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Harry's birthday had finally arrived. Midnight had just past and harry was sitting in his room getting ready for bed. He would sleep after he had opened the presents from his friends. Walking to the window he looked and spotted a few owls flying in his direction. Opening the window he let the owls in and the landed on the desk holding out their legs for him to remove them He got out some water and treats for themhe began to open the packages. The first was from Hermione,

"Hi harry I am with Ron but I can't tell you where we are but happy birthday and I hope to see you soon. Don't let the muggles get you down. I hope your doing well and getting your home work done and you are studying for your owl's. See you soon Hermione."

Her present was a wand care kit. With a book of do it your self wand care charms and runes. Putting the book and the wand kit aside he reached for a small parcel.

"Hello Harry I hope your well I am sorry for what happened at the end of last year. You don't need to stay much longer at your aunts and uncles I will send someone to pick you up on the first of August. I have sent you a little gift that has come in useful for me. A p w b Dumbledore."

Harry opened the package removing something golden. Another note fell to the floor. Harry stared in shock at he had received. It was egg shaped and golden with red spirals shaped like red flames on the egg. He picked up the note and red. Fawkes has mated with another phoenix and he has chosen you to have one of the eggs. A phoenix egg he could not believe it. He could not believe it but he rushed to put his desk lamp close to the egg so some of the heat from the lamp helps the egg to stay warm. Then he turned to Ron's gift. "Hi harry hope you like this. I found it and thought you would like it. Have fun with it and don't let the muggles get you down."

Harry opened the gift to show a large book with the words do it your self broom crafting, charming, design and care.

"Great Ron thank you!"

Harry really liked it and could not wait till he could start to make a broom. He felt tired and decided to leave the other gifts till the morning. So he piled the gifts on his desk and put the lamp and the egg next to headwig so they would be warm. He let the other owls fly off and he shut the window. Climbing in to bed he thought about the gifts and thought this was one of the best birthdays. He fell asleep dreaming about phoenixes flying about singing but there was quite a few brooms and wands zooming about to.

His aunt's screech woke him.

"Up! Get up now!"

"I'm up."

He got ready for the day and put on his clothes. Going down he saw that his uncle and cousin were getting up but were not ready so he went quickly down and started breakfast.

He was putting it all on to 3 large plates when his relations came in and sat down. Two peaces of toast were kept back for him self.

"Boy you will do the garden today and wash the windows," harry's uncle said.

"Yes uncle it will be done.

He finished breakfast and went out to start the gardening. While he was working in the garden he thought about his friends. He wondered where they were at the moment as his letters from them seamed to suggest that they weren't at the burro. Harry wished again that he did not need to keep coming back here. Finishing up in the garden he put the tools away and got a ladder and began to wash the windows. He wished he could be in some shade with an ice-cream or a cool drink but he had no choice. He was then called in to make lunch as the were eating earlier as aunt petunia had to go out so he had to have lunch ready for five to twelve. He made a big pot of stew for them all to eat although he got very little of it.

As twelve o'clock came around Harry felt very strange. He felt a burning feeling growing inside him and a strange prickling on his skin. His aunt and uncle noticed something was wrong.

"Boy what are you doing now!" yelled Harry's uncle.

But just then the clock struck twelve and a glow surrounded harry. Then a spark of fire appeared above him quickly spreading so soon he was engulfed in flames. Then they were gone and in Harry's place stood a rather old bird with loose feathers. It gave a feeble gagging sound and burst in to flames landing the floor in a pile of ashes while a few hundred miles away the clinking and whirring instruments in Dumbledore's office suddenly changed what they where doing and light up and began to whistle and emit strange Smokey shapes. Albus Dumbledore lepd to his feet and drawing his wand waved it alerting the order then he went over to his Phoenix's perch

"I will need you to take me to harry."

The phoenix took off and Albis took its tail and they were gone in a flash of fire. Mean while at the head quarters of the order Dumbledore's message was arriving.

"Harry is in danger I will require your help to make sure that the area is secure and I will require help getting him back if he is badly hurt. Have Poppy ready encase."

The order sprang in to action some flewing to alert the heeler and the rest apperating away with wands drawn. Dumbledore arrived in the kitchen of number four and quickly drew his wand and began to try and track Harry but all the signs were pointing to the pile of ashes. Phawkes began to sing a song half mournful but also half cheerful. A tiny rinkcled head poked through the ashes and Phawkes changed to a happy song. Dumbledore gently brushed the ashes away to show a baby phoenix. He picked up the baby phoenix and looked it.

"Just like a burning day! But it is Harry all the same and this will need looking in to. Yet there is no doubt that he has been gifted by the phoenix."

He sent out a message for Moody to collect all of harry's things and for the order to return to number 12.

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