Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix.

Harry sat in his room in the Dirsley's. School had broken up two weeks ago and Harry was already wanting to go back so he could be with people who liked him. He had done the garden 20 times so far, had painted the shed every colour a new colour every day and still they found more for him to do. He picked up one of his quidige books but even that could not change his mood. Harry has caused someone to die. No he had not harmed them him self but because they took the cup with him voldemort had ordered there death,

"Kill the spare."

Harry did not know what to do. He couldn't show his face in school again? He decided to give it up for a night and went to bed.

Harry was awoken the next morning at 7 by his ant screetching,

"Up now make breakfast and don't burn it."

"Ok ."

He got dressed and went down stairs and got the pan on. He was frying eggs when his uncle came in.

"Brush your hair and bring me my coffee boy."

"Yes uncle Vernem."

Harry past his uncle his coffee and a plate whith his breakfast on and then mad up platefuls for the rest of the family and the drinks they liked. He had a small plateful and a drink of water. He could not have as much as them and not drinks that they liked.

After breakfast he went to his room. He had an hour before he would have to show his face for the work they wanted him to do. He started on the homework he had to do. He did not mind as it kept him busy. He also wrote a letter to Dumbledore asking for help. If voldemort kept coming after him he should get some training. He then went down stairs and was giving a list of stuff to do continuing out side he got the lawnmower out and began on the lawn which was already as good as it can be.

Albis Dumbledore was sitting in his office reading over some papers for the coming year when headwick came flying in through the windo he had left open to catch the summer air. Headwick landed on his desk and held out her leg offering the letter to Dumbledore. Dumbledore opened the letter and read it through then smiled and began to write a response. Headwick was told not to wait around so she took off leaving Dumbledore smiling and finishing his letter. He then walked over to Fawkes,

"Fawkes can you please take this letter to Harry? Also make sure he is well and is taken care of."

Dumbledore stroked Fawkes for a minute then returned to his desk.

Fawkes took off and with a flash of fire he was gone. Dumbledore still sat at his desk pondering what to do and who to ask for help. The order would help but he did not want to order people in to it.

He stood up and through a pinch of pouder into the fire and then steptin to the fire and he spone out of site with a flash of swerling green flames.

He arrived in the hq of the order of the Phoenix a new base of operations and some where were they could be safe and where they could strike from if they had to. He stept out of the fire straight in to the meeting room where some of the order where gathered.

"I have something to ask you all. Would you be propaired to help train harry so he will be able to defend him self? I want him trained as if he was one of our members."

"But you will not let him join the order you can't! it is too dangerous for him."

"Molly Harry has faced more than any of us except a few . He has faced that which some of our members would quake at the return of Voldemort."

"But he has faced too much!"

"That is why I want him in the order. He can handle it and we must show Harry that we trust him and care from him or he will lose trust in us to do what is right."

"Ofcourse we trust him but this is not about that. He is a child He can not understand what needs to happen."

"A child in years yes but not in any other way now he has faced that which most adults could not and learned from it. I will discuss this no longer. Alistor what do you think is harry ready?"

Moody looked at Dumbledore with his real eye while the other one was scanning every where.

"The Potter boy is more than ready after all he is done it is time to show a bit of trust in the boy. He will need training from our top members to be continued through out the year."

Dumbledores gaze swept the room.

"So are we agreed?"

Everyone nodded there heads.

"Good that is sorted. And now on to the next bit of business. I want the guard on harry increased to 3 at all hours. Voldemort can't touch him there but he will try and draw him out. I would like 1 guard to behind the house at all times, and one in the front garden. The other will be on the road. Also alistor I would like you to do a sweep of the area every day."

They all nodded again and Dumbledore rose to leave.

"I shal see you all later. We shall have another order meeting in a few days I will let you all know when."

Dumbledore entered the fire and returned to hogwawrts. He thought about the boy and he hoped that this year would not be too hard for the boy. He had already faced enough and Dumbledore would like to remove the load on his shoulders not add to it.