Hello! Okay, so I got yet another story idea that I just had to get up here. Now, for those of you who have ever seen the movies or read the book " Carrie" ( Stephen King rocks by the way.) Then yall might have a pretty good idea of where all this is going. But I plan on making this story a little different and throwing some twists and turns in along the way so hopefully I might still surprise ya! Disclaimer: I do not own Carrie or Yu-Gi-Oh!


This had to be one of the oddest cases Detective Tristan Taylor had ever taken. 409 people killed in one night-with 49 of them still missing, and not one person who had witnessed it knew why? To him the whole scenario seemed like a cheap teen horror flick brought to life, but the death toll and damages were very real. Domino high school. Senior prom night. Kicks off with a bang and everybody's having a good time, striving to make the night one to remember. Three hours later the whole school is up in flames and everyone whom attended the even is dead, save for 13 individuals.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the school's gym teacher 12 students were able to escape. All 13 of them had been questioned, of course. But all anyone could decipher from the kid's near-traumatized babble and the gym teacher's own account only gave them scant information about what had taken place. The only solid clues he gained to that night were mentions of a prank gone wrong and frequent talk of one person: Yugi Mutou. Looking through all the coroner's reports Detective Taylor found no mention of the boy, so he had to be alive, right? Not so fast. As it turned out Mutou was in fact on the missing persons report, which was just a file with a " Case appropriate" title. What it should really say was: " Oh, fuck. 49 of the bodies are so burnt up, we don't know who's ashes are who's. Sorry! We'll let you know once we figure it out."

Sure, the title was longer, but it was oh so fitting. ' Ha, missing. What? Did the other " Surviving" kids decide to run off or something?' It was cruel to give the families false hope like this. The families of the kids who couldn't go to prom or the few who just didn't want to go should consider themselves lucky. Yes, they too had been tracked down for questioning-standard stuff: " When did you last see so-and-so alive? Was there anything odd about the day of senior prom? Why didn't you go?"

No one had noticed anything that might hint at something going wrong. No one had any suspicions either. Everyone they talked to said pretty much the same thing: The oddest thing about prom was the fact that Yugi Mutou was going. With a boy…named Yami Asano-who was apparently the most popular boy in school-whom was supposed to be dating a girl named Anzu Mazaki at the time. She was one of the kids who didn't go to prom…interesting. Why would she let this boy date her boyfriend for prom night and not go herself? Was she a friend of his? Did she have anything to do with the prank? Just how involved was she at prom night?

Well today Detective Tristan Taylor was about to find out for himself. Right now he was sitting in the prescinct's interrogation room, which consisted of bland white walls, a single large mirror adorning one of the walls ( Which was in reality a window so his superiors might monitor the conversations held in the room), and a metal table with matching metal chairs with worn leather cushions. And on one side of the table sat the detective, and on the other side was none other than Miss Mazaki herself while his deputy set up the digital recording camera that would capture everything that was said. Maybe she could tell him why this Yugi was so special. " Comfy?" He asked, watching her shift her weight in her chair. Tristan studied her very closely, mentally noting her description in his head. Anzu Mazaki was a beautiful girl with soulful blue eyes, pouty lips and pale skin. Light brown hair framed her heart shaped face and fell to just below her chin.

She shrugged her dainty shoulders at his question as she rested her arms on the table. She looked thin……not in an unhealthy way, more lithe. Did she play a sport? " I'm fine, I guess."

" Really?" He didn't bother hiding the skepticism in his voice as she shifted again in a nervous manner.

" I mean-as comfy as anyone might be in here. It's an interrogation room: Kinda intimidating isn't it?" Detective Taylor smiled calmly at her. Girl had a point.

" That's true." He admitted. From his left the deputy cleared his throat.

" We're ready, sir." He nodded and waved his hand, signaling for the other cop to start recording. He turned his attention back to Anzu and leaned forward.

" But all we need from you is just to answer any of our questions as best as you can." Anzu nodded her head firmly and took a deep breath.

" What do you wanna know?"

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