Chapter 9

My day with Jacob went by without incident. We spent most of the day sprawled out on my couch watching movies. In the afteroon Jacob went to the grocery store to stock my fridge. I let him do it with the condition that he let me cook for him.

"So what are you making?"

"Steak and potatoes. You were awfully nice to replentish my fridge. You deserve a good meal."

"You paid for it. 'Sides, I did it mostly because I was hungry." He chuckled away.

"Doesnt make it any less nice of you."

His eyes followed me watchfully as I danced around the kitchen making our meal.

"I've never met anyone like you Bella."

I turned away from him and fixed my gaze on the counter.

"Umm... Really? Why is that?" I questioned nervously. Had I gotten too comfortable? Did I let myself slip? I ran through the day trying to figure out where my mistake was.

"You're just so different. There's something about you, you carry yourself differntly, you talk different, you're just different. I'm not explaining it right, I'm sorry."

"I dont know what you mean but ok. I guess I'm just... different?" I asked tentatively.

"Yeah I guess so. I've just never met anyone like you."

"If you say so."

We ate with a little less conversation than before but before he left things had returned to normal. I guess I shouldnt have taken it the wrong way. I was different; aside from the vampire thing, I never really fit in anywhere. The thing about being around people was that after they left, the scenery changed, drastically. The room was suddenly bigger and the silence became thick and heavy, crushing me under it. You never realize how lonely you are until you arent...

I sighed the night away hoping to find something to help me pass the time. Knitting would have to suffice. I didnt have much yarn but decided to knit some mittens. The mittens were a lot smaller than I thought they would be. The only person these would ever fit was Alice, she had the smallest hands I had ever seen, besides a 10 year olds; since I didnt know anyone of that age, they would be hers. I pondered away at how I would give them to her when I dozed off.


At lunch the Cullens looked relatively harmless, aside from their staggering beauty, but I decided not the approach them. I decided to skip lunch altogether. I had forced steak and potatoes down my throat yesterday and I wouldnt do that again, especially not if I had to force a smile for my class mates while doing it. I walked along outside and decided I could skip school too, why not? The bell rang, everyone would be in class by now but I kept walking towards my truck. When I reached in my pockets for my keys I felt Alice's gloves in there. Ugh. Ok, I would go to give these to Edward. I wanted to walk in without being noticed when I saw Alice at the door of my class next to Edward.

"You said she wouldnt come!" He groweled quitley, then he felt my presence and put his hand to his eyes, frustrated.

"Mr. Cullen," Mr. Varner gestured toward his seat. "On your own time please."

Alice mouthed "sorry" to Edward from the doorway and they both turned away from me, walking in opposite directions. Rather odd.

I took my seat next to Edward trying to decipher the exchange. Nothing came to mind that would explain it. I was on good enough terms with his sister and him to ask right?

"What was all that about?" I asked quietly, casually.

"Nothing." He answered reluctanly after a long pause.

"Wow, ok." I said a little angry, talk about mood swings.

He made an angry frustrated noise and angled himself farther away from me, just as he had the first day I met him.

"Are you back to being rude? You could try to let me know." I said furious now.

"I cant explain now Bella, please understand that. Just stay away from me for a couple days ok?" The words were ice cold as they washed over me, they stung.

"How about forever?" I said, hurt and anger mixed into my words.

Had we been so quiet? No one seemed to notice the tense conversation between us and Mr. Varner was still writing on the board. I started to scoot away from him to mirror his position when he grabbed my wrist with an icy steel grasp. I looked down incredulously. His body and face were still shifted away from me but his arm lay across the table, out of place.

"Trust me," the velvet pleaded through gritted teeth.

"What? No. Now release me." I demanded. What was he doing? I started to see red, anger flowing through me and drowning me.

"Move your hand if you have any intention of keeping it." My voice came out violently.

He let go at once but I still felt the trace of his grip, burning with electricity.

"Hell hath no fury..." He whispered even more quietly than before.

"I hate you." I regretted the words as soon as they left my mouth. His silence pained me so and the anger drained from my body. I turned towards him again and moved closer.

"I didnt mean it, I'm sorr..."

"Dont be." He said, his sweet breath flooding my nostrils and when I cleared my head enough to look up, I saw he was an inch away from my face now. He looked so different and I finally placed it, his eyes. A familiar shade of gold colored them instead of the black I had grown so used to.

I know this was so short, I'm sorry to all readers but I havent had time to finish it and I didnt want any of you to forget me. I love you!!!