This is my very first officially trailer. Survival to new York City. Enjoy

Four Best Friends have a dream

"We have a dream people."

"What is our dream?"

"To have a dream!"

To have their best vacation

"We graduated!"

"And we're having two weeks' vacation in New York City!"

But there's one problem

"Bullies. Insane happenings. And what are you eating?"

"Cereals with coke and chocolate. Try some."

Their vacation is not one declassified vacation survival guide

"We're going to have one heck of a vacation."

Takuya Kanbara

"Fire in the hole!" pie thrown by kids

"Oh come on this is my last suit!"

Zoe Orimoto

One tall 9 year-old girl squashed a can in one hand.

"I'm in Camp Hell on Earth."

Ashley Cortez

"I wanna do something bad to her."

"Go for it." Ash strolled Max' baggage and let it hit Veronica

Max Dreamer

"No! No! Never!"

"Max you're drooling."

"It's grandmother, she wants me to eat broccoli while dancing. Oh Ijust hate that woman!"

Survival to New York City

Slap "Did you just—" Slap "Will you—"

"Will you guys stop that!"

"Watch me how I do it again."

"Will you both shut up or I will kiss you for her!"

"Slap him for me please." Slap

Hope you enjoy fiction surfers.