A/N: This takes place sometime after Kaito has come clean to Aoko about the whole Kid thing. I have the feeling that she got really annoyed at him for being an idiot, didn't speak to him for a few days, and then not-really forgave him but decided to put up with it. And somewhere in there, I guess they kinda sorta started dating. Nakamori-keibu has no idea about any of this. Not even the dating bit.

I wrote this one day when I couldn't really think of what to do with myself. It made me feel good to write it, I hope you enjoy reading it. (And don't forget to review! *broken record is shot*

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And a Good Evening to You

Aoko was curled up very comfortably on the couch with a book. It was quite good – something by a Kudou Yusaku, apparently Kaito's mother was a fan. Privately, Aoko suspected that the novels' main character, the Night Baron, just reminded Kuroba-san of Kid. She turned the page, absorbed by a chilling scene. The criminal was just about to show up, she was sure of it – when something soft fell on her head, slipping over her eyes.

She stuck a finger into the book to mark her place and pulled off the all-too-familiar top hat. Its owner was standing directly in front of her (and he had definitely not been there two seconds earlier) and grinning like a loon.

"Kaito." She returned a glare. "Why are you still dressed like that?"

The grin did not falter in the slightest. "Well, you didn't get to see the heist, did you?"

She perched the hat on the arm of her chair and opened the book back up. "Of course not. I have no interest in watching you make a fool of yourself and half of Japan's policemen."

He chuckled. A thought seemed to strike him. "By the way, where's Mom?"

"Asleep. She went to bed right after showing me the guest room. Normal people are in bed right now, Kaito." Aoko was staying at the Kuroba's for the night, since her father was out of town. For the heist. Speaking of which… She started to frown.

"Well, you're still up, aren't you? So what does that tell us about you?"

She didn't bother to answer him. "Kaito, how did you get back from Kyoto this quickly? I thought you would be an hour later at least." She gave him a suspicious look.

He just smiled at her, a genuine smile this time. "Magic!" he declared, pulling a rose out of nowhere.

"You know, one of these days, I'm going to tell my dad who's been leading him across rooftops," Aoko threatened, but she was smiling. She could never stop herself from smiling whenever Kaito did that trick, no matter how old it might be. The threat was empty. They had both realized that a long time ago. Kaito dropped the rose into her book and snapped it shut. The blossom stuck out, marking her place, before book and rose disappeared into thin air.

"Kaito! I was reading tha—!" Aoko was cut off when Kaito leaned down and swiftly kissed her. A second later, it was over, and Kaito moved away, hat now in hand. He put it back on and swept her a fine bow.

"I apologize for not sending you a notice before stealing a kiss, ojou-chan," he said in Kid's voice, straightening again, his eyes glittering with mirth. "But remember, I am in the habit of returning what I steal. Jaa!" And with that, he disappeared around the corner and into the hall, a faint "See you in the morning, Aoko!" floating back to her.

Aoko sighed, got up, stretched, and began searching for her book. As she checked the pottery vase, she mused that her almost – well, not almost, she reminded herself – boyfriend had to be the strangest that any girl had ever had to put up with.