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The blonde sped around the corner, on his skateboard, with his unruly hair he looked like a yellow blur, a yellow flash. He continued on the unfamiliar rout (he had already been lost twice) hoping he was going the right way.

The school gates were just to his right and he was about to turn into the schoolyard when he ran into something, someone coming from the other direction. The teen fell back off his skateboard and the person her ran into dropped their books a they hit the round..

"Ah sorry" The boy rubbed his head and looked at who he ran into. He saw a girl with pale lavender eyes a semi- scared expression and ether blue or purple hair, the little cartoon birdies flying around his head. He helped the girl gather her books then stood up.

"Hi I'm Naruto…Oh your already gone." The girl had sped off before he could introduce himself.

Naruto shrugged, she must've been in a hurry, so he just picked up his back pack and skateboard and made his way into school.

Naruto made his way to the office and when he opened the door he saw a black haired lady sitting at a desk.

"Uh, yo! I'm new he oh yeah it uh Uzumaki Naruto, I need my schedule and crap." Naruto said, casually plopping down in the chair in front of the lady's desk.

"Oh well normally Tsunade-sama would take care of this but she's out on…an errand (cough sake run cough) so I'll get your schedule just hang tight." The black haired lady got up to go into another room labeled "principal" but stopped before she entered she turned back to Naruto and said, "By the way I'm the Vice-Principal, Shizune." (Hehe I don't know her last name) Then she disappeared into the room.

Naruto unconsciously drummed his fingers on the Vice-Principal's desk, waiting for her return when finally she came shuffling back out with a small rectangle of paper. "Here you go."

Naruto stood up and took the piece of paper. "Ah thanks well see you I'm off to," Naruto looked down at his schedule, "Language Arts with Hatake Kakashi in room 101."

"Tour still about fifteen minutes early and if its Kakashi you can take your time." Shizune grumbled angrily.

"Oh cool, see ya!" Naruto jogged out the door into the already crowded hallway.

Naruto stumbled and turned his head to see what he had tripped over, it turned out to be nothing, while looking back he bumped into someone.

"Oh gee sorry 'bout tha-" Naruto was cut off mid sentence.

"Watch where your going, dip shit." scoffed a dunce sporting a duck ass hair cut.

"Yo, chill dude it was an accident. God what the hell's up your ass?" Naruto brushed by the guy and went on his way.

"Learn where you belong, people like me don't talk to people like you unless its giving orders or unless the other, you, is very, very lucky, dobe." Naruto turned around. And walked up to the duck ass.

Naruto tried, I mean her really tried not to but he did. Squared in the mouth. It was just great when he felt the connection with his fist and the bastards face. Even better when the man hit the floor

"I hate arrogant sons of bitchs like you. Think your so high and mighty? People like you don't even know the term "A hard days work" it sickens me." Naruto spit on the boy then left

Naruto got to his class and round a seat in the back, he sat in the middle of the was gonna sit in the last row net to a pineapple head who seemed to be napping. Naruto sat down and the sleepy kid yawned and stretched.

"Yo I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He introduced himself the kid.

"Nara Shikamaru." The boy yawned. "New here?"

"Yeah, came from…just another high."

"Nn, specific."

"Why are so many people up and around, the bell already rang?"

"Cause Kakashi-sensei doesn't believe in time, he shows up when he shows up."

"Heh doesn't believe in time eh? Funny." A small group of girls came in giggling, they wave farewell to someone on the other side of the door and walked to the back. There where three girls, a brunette with two buns, a girl with short, pink haired girl and the girl Naruto had seen earlier. The three sat him and Shikamaru. The pink haired girl and the girl from earlier sat right in front of him and Shikamaru and the brunette sat beside him.

Shikamaru yawned again, "People meet Uzumaki Naruto, Naruto meet people."

The two in front of them turned in their seats. "Hey I'm Haruno Sakura."

"I'm Tenten."

"And she's Hyuuga Hinata." Sakura gestured to the girl beside her.

"You ran off today before I could introduce myself." Naruto grinned at Hinata.

"Who says what now?" Tenten asked.

"Oh I bumped into Hinata-chan here on the way into school, err literally and then she just ran off."

"Ohh hit and run." Sakura said

"Well that's Hinata always shy." Tenten laughed.

"S-sorry about that earlier." Hinata apologized.

"No problem, it was my fault, I nearly bowled you down with my skateboard."

"Skateboarding eh?" Shikamaru joined the conversation with a yawn.

"Yeah in fact I didn't get a chance to find my locker so I have it right here." Naruto pointed to his backpack with his skateboard strapped on the back.

"So Naruto what lunch do you have?" Tenten asked

Naruto checked his schedule. "Uhhh, second lunch."

"Cool that's the best time, plus that's when the gang has lunch, we'll introduce you all to 'em"

"Hello class." Crazy hair cut dude entered. "Oh apparently there's a new kin. New kid, stand up ant tell us your name and shit…name and stuff."

"Can I wave instead of standing up, I'm good at waving."

"What ever."

"Yo I'm Naruto ano…err…every time I spell schedule my spell check option comes up 'sexual'…that's about it"

"Gee you must be a great speller then I'm Kakashi. Any way I'll write you assignment on the board." Kakashi scrawled out a sentence. It read: "Write a story" Some people got to work and others just passed notes. Naruto started his story and then a pice of paper plopped down on his desk. It was a note every one had their initials and a sentence.

T: This was our assignment yesterday

SH: This blows

SN: Your telling me, I'm actually awake this totally blows

H: Maybe he'll pick our work up this time

T: Nah

SH: Well one could always hope, I have a story I wrote once that's really god and I have it with me.

SN: Pass the note to Naruto

SH: Your closer idiot

SN: I just wanted to confirm you troublesome girls

T: Well you've confirmed so why'd you pass it to me? P.S. And what do mean "troublesome girls"

SN: I don't know, why'd you pass it to me


So Naruto assumed that it was Sakura that sent the note to Naruto. He scribbled a few things then passed it to Hinata.

After that the class went by quickly and soon enough the bell rang.

"What class do you have next?" Shikamaru asked.

"Err ," He checked his schedule once more, he really should memorize it, "Ah I got history, room 307."

"Nn I got that, so does Tenten fallow us." Shikamaru said and started walking off. Naruto and Tenten fallowed close behind.

They found Narutos locker, he put some stuff away, then they pressed on. They walked into a room, this time the teacher was already in the room talk9ing to one of the students. The three went to sit down and wait.

The kid that the Sensei was talking to sat down and the Sensei went to sit at his desk. Naruto was now able to get a clear view of his teacher and was shocked.

"IRUKA-SENSEI!!!!" Naruto waved franticly from the back of the class. He was right he really was good at waving.

The man looked up from his desk. "Naruto?" Iruka squinted to see if it was really him. Naruto ran up to the front.

"I haven't seen you since daycare, six years ago! Now I see why you moved away." Iruka used to be Narutos favorite daycare teacher until he moved, apparently to go teach. Naruto and Iruka chatted until the bell rung.

Naruto went back to his seat and noticed a few other people sitting with Shikamaru and Tenten. There was a red headed dude and a blonde girl with odd ponytail bun things…whatever.

"Hey Naruto this is Sabaku Temari and Gaara." Tenten introduced.

"Hey." Temari said.

"…" Was Gaaras friendly greeting.

"Yo." Naruto fell back into his chair.

Next was art with Orochimaru he fallowed Gaara and Hinata was in the class and also met Neji, along with the duck ass dude.

"Oh looks like the new loser found his own kind."

"Shut up Sasuke." Neji spat. Sasuke just scoffed and walked away. "You know him already?" Neji asked Naruto.

"I ran into him earlier, literally and kinda punched him in the face."

"Nice." Neji let slip a small smile Gaara gave a bit of a smirk and Hinata giggled.

"Okay classss." The teacher looked like a drag queen, had a white haired student teacher fallowing him like a lap dog and Orochimaru also seemed to, well no easy way to say this fancy Sasuke, and not in a normally teachers favorite way.

The rest of the period flew by…well it dragged by like the bird flying was shot and trying to crawl with a broken wing…

After that Naruto went to P.E. he walked with Hinata and met up with Shikamaru and a kid named Choji. Hinata split away from them to go into the girls locker room and Shikamaru and Choji went into the guys. Naruto didn't have a P.E. outfit yet so he just went into the gym.

"YOSH YOUNG NEW FACE WHERE IS YOUR UNIFORM!" Came a loud, spandex wearing man.

"Okkaaay, loud. I'm new, don't have one."


"Yosh! I will accept it with glory!" Naruto mocked, unfortunately the Sensei didn't get it.


There was also a mini Gai in the class and Sakura and Sasuke were there too

Sasuke walked up to Naruto with a goon on each side of him. "Hey dipshit what are-" Sasuke started, trying to insult Naruto and his friends but was cut short as a doge ball hit him it the back of the head. Sasuke turned his head and saw a kid with blonde hair and one with black waving at him. Sasuke flicked them off and turned back to Naruto. " I believe I owe you something." Sasuke caught Naruto off his guard and hit him in the mouth. Naruto stumbled back and when he got his footing back to fight Sasuke was trying to catch the two boys who had thrown the ball at him.

"You okay?" Choji asked

"Yeah I'm fine, who were those other guys, the ones who threw the ball?"

"Oh them? Isamu and Yari There on our side, we don't hang out much but we're all cool with 'em." Choji answered.

"They're troublesome but good to have around at times."

"Everything is troublesome for you Shikamaru." Sakura complained.

Shikamaru thought for a second. "Yes it is."

Finally class was over. "Naruto you ready for lunch?" Choji asked eating some pre-lunch chips.

"Always." They all began walking off. "Do they serve ramen?"

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