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Story time!

I sighed, dropping my heavy suitcase outside the school gates. I didn't even own a lot of clothes, most of the contents were books. Two girls walked by, heads bent together. They were talking happily about some boy they thought was adorable. Their pasts hung lazily around them. I sighed heavily, wishing there was some way to turn my power on and off. Knowing almost everything about someone just by looking at their past was useful sometimes, but it was annoying seeing bright shiny things covering everyone wherever you go. A sigh passed my lips again as I pushed open the school gates, grasped the handle of my suitcase again, and began hauling it towards the Chairman's office.

The Chairman's door was already open. I paused in front of it, and leaned my suitcase against the wall. I knocked softly on the Chairman's door.

"Come in," a cheerful voice said. I pulled the suitcase inside with me, and closed the door. The Chairman was sitting behind his desk, sipping a cup of what I assumed was tea.

"Ah, you must be Akane Tsukino." He said. I bowed hesitantly.

"Yes, thank you for letting me transfer here on such short notice." I straightened up again.

"No problem at all. Would you like one of our Guardians to show you where your room is?" He asked.

"I'm sure I can find it on my own, if I have directions." His past hung around him like a two-layered net. If I reached out with my mind, I could take it, look at it, and see not only his past, but the motivations behind his actions. I could know practically everything about him in an instant. From what I could already sense, his past was very dark, but with some happier points too. I felt reassured by that. His directions were easy to follow. I bade him goodnight, and continued on to my room.

In order to get to my room, I had to go outside. And that's when I first met him.

A girl with short brown hair was walking around, a couple yards away from me. When she spotted me, she ran over.

"You must be Akane-san." She said, with a bright smile. I nodded.

"Do you need help finding your room?" She asked, obviously a Guardian.

"Oh, no thanks,"

"If you need any help, you can ask me. I'm Yuki Cross." She grinned.

"And this is Zero Kiryu," a boy had appeared next to her. I froze, shocked by the intensity of his past. It shone brighter than any I had ever seen. I couldn't help it, my mind reached out and grabbed the first layer.

Love. I smiled fondly at the feeling Zero held for his brother. Ichiru was important to him, and he'd do whatever it took to protect him. I stifled a scream as I witnessed the vampire murdering his family, the fear he felt for Ichiru. How shocked and hurt he felt when he first realized he was a vampire. He had felt guilty for most of his life. And then there was how he felt about Yuki. He loved her. How much she'd helped him. He'd do anything to keep her safe. I let my mind be filled with Zero for a moment, before letting his past settle back around him. He was kind. He was selfless, brave, caring. I'd never met a more strong or amazing person before. I wanted to protect him. To make him happy. This all occurred in half a second, and I almost fell over because it was so quick and powerful. I peeked at Zero's face. To anyone else, it looked like he was merely angry at the world, but I could see that wasn't all it was. He felt alone. His purple eyes glimmered with intelligence, and he didn't break my gaze. I blinked.

"Arigatou," I breathed.

My roommate was already asleep, and she didn't stir as I laid out my school uniform for the next day. I couldn't fall asleep for a long time. Every time my eyes closed, I saw Zero's family being murdered. I knew exactly how he felt. My tears soaked into my pillow, and before I fell asleep, I was certain of one thing.

I was in love with Zero Kiryu.