Chapter 9

Well ive done some thinking and, yes that right its not going to be the last chapter. I really wanted this story to be 10 chapters so i did some planning and its going to work! Yay! AHA. But there is the possibility of me adding on to this story in the future so keep an eye out :D Well this chapter is in Damien's point of view and i just want to let you know that i have nothing agasint Damien and that i think he is awesome! I juat wanted to do a different side of him if that makes sense, so yeah :p happy reading!

*Damien POV*

I sat nervously on my bed waiting for Erik to turn up, oh goddess i hope he got the text. I felt completly and utterly horrible for what i had done to Zoey. I lied to her, convinced her i loved her even! Never i thought i would steep a low so steep to make a boy jelous. Well not just any boy. A beautiful boy, that so happens to be bi sexual. Well atleast that's what i assumed when one day when i walked past his room, and after hearing some quite peculiar noises I nosily pushed open his door ever so slightly to see him and a mens sport magazine, well lets just say being, 'friendly.' He saw me, and i promised to keep my word.

Ever since then, Erik has been my fixation, the one i wanted to share my life with, the one I had to have. And then a poor new girl comes along, pretty, and how much i hated Erik's eyes following her, starring at her in the cafeteria, jelously nearly killed me. So i had to kill Erik right back. Zoey thought i was gay, from the first day she met me, i mean its so obvious you can see it from the stars. Everybody knows that im completley gay, apart from Zoey. If i had the chance of fooling someone, it would be her. But, as unwilling as i was, i had to convince her that i adored her, and that she was the one i have really fallen for.

And the realisation i made was, that when Erik notices Zoey getting cozy with me, Erik notices me getting cozy with Zoey. I wanted Erik so badly, i had to keep Zoey away from him, i knew Erik liked her, so when it came to it, whenever the chance occured, whenever Erik was close i would try to make him jelous, jelous of the love he knows that he could be sharring with me. I had to do what i could to convince Zoey, from holding her hand to making out with her, and as soon as i did it i regreted it, i knew that either way if my plan worked or failed; it was going to end in heartbreak.

By doing this i put so much on the line, my reputation at the House of Night, my friendship with the twins, even Nyx surely doesnt approve of what i am doing. So much sacrifice just because of an insanly hot guy. And even that was a risk itself. But it was a risk i was willing to take. As hard as it would be for me, i had to keep it a secret. I couldnt let anybody know that i was so called 'going out with Zoey.' No one, apart from Erik. Today when he saw me kiss Zoey on the way to class, i knew i had sealed the deal. I had to make sure Erik didnt tell anybody so, i searched for his number in the twin's phones, and sent him a text clearly stating, if he told my secret i would tell his.

I wiped away sweat from my forehead, it had been 10 minutes since i had sent a message telling Erik to come to my room imediatly, or his secret is out. I got nervous thinking about the possibility that he had had enough and decided to tell everybody. But the creak of my door wiped away all my nervousness. At the very same time my phone vibrated on my bed side table. I picked it up and saw that it was Zoey calling me, i ignored her and turned off my phone. I set my focus back to the door which was now closed and had a very scarily looking half naked Erik standing in front of it.