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Chapter 4

Rosalie POV

When Emmett and I left the house he was clueless as to what was happening as was Edward, But Alice being well Alice already knew she laugh and gave me a nod telling me it was a good idea.

So off to fix my family and I cannot believe I'm going to say this but bring Bella back to us, everyone missed her hell even I missed her and that saying something she changed us all not an easy task that we change only once after becoming immortal and that when we meet our mate. But she did it like Carlisle say animal blood makes form true bond of love and not necessity.

We pull up to her apartment and finally Emmett speak I couldn't believe he'd stay quiet for 15 min must be a new record.

"Uh...Rosie why are we at Bella's at 3:30 in the morning?" He asked confused

"Because she is coming home, we are going to make Edward realize Bella forgive him if it's the last thing I do in my very long life."

"Oh, okay but she's asleep." he said, my poor Emmett maybe Carlisle can give him a brain enhancing drug.

"We are going to wait for her to wake up, were going to talk this out between us then figure out a way to get them back together. Okay, let go do some B and E." I laugh and he nod all excited.

As we opened the front door that suppose to keep people out of the building doesn't work very well I don't like that she's living in a place that's so unsafe. –Wait did I just think about her safety Oh god the rubbing off on me- I looked at Emmett he was thinking the same thing about her safety but it was probably something like 'my little sister is safe here look how easily we broke in'.

We followed her scent to the 3 floor and apartment H3 Emmett expertly pick the lock and walked in I followed. It was small but clean had a bed room and a small living room attached to a kitchenette.

I walked into her room it was plain, but okay, a bed a chair a dresser and a desk. Asked Emmett to check and see if there was stuff for him to make breakfast for her a he said there was for pancakes and bacon and eggs. I gave him his game boy thing with all the games and he went and sat on the sofa, while I went and watch Bella sleep, she had cried herself to sleep just as Alice said she would. I would help her get ready for class in a few hours she so restless I'm surprised we hadn't woke her yet. She mumbled 'Edward, don't go' things like that for the rest of the night. Then she finally woke at 7:45. She looked around and saw me I think.

"Well you certainly threw the fox in the hen house last night."

Then slowly recognition crossed her face


"Yes, now get up get in the shower Emmett is starting your breakfast." Then shock crossed her face.

"Emmett's here to?" she asked while getting up and walking to the bath room.

"Hey, Sis." He called from the kitchen.

"Yes, he's here now hop in take your shower I'll get you stuff ready for the day."

While she was in the shower I pulled out a nice turquoise top and black hip hugger jeans turned on the curling iron and pulled out the blow dryer, everything was so neat I didn't know she was so neat and organized. When I was done I walked into the Kitchenette and talked to Emmett while passing the time she was remarkable fast 10 minutes for a human that seem really fast. After she got out and dried off she put on a very pretty blue robe. She sat down at the vanity and I got to work drying curling this way and that. Handed her all of her clothes when she emerged from the bathroom minutes later look marvalilece with a little eye shadow and lip gloss she was done.

"Alright let's talk." She said walking in to the kitchen where Emmett was waiting with enough food to feed an army. "Emmett, I'm the only one that eats here." And laugh at his pout face.

"Okay Bella, Here is the deal. I know you always though I didn't like you because you knew what we really are but in truth it was jeoulsey your human you can get old and have kids and in fifty years be sitting on you front porch watching your grandkids play I'll never have that, but I would never give up Emmett just to have that so, let's just say I've gotten to acceptance. Now that being said I also know you and Edward are meant to be. So we must figure out a way for him to see you truly do care for him and never stopped. Any ideas?"

"Yeah, Bells we argued all night last night trying to beat it through his thick skull." Emmett sated

"Well, I said what had to be said last night." Bella said sadly

"Yes but we all know he is still in love with you." I said with a frown

"No Rosalie I do not he could have fooled me. He acted as if I don't exist." Crossed her arms across her chest.

"Trust me Jasper said it was anything but a rollercoaster of emotions coming off that boy from Love to fear that you got hurt to shock that you found us. How did you find us by the way?" I questioned "Not that I'm upset that you did very much the opposite actually, he needs you back, we need you back."

"Like I said before I didn't find you guys, I probably could have but I honor Edward's request to move on with my life. Maybe I should have check so all of you wouldn't be in this mess again." Sounding rescinded "Perhaps I should start packing now and not wait till later like I said last night."

"No." We both shouted in unison. "Bella that's not what we want at all."Emmett finished.

"Bella is there anyone who he could talk to confirm that you forgave him before he even said and did what he did?" I asked gently and she and Emmett winced.

"Well maybe I wrote him a letter before I left, and gave my dad very specific instructions before I got on the plane. That he was to give it to him and he was to be curious about it." She laughed at the end.

Well that might just do it. I thought. "That might work if was to run back to Forks and get seeing that there will be no vampire smell on there so it's not like we got it a ran it there."

"Yes it might just work." Emmett said out loud and smiled "What did it say, Bella? Unless you don't want us to know. "

"Here I might still have a draft. Hold on." She said as she got up to go to her room.

"Well Emm, this might just work."

We could hear papers rusling and her cursing under her breath when she got a paper cut.

"Don't come in here I have a paper cut." We heard the water running and a bandage being opened. Then back to her desk rusling through more papers.

"AH." She shouted

Walking back out with a bandage on her finger and a note in the other.

"Her I copied this on a nice paper with my name embossed at the top."

She handed it to me.

Dear Edward,

I want you to know I'm not mad at you. And I know you told me to

Move on like you never existed but I couldn't. You were and still are my

whole world. I am moving from here, but if you should decide you want

me, all you need to do is look. I'll be close.

You gave back my heart, but it will forever be yours. When you are ready to reclaim what's yours, I'll be waiting.


Always and forever


"This is perfect, Bella." Handing it over to Emmett

"She's right Bella this is without a doubt perfect."

"Come on were going home." I grabbed her hand and practly dragged her out the door.

"But Rosalie if he wanted to see me he would have come himself."She said angrily

Getting her into the car and heading to the house was a very quiet affair she was very nervous.

After 15 minutes of quiet we pulled up in front of the house.

"Come on, baby sister you only live once." Emmett said

"Please Emmett you've lived the equaveletent of 3 life times." She countered

This just made me laugh at his sad face.

"Come on; let's have a chat with my wayward brother, shall we." I said once again dragging her.

"Family meeti-." Walking in to see everyone already sitting at the table.

"Edward you are to listen and not talk until Bella is done, Understand?" Emmett said in his most menacing voice.

"Yes, Emmett." Edward said. "Hello Bella."

"Hello Edward, Everyone." She bowed her head a little.

"Hello." Everyone said at once smiling.

"Well Edward, there a few thing I need to say. First, I forgave you the moment the works came out of your mouth. I knew you were trying to give me a chance at a normal life and though I appreciate that my life was hollow without you, all of you, I missed you all like my whole family had died at once or something, I took comfort in the fact that I knew you were all still out there and alive. Second, I love you I have loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. Third I didn't believe not for a moment that you didn't Love me or didn't want me YOU thought you were doing what was best for me but it just wound up hurting us both." She paused and went to wipe a tear from her face but Edward beat hurt to it. "I wrote you a letter before I left for college so you would know all the things I'm imparting to you verbally now in word on paper so they could never be changed. I gave it to my dad to give to you if you should ever come looking for me, I pray you will make the trip to Forks so you may know what I say is true." When she finish Alice and Esme and I were sobbing and the boys look very close though they would deny it to their last breath. And Bella had tears running down her checks as well.

"I will go to Forks for two reason's is your written words are as moving as your spoken one then I must have that in my possession forever and Second, there is something there I must bring back to give you from your last birthday." Then out of nowhere he lean over grabbed her by the back of the neck and kissed her. "Happy Birthday, Bella."

"Thanks." She smiled a very special smile just for him.

And then out of nowhere Alice and Edward gasped. "Maria and Victoria are coming."

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