So much pain… What's happening?

I was alone and it was dark, I was moving quickly and then everything became red. I saw fire everywhere and felt it everywhere too. For so long it was just pain, and then... Thirst.

Chapter 1

I knew what I had become at this point and I knew I could never go back. I was forever enveloped in darkness and cursed to go through an eternity alone. Henry came into my mind at that moment. Oh my sweet love Henry! What would I do now? It was obvious that I had to leave, but how could I leave Henry without a farewell? I couldn't torture him, or myself for that matter. I would have to say my final goodbye, it wouldn't be simple but I knew it needed to be done.

I moved swiftly, stifling sobs as I cut across the dense forest. I briefly thought about how this forest used to frighten me so, "no need for that now" I told myself; there is nothing more frightening than what I have become.

I kept my pace without a problem but I felt weary. I didn't want to move forward anymore, my destination was only a dead end. Even with my sluggishness though, I spotted Henry's cottage in no time at all. I took a deep breath and knocked.

"Isabella, where have you been? I haven't seen you at all in two weeks. I missed you love." He paused briefly and continued more quietly "should you be here at this late hour?"

I hadn't taken a breath since I walked to his door step. The moment I did my throat burned more intensely than I could have imagined. The thirst was consuming me and the burn was ripping me from inside.

I inhaled sharply only to stutter the next few words.

"Im... Well, uh lets see here..."

He cut in quickly. His voice was concerned now. "What's wrong? And your voice, it sounds very different, melodic somehow but sad. Is everything alright? Your not getting cold feet are you?"

He seemed so breakable at that moment.

"No Henry. Well yes. I can not stay here any longer, forgive me." I said quickly.

The room fell silent for a moment when the rain started pelting the roof top. It seemed like we stood motionless forever, watching the candlelight dance across the walls.

Finally he broke the silence as he took me by the wrists.

"Your freezing, step inside, take off your cloak. Lets try to figure things out."

"I have to leave, please. Forgive me Henry but I must go." I whispered.

"Then I shall follow you wherever you choose to go, I will follow the rest of my life if necessary" he cried out.

I laughed at the ruin my life had become. If only that night had never happened, I wouldn't have to fight against the need to kill Henry.

This thought only took a second and I quickly delivered my response.

"You aren't at liberty to do so. You belong here, with the church."

" No, no, I will figure it out."

"The church is your life Henry" I said as I shook my head.

He thought for a second and then said "If I must go to be with you then I will do so. If needed I'll say there was a death."

"Wasn't there?" Just as I asked this the hood of my cloak fell back and I didn't stop it. It was the only way. My black locks spilled from the fallen hood and I slowly opened my eyes. Henry stared, stunned, with emotions moving across his face more quickly than the flickers of the candles. Surprise, sorrow, fear, anger, confusion, shock, disbelief, and anger again. All of 30 seconds had passed while he looked into my crimson eyes when finally understanding dawned on him. He dropped my wrists as if they had burned his hands and stepped away just as quickly. He was repulsed by me.

"Get out you... You creature!"

"I'm sorry, I was walking home and..." my attempt of an explanation was futile. He didn't let me speak another word.

"Get out, I will not kill you and I will tell no one of what I have seen tonight but you must leave here and never return." he bowed his head and began to pray fervently.

I left before he had finished.

The truth is that I hated myself more than Henry ever could have. I would like to think that he was more frightened for me or of me than anything else. I on the other hand was horrified with the monster that I had become. I felt like I had died that night and wished I could have.