My same is Simon. Nope, no last name. Just Simon. I might've had a last name, but my parents died before I could find out what it was.

But that's not important to the story.

My friends and I had fought our way out of our underground homes and faced off many times against the Beastmen. Our goal being their capital and their ruler, the Spiral King.

That was a battle Bro would never live to see.

My fight with Lordgenome was intense, but in the end I managed to deal a fatal blow to him. With his dying breath, he warned us about the Moon becoming "Hell's messanger" should the land overflow with "a million apes". In retrospect, maybe I should've taken this more seriously...

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. (I know, that sounds odd coming from one of us.)

It was now seven years after we freed humanity from the Spiral King's grip. We did our best, but it proved to be difficult to integrate the Beastmen into our new society.

It didn't help that Rossiu was forcing people to the surface who didn't want to go. Worse yet, he was going behind my back to do so.

When I confronted him, he more or less calmly accused me of "knowing nothing".

At times like that, I wished Yoko had stayed with us. Somehow, when her name came to mind, sometimes a sick feeling would emerge. I couldn't shake this fear that something bad would happen involving her.

I pushed that out of my mind when I heard about a former member of Team Dai-Gurren. She had married a teammate and was about to give birth. Little did I know this, the millionth "ape," would bring such grief to our world.

Just minutes after their daughter was born, this weird-looking machine came out of nowhere and attacked Kamina City. We weren't sure what it was. Could it be a pro-Lordgenome holdout, or others trying to take power for themselves?

No matter; I got into Gurren Lagann and took on our attacker. I was able to win the fight, but not without a cost. It broke into fragments which then exploded just over the city, causing massive damage.

I was shocked - how could Gurren Lagann play a role in such a disaster, no matter how indirect?

What I saw next didn't help any. I saw a projection of a young red-haired woman in the sky. I quickly realized it was Yoko. But something seemed different about her.

"Attention, people of the Spiral," said Yoko. "We Anti-Spirals have determined that your world has attained Spiral Danger Level 2. In order to avert the Spiral Nemesis, we now active the Human Extermination System."

Hold on: Spiral Nemesis? Human Extermination!? What was going on? Then my mind settled on the second phrase, as I began to realize what was happening.

If Bro was alive right now, this would kill him.