Meeting Him

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"Take good care of Edward, dear," Esme sniffed loudly, holding a handkerchief to her noise.

"Make sure he doesn't get into too many parties and cause mischief," Carlisle added, shooting Edward an amused look.

Edward flushed deeply and gave Jacob a sheepish look.

The Cullen family, as well as Billy and Bella, were at a Pablo's Pizza, celebrating Edward and Jacob's acceptance letters into Washington State University.

After the initial shock and several long explanations, Billy was finally convinced that WSU was the ideal college for the boys.

"God, I'll miss you, you big arse." Bella teased, hitting Jacob on the shoulder.

Jacob frowned at the tears that shone in her eyes. "Hey," He murmured, drawing her close. "Those tears aren't for me, are they?"

Bella sniffed and shoved at his chest weakly. "Of course not, you self centered jerk." She smiled slightly. "You better be prepared, though. UW's going to kick your butt in every sport imaginable."

Bella had gotten her acceptance letter to the University of Washington a few weeks ago on a full ride academic scholarship, and was fascinated watching their girls' volleyball team play.

"You can take us in volleyball," Edward chimed in. "We'll get you at all of the real sports."

Laughing, he raised his hands in self defense as Bella mock fought him, and the spectators around them watched in amusement.

Billy turned to Jacob and smiled at him, pride evident in the way he stood. "Take care of yourself in college, son," Billy's eyes turned serious.

"A lot of shit happens in those dorms, though. You'd better not get into drugs, alcohol, or gangs, or I'll come up there and kick your ass. Do you understand me, Jacob?"

Jacob nodded solemnly. "You're up there to learn and get a decent education so you can go on farther in life." Billy nodded toward Edward, who was laughing with Bella.

"You got a special fella over there, Jake," He clapped a hand on his shoulder. "Like Esme said earlier, take care of Edward, alright?"

Jacob smiled slightly. "Don't worry," He murmured, his eyes focused on Edward. "I've got him taken care of."

Nodding, Billy squeezed his shoulder once before wandering off to speak to Carlisle.

Jacob jumped when Emmet punched his shoulder. Wincing, he turned around to glare at him. "Did you need something, Emmet?" He sighed.

Emmet beamed. "Can't I come over here to congratulate you?" He asked innocently. "You're pretty much my brother now, aren't you?"

Jacob shivered at the thought. "Ah… yeah," He'd rather have him as a friend then an enemy…

"So, when are you two love birds leaving, anyway?"

Jacob looked at his watch and sighed. "A couple of minutes," He admitted regretfully.

Emmet's face softened and he grunted. "Well…" He shifted his weight uncomfortably, looking at a loss.

Rolling his eyes, Jacob nodded stiffly and allowed himself to be engulfed by Emmet's large embrace. Giving one tight squeeze, Emmet released him.

"Take care," Emmet ruffled Jacob's hair and he laughed.

Walking back over to Edward, he smiled. "Ready to go?" He murmured, intertwining their fingers. Edward automatically leaned against him and nodded. "Ready," He confirmed.

They turned to face the family that was all staring at them tearfully.

"Hey, hey," Jacob held up his hands. "Don't cry, guys. We'll be back for Christmas and New Year's."

At this, more tears erupted (mostly from Esme) as Jacob and Edward were attacked by hugs once more.

"We've got to go," Edward repeated a couple minutes later, after enduring more water works and tissues.

"We're walking you to your car, you asshole, you think you can leave that easily?" Edward grunted as Emmet caught him in a headlock and wrestled him to the ground.

Everyone chuckled and watched anxiously as Edward suddenly turned blue beneath Emmet's large frame. "Ah… Emmet?" Carlisle asked nervously.

"Yeah?" Emmet was grinning.

"Can you get off your brother, now? I really don't think you want to make him late for his trip because he has to go to the hospital," He said dryly.

Emmet's head snapped down to look at Edward's blue face and he jumped up.

Coughing, Edward slowly stood. Jacob rushed over, his hands going down to check his pulse. It was slow, but after a moment it picked up.

"Great, Emmet. Was your plan to kill your only brother so he couldn't go off to college?" Emmet blushed and hurried them out the door towards their car.

"My bad, bro," Emmet muttered as he opened the door to Edward's Volvo. "Have fun. Party," He added, closing the door as Edward climbed in.

Edward rolled his eyes and watched Jacob go around to the driver's side to get in. "Of course, Emmet. What else would we do at college?" He muttered, sending his family along with Billy and Bella a large smile.

"See you soon," He promised, waving.

"Bye," They all chorused.

Edward and Jacob waved once more and turned to each other, grinning.

"You ready?" Jacob asked, squeezing Edward's hand.

Edward smiled. "Ready."


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