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"Charlie time to get up for school." Mrs. Landers called to her oldest son. "You too Jason."

"Five more minutes." Jason sleepily mumbled.

"Fine." Charlie blearily answered.

With that, Charlie got up, brushed his teeth, got his brother up, & finished getting ready for school.

Thirty minutes later, both were ready to leave for school with S.T.A.N. who was a teacher at their school.

"So S.T.A.N., any pop quizzes I should know about?" Charlie asked on the car ride there.

"Charlie you know that as a teacher I can't tell you that. If I did, then it wouldn't be a pop quiz anymore." S.T.A.N. replied.

"Aw, come on S.T.A.N. please? You know I had a long night." Charlie said, secretly referring to his late night fight with Powers who not only ended up getting away, but also telling the Omega Defiance everything about him which now put everyone around him in danger.

"Wait, how does S.T.A.N. know that you had a late night? Didn't go to bed at like 10?" Jason asked.

"Well we're here." S.T.A.N. announced, saving Charlie from coming up with an excuse.

Once Jason was out of ear shot, Charlie said, "Thanks S.T.A.N. I really didn't want to lie to him again. He's suspicious enough as it is."

"You're welcome Charlie. Now you better get to class unless you want to be late. You have…2:34 seconds to get there."

"Thanks S.T.A.N. Cya later." Charlie called over his shoulder.

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