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Chapter 6: A Scene of Smoke

It was sometime around midnight. How odd, Kanda thought to himself. It'd been years since he stayed out that late since his current job was well staffed at night, and he wasn't needed then. Why would he go out otherwise? Insomnia wasn't a good enough excuse. That was the time best used for homework or figuring out expenses. There was also the little fact that he didn't like concerning himself with things like socializing or being in the company of other people.

He reeked of nicotine and incense. The combination of smells gave him a bit of a headache, but he loved it at the same time. How that worked was entirely beyond him, but it did, so he didn't question it.

The lights were off when he entered the house, but he could tell the TV was still on from the dim light dancing across the wall. He let his eyes adjust rather than turn on a light. It would be too harsh when his head was already beginning to pound. Plus, he didn't want to wake his roommate. After punching him in the face, he figured it was best to let him rest. It wasn't that he thought his reaction was overdone. Oh no. He'd never admit such a thing, even to himself. It was just that in his experience people weren't very happy after getting their asses handed to them.

With the softest 'clink' he could manage, he set Lavi's car keys on the counter. The car was most definitely in one piece, as Kanda believed strongly in the respect of other people's property. He just needed to get somewhere fast. In the back of his mind, he knew he should have told Lavi that, but he had been feeling far too spiteful for that kind of courtesy.

He began digging through the refrigerator. Every ounce of anger and spite had already fled his body. Now all he could think about was whether or not he wanted milk or water. In the end, he chose water because drinking milk after smoking was disgusting and made him cough up phlegm. That really did not sound like something he wanted to experience at the moment.

Briefly he wondered if it'd be okay to light up quickly. He didn't smoke often, but when he did it became hard to limit it to just one or two. Smoking was just one of those little habits that he picked up down the line and never bothered to get rid of. Plus he liked the feeling of a cigarette pressed between his lips and the sting smoke filling his lungs. It brought calm and helped him reach a point in which he could be so lost in thought that there wasn't a single thing actually on his mind. Simplicity in the chaos; it kept him feeling human.

It probably wasn't his best idea, but it was late. He was allowed to not think clearly. Within a few seconds a cigarette hung from his mouth, and he began trying to get his lighter to spark. It was almost out of fluid, so he had to shake it a few times before the little flame finally started.

He inhaled deeply and watched the thin line of smoke rise up, toward the ceiling. Smoke was one of his favorite things to watch; he preferred it to fire any day. It was the remains of whatever was burning flowing upward before disappearing completely. The smell stayed with you, but the substance was gone. Yes, he enjoyed smoke greatly.

In fact, he was so distracted by watching it, that he didn't notice Lavi, who had been sleeping on the couch, sitting up. The redhead's nose was in the air like a dog's, as he investigated where the smell that awoke him was coming from. When he realized what it was, he was genuinely surprised; Kanda never seemed like the smoker type to him.

He slowly stood up and walked into the kitchen. By then, Kanda had been snapped out of whatever trance he had been in and simply watched Lavi walk toward him from behind his cigarette. Lavi yawned loudly and scratched his very disheveled mop of hair before saying anything.

"Shouldn't smoke, ya know," he mumbled calmly.

Kanda simply tapped the cigarette over the sink, successfully dislodging any ashes. "So I've been told." He was surprised, actually. Usually Lavi had quite the flair for the dramatics. This calm on a subject that, when they had a negative opinion on it, sent people into an almost frenzy was probably the last reaction he had expected.

There was a lazy grin in response. "Yeah. I heard that it can cause cancer and shit. Wouldn't want that nasty stuff, now would ya?"

"Frankly, I couldn't care less." He really couldn't. He never understood the obsession with self preservation that every other human seemed to have. Everyone died anyways. What was the point of prolonging it when that time was usually spent in a nursing home rather than actually living? In truth, that seemed so far from where he was now that it didn't even matter. "How's your nose, by the way?"

Lavi seemed to perk up at the question. His grin was a little less sloppy and more sincere. From the little bit of Kanda speak that he picked up from their time together, that was an apology, or the closest thing he would get to one. That was awfully exciting. "It's fine. Face wounds always bleed way more than they should."

Kanda nodded in agreement and turned back to his smoke. Mmm. Tar-filled lungs. Nothing seemed more appealing at the moment. He let out the smoke in a mix between an exhale and a sigh. How it managed to relax him so much, he'd never know.

"Where'd ya go?"

There Lavi went, prying again. It didn't really bother him quite as much as it usually did, but it did bring back the edge that he was trying to let fly up with the smoke. How disappointing. "Somewhere," he answered vaguely, hoping that Lavi would just drop it.

"Yeah? It's pretty late, though. Aren't ya tired?"

He tapped the cigarette over the sink again before bringing it back to his lips. Talking seemed like so much work, and he didn't really feel like answering anyways. It was a meaningless question only meant to keep conversation going. Lavi liked conversation. Kanda didn't. Not really, anyways.

Surprisingly enough, Lavi just stood there. He didn't try to strike up conversation again or go off to do something else. He didn't even seem to feel awkward by the lack of sound. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying it as much as Kanda was. How strange…

Lavi in his only half-awake state had suddenly felt a bit of courage. Maybe he had a good dream or something; he didn't know. The point was that he was feeling that bit of courage at the moment, which led him to do one of the stupidest things he had ever done, particularly since this was the same person that punched him in the face earlier that evening.

Slowly, he reached over and pulled Kanda's hand over to the sink. He forced his fingers between his roommate's, causing him to drop the cigarette. Despite his calmed mood, Kanda wasn't very happy about this in the least.

"Why the fuck would you—"

And this is where Lavi's sudden burst of bravery truly came into play.

Kanda was interrupted by Lavi's lips pressing softly against his own.