Meeting Him

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Meeting Him

"Edward, have you seen my slippers?"

17 year-old Edward Cullen glanced up from his book. "Ah…" He put the book down as his younger sister Alice bounced into the room, her eyes sparkling when she saw the title. "Another Nora Roberts?" Edward blushed.

"I don't know where your slippers are, Alice." He stood, trying to push her out of the room. She avoided him and made a dash for the book, her eyes darting through the page. He waited patiently, knowing there was no way to stop her. She'd just run, and she was too damn tiny to catch.

After moving to Forks back in his freshman year, Edward was now entering his senior year at Forks High and Alice her sophomore year. His other two siblings, Emmet and Rosalie, were entering their junior year when school started in August.

The summer had been slow, and one of the only entertaining things at the Cullen household was that Alice delighted in announcing to everyone that she'd grown a couple inches since the summer started, and Edward had only grown 2. "You're only 4'10, Alice." He'd pointed out. "And you're only 6'0!" She'd flung back.

The only other great thing about this summer was they'd all gotten new cars, thanks to Carlisle's great pay at the hospital and Esme just wanting everyone to have new cars.

Edward had gone through some slight changes since junior year. Tired of often being labeled as a "scrawny nerd", he'd finally hit the gym, managing to cut down some of the soft skin that he'd been nursing. He'd also let his hair grow out and it hadn't hurt he'd grown a few inches.

Alice approved wholeheartedly of his new look, while Emmet joked he was finally, "growing up".

Rosalie wondered who he was trying to impress.

"This is so cute! What's it called again?" She glanced at the cover. "Gabriel's Angel? Can I borrow it after you're done?" When he nodded, Alice gave him a brilliant smile and bounced out as quickly as she came. Heaving a sigh of relief, Edward snatched up his book and started reading, excited for school to start in a week…

"Edward! Don't get any ideas from that book so you can steal all the guys at school! Leave some for me!" Edward groaned. He hadn't planned on dating for a while, but… he blushed. "Alice!"

A Week Later…

Jacob Black stepped out of his Ford Mustang, shoving his keys into his pocket. Running a hand through his jet black hair, he grinned as Isabella Swan pulled up next to him in her old, beat up truck he fixed up for her last year.

Getting out, she smiled and started toward him. "Hey Jake." She gave him a peck on the cheek and let his arm drape around her shoulders. Bella felt jealous glares on her neck and rolled her eyes. "Who did you fuck and leave this time, Jacob?" He just smiled.

Bella watched as he winked at a cute blonde who walked by, his face heating with embarrassment. Bella burst out laughing. "He was so completely straight, Jacob." He winked. "I know. But he still liked it."

Snorting, Bella took in his spiky black hair, large 6'7 frame, and toned muscles with a sigh. "You're lucky you're hot." She said at last. He laughed.

"I love you to, Bella." After figuring out last year that he only admired Bella, and didn't actually love her (which was a relief to both of them), he at the same time figured out his own sexuality; he wholeheartedly enjoyed fucking guys.

He'd only taken a few steps towards the school, when, after hearing the purr of a well tuned engine, he turned to notice a shiny Volvo enter the school's parking lot, followed by a bright yellow mustang. Definitely new cars, because he'd never seen them before.

Raising an eyebrow- nobody had money at Forks High- he watched as a short, excited, pixie-like girl climbed out of the side of the Volvo. He cut back a laugh of amusement as she nearly tripped over the curb. "Alice, calm down." A soft voice murmured, and Jacob glanced up into a pair of golden eyes that seemed to punch him in the stomach.

Hot… Jacob thought automatically, eyeing the muscles that rippled under the dark green shirt the man wore. He was a good 6'0, with a nice round ass that Jacob could imagine slowly parting and… reluctantly pushing the thought away, he whipped around to face Bella.

"Bella," He pleaded. "Who is that god?" Bella turned to the man in question. "Edward Cullen. I can't believe you're just noticing him. He's been going to this school since freshman year." Bella started forward, and Jacob was forced to walk with her.

"No way I would've missed that as- err, face, all these years and not hit on him." Bella sighed. "He was in your Chemistry class last year, Jake." There was an awkward silence. "Ah… really?"

Bella punched him in the arm. He refused to wince. "He sat a row in front of you!" He cringed as he slowly remembered. About 5'9, scrawny, more than a little nerdy, had these large, ugly glasses… he shivered. "Oh."

"And now that he's gotten hot, you're suddenly interested in him? You're so shallow sometimes Jake." Sending him a reproving look, she stormed off. He glanced at the Cullen family as they walked together into the building, Edward walking a little behind, his hands in his pockets.

Edward Cullen… Jacob smiled.


"You're taking practically college courses!" Alice exclaimed as she looked at Edward's schedule. He just laughed. "Alice, physics is hardly a college level class." He glanced at her schedule and raised an eyebrow. "Biology? How easy can you get?"

She rolled her eyes. "Just because you want to kill yourself and take the hardest classes possible doesn't mean that everyone else does." She gave him back his schedule and skipped to her first class; gym. He shuddered at the thought and headed to Psychology instead.

Turning left, his head down, he jumped when he ran into a solid wall. "Sorry," A husky voice murmured. "I didn't see you, Edward." Edward looked up, an apology on his tongue until he saw who it was. He frowned. Jacob Black. The school's man whore. How did he even know his name?

"It's fine," He muttered, trying to step around him. Jacob blocked his way. "I'll walk you to class. I have Psychology first period." Edward stared at him, shocked. "Y-you're taking psychology first period to?" Jacob flashed him a smile and he tried to fight back the blush that stained his cheeks.

Jacob stopped and traced a finger down the flushed skin. "You're beautiful when you blush," He whispered. Edward fought the urge to squirm. Oh god… he felt like his body was on fire. He had to get away from this man.

Jacob sighed and straightened as the bell rang. "Guess we should start going." He said reluctantly. Edward fought panic. Oh god, he was late for class. He was never late for class. Ever.

"I have to go!" Edward said quickly, sprinting down the hallway to the classroom and literally throwing himself into the class. Jacob chuckled. He was cute. And, thankfully, as he'd made sure, gay. Now he'd just have to bring the shy bookworm out of his shell.

Edward accepted the tongue lashing he got from Mr. Brown and slunk into the back, his face burning with embarrassment. Thankfully, since it was the first day back, he didn't get a detention.

15 minutes later, when Jacob finally walked in, he flashed Mr. Brown a smile and simply said, "Emergency." He nodded sympathetically and went back to teaching. Edward's mouth dropped open. What…? Jacob slowly walked toward the back, his eyes raking over Edward suggestively as he took the desk across from him. Smiling innocently, he opened his book.

Turning away, Edward faced the board and tried to listen to what the teacher was saying. Was Jacob… hitting on him? Why? Last year… He trailed off, finally realizing why Jacob was acting this way. Fuming, he ignored the stubborn stinging in his eyes. He should have realized…

When the bell rang, Edward quickly fled from the room, his thoughts racing. Jacob had probably forgotten all about his existence by now… "Edward," He jumped. "I'll walk you to your next class again." Edward backed away, eyeing him wearily. "Why are you talking to me? I'm a nerd. A nobody." He blurted out.

Jacob chuckled. "Last year I'd wholeheartedly agree. This year…" Jacob slowly ran his eyes over Edward from head to toe, his eyes lingering on the slight bulge in his pants. Edward fidgeted. "I don't know you, or particularly like you." Edward said at last.

Jacob fought the urge to move a piece of hair from Edward's face. "Why?" Edward took a deep breath. "You're the man whore of the school, and all you want me to do is sleep with you. How do you know I'm even gay?" He demanded. Rolling his eyes, he pulled a book out of his hands.

After holding up Gabriel's Angel, he leaned forward, pushing Edward gently against the wall, and he fought the urge to moan when he pressed against Edward and heard his soft whimper. "That," He whispered softly in his ear. "Is how I know you're turned on by me."

Edward closed his eyes and shuddered. "Just… please… leave me alone." Giving him one last pleading look, Edward ducked under his arm, and walked quickly up the stairs to economics. Jacob scratched his chin. Damn it, he hated to admit it, but if he was going to woo Edward, he needed…



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