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"Some days, I just don't get you."

Ziggy stopped when he heard the words and turned wide, curious eyes towards the person who had said them. Dillon stared back at him, eyes narrowed in frustrated confusion. After a moment Ziggy laughed. "I get that a lot." he agreed in amusement.

Dillon sighed and ran an irritated hand through his hair. "Ziggy I'm serious here." He looked back up at the boy who looked back at him with wide, innocent eyes. "I have been dating you for nearly a month now and when I tell you I nearly kissed Summer last week, you smile and say 'okay'? Is there something wrong with you?"

The Green Ranger smiled softly to himself and moved to stand in front of Dillon, who was sitting at the kitchen counter. "You can only love just one person. But on a much more basic, much more primal level, one person will never be enough. I knew it could happen." He explained nonplussed. Dillon stared at him with arched eyebrows and a slack jaw, his eyes slightly lost. Ziggy continued. "Summer is a young, attractive woman who is capable and willing. It's really not that big of a surprise."

"Did you seriously just justify me cheating on you?" Dillon asked as he stared at his boyfriend. Ziggy leaned down, bracing his arms on the counter and looking Dillon dead in the eye. "I'd rather be the one who shared you than the one who lost you." He told him seriously, his eyes dark and understanding. They made Dillon feel more than slightly guilty for the non-too-innocent feelings he had for Summer.

He reached forward and grasped Ziggy's hand. "I really, really don't deserve you." He whispered, bringing the boy's hand up to his lips. He pressed a gentle kiss to his knuckles and stood. He placed another quick kiss to Ziggy's forehead, watching as his eyes lit up in pleasure. "Good night, Ziggy." he breathed and walked back to his room.

Ziggy watched him go; basking in the simple affection he had been bestowed. Dillon and Summer hadn't been exactly subtle in their attraction to each other and he had had more than a few days to deal with it and get over it. He almost felt sad for Summer. He knew she wouldn't understand what he did about Dillon; she'd never be able to share. She'd never be able to understand or accept Ziggy's place in Dillon's life. She'd loose him, and he would be there to make sure Dillon didn't think it was his fault that she didn't understand.

Summer didn't threaten him. Because at the end of the day it was Ziggy Dillon went back to.

Not Summer.