for this ....whatever it is. For those of you who would like to read Ms. Otaku's wonderfully nutty fic you can find it on Gudam Uncut, here's the URL


She was the true inspiration, along with Space Ghost: Coast to Coast for the Hot Tub Extravaganza.