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" When was the last time you saw Yugi Mutou alive?" He was standing by the camera man the tape whirring louldy in the quiet room. Anzu sighed, a bit impatiently, then leaned back.

" At school...before the prom."

" You told sherrif Doyle you saw Yugi after the prom, right before the Critter King blew." She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head to dispel the quiet tension in herself.

" It was dark. I...saw a boy in a tux."

" You said you saw Yugi Mutou." He pressed. She met his eyes with calmness and a stare like iron.

" I was wrong." Her voice held conviction. It was steady and sure. She huffed and lifted her chin. " It doesen't matter anyways now. Yugi's dead." Tristian chewed on the inside of his cheek as he thought over everything he had learned, some things the department wouldn't even keep in the case file archives. He walked back around the table and sat down thinking hard. He wasn't sure. Something about this whole thing was off. The prom goes awry due to a bloodbath ( Literally ) then the whole place goes to hell and according to Rebecca Hawkins and the other eleven students who got out, was attacked by poltergeists. And the boy disappears after that, no body in the school ( As far as they know considering the DNA they were still trying to sift from the ashes) and no account of him ever making it home.

The home which was not more than a black spot on a patch of browned grass. " It matters because we still haven't fully figured out what happened on prom night. It also matters because we still haven't found Yugi Mutou's body." She didn't even blink. They stared eachother down from across that metal table, both in the same position: Arms crossed leaning back in the chair. Tristian raised a hand and tappd his chin thoughtfully. So they had reached the time Yugi Mutou could have died. Anzu Mazaki had proven to be a wellspring of information regarding Yugi, yet now she had nothing. With what he'd learned from her and the other witnesses, then the information he had found on Yugi himself ( The telekeneisis factor) the case could be closed now. But something wasn't quite adding up in his mind. With such power he held how could he have NOT survived? Anzu said she believed he was dead. It might have been believable had her demeanor been more...concerned? Afraid? Something other than this calm she exuded. " I just can't figure you out." He confessed.

Anzu shrugged her shoulders and smirked his way. " I'm an enigma." He chuckled-couldn't help it-at her smart remark and lowered his hand.

" No, that's not it." The detective stood from his seat and circled the table until he was at her side. He leaned casually against the side of the desk and supported himself with his hands on the ledge. Anzu stared stubbornly up at him. " You have just been though what may be the most tragic thing in your life yet you seem...calmer than most. I would have expected you to be more...upset." Anzu gave an aggravated groan then unfolded her arms and held out her hands palm-up.

" Come on. It's been almost two weeks! They've had all the I supposed to be sad forever?"

" No." He ammended. " But you have shown incredible strength and focus during this terrible ordeal. Which means two things: Either you're used to handling bad situations, or you've got something else on your mind." Her face was blank. That was it-right there! So then: What was she so focused on? He had no doubt from the way she spoke of him that Yugi was foremost in her mind. But why?

Hospitals were always so scary to her. The building was too sterile, the smell of cleaning fluids so dominant. Evidence of the mess they cleaned away due to the hospital's previous patients. It was strong, so only a mess producing a strong smell would have done that. Blood? She didn't want to dwell on that. Room 420. Anzu knocked lightly on the door and turned the knob. " Hello?" She pushed open the door and stepped though, shutting it on the way. Yami smiled sofly at her and sat up from his bed. She had not seen him in four days. Not since the day of the prom. He had been found just outside of the school and taken to the hospital instantly along with the other students whom had escaped.

" Hey you."

" Hey." She crossed the room and sat down slowly on the edge of the bed. " The nurse called me and told me you were up now. How are you feeling?"

" I could be worse. I only suffered a concussion and smoke inhalation but other than that, I'm good." The smile was gone now and his face was serious. " Anzu. What happened to Yugi?"

" He's safe. I-" She turned her head to the door. No one was there but the window on the wall next to the door was exposed with the blinds drawn up. This was so the doctors and nurses could better monitor his system. She could see her mom talking to Yami's mom as his dad hung by to the side. " I can't tell you everything. You'll have to ask Yugi when you get out. But I promise you: He's safe." Yami didn't look happy. She knew he didn't like secrets all that much. Still he nodded his head in understanding and adjusted his body so he could sit up better. He rested one arm on bent knee and looked in to her eyes with the seriousness of an old man.

" Anzu...I love you. You know I love you." He said, taking one of her small hands in to his stronger ones. Did it have to be now? Anzu knew things had changed between them since Yugi had entered their lives. She knew what had happened between Yami and Yugi, and what was going to happen to her. But she had hoped she might have a little more time with him. She felt her chest tighten as the tears began building up in her eyes. Whether it was the smell of the room or her own feelings Anzu wasn't sure. But now she was beginning to feel sick as the knot in her stomach tightened. She tried to smile the sadness away but the tears ended up falling down her cheeks anyway.

" But you're not in love with me. I'm not the one you need now." Yami's face tensed as his own eyes began to shine with his own feelings.

" Please don't cry, Anzu. I never wanted to hurt you." His voice was almost hoarse with the strain and he gripped her hand tighter.

" It's okay." She was still smliling, for him, but the tears continued to fall as her voice broke with sadness. It hurt. " I know you didn't expect this. I didn't either." She sniffled and stroked his bangs from his eyes. " And I'm not going to sugar coat this for you because you don't deserve hurts like hell. Bastard." She laughed. Yami laughed softly with her as a tear escaped his eyes. " But I want you to know I love you too, and that won't change. Maybe we weren't supposed to last, you know? Maybe...maybe I was only supposed to be with you until you found Yugi. I want you to be happy Yami. I want you to be so, so happy. And because Yugi can give that to you...I am grateful to him." Yami leaned forward and hugged her tightly. She returned the embrace and held him just as tight.

They stayed like this for awhile, each one comforting the other. After a few minutes they broke apart and Yami wiped her tears with his hands. She managed a smile, a genuine smile and he returned this with his own. " So...are you granting me your blessing then? Giving me away?"

" Yeah. I guess I am."

" Have you eva' seen somethi'n dat can't be explained? I ain't talkin' 'bout a strange light in da sky, or seei'n Jesus's face on a tortilla. I'm talkin' 'bout somethi'n dat ain't supposed ta happen. Like in reality."

" You mean like a miracle?" Asked Detective Taylor. Joey looked down at his hands as he thought over his words, trying to choose them carefully. How was he even supposed to begint o explain what he saw that night? What he felt that night? Joey shook his head and frowned in thought.

" Somethi'n else." The room was quiet. Through the LCD monitor the cop fliming zoomed the camera's focus to the former gym teacher's face. It was drawn and reserved. For all the world he looked like a defeated man. Not broken-he seemed too strong for that. But something in him wasn't as it should be. " Did you guys eva' think dat da reason...why no one can explain to ya what happened at prom because...? What happened at da prom wasn't natural." He concluded. How to explain better? Oh, he had one. Joey leaned forward and rested his arms on the desk as he stared up at the detective. " Two weeks ago, I saw a steel desk move across da floor without anyone touchi'n it. Five inches. I measured. Yugi Mutou was in da room when it happened." Tristain's face was blank. No one could guess what he might be thinkling. But it was sounding to the dectective more and more that the theories he had concocted were not far off the mark. Not in the least.

" 400 people died and you're trying to sell me on some ' Weekly World News' headline?" He asked quietly, his voice just above a whisper. Joey's face hardened and his hands balled in to fists as the pain flooded his heart again. It was a seemingly unstoppable floodgate to him, that could be staved off for a while but always managed to come back.

" You don't need ta tell me how many kids died." His voice was shaking. " Half a dose kids I saw every day." His fists were shaking. One young man was foremost in his mind. One he had spoken to, argued with, kissed...held...touched...loved. Tristian felt like an ass. It was clear this was a teacher who actually cared about the people he taught. A rare quality found only in the best of people. Tristian sighed heavily and bowed his head briefly to the man in his interrigation room.

" I am truly sorry for your loss, Mr. Wheeler. Believe me I am. But that can't change the facts." He said softly. " Someone is still unaccounted for. This boy is one of 49 missing persons. But the problem is we have only recovered 48 bodies." Detective Taylor grabbed a chair and spun it around so the front was facing him. He straddled the seat and rested his arms on the back of the chair. " Now what are you implying Mr. Wheeler?"

" I'm not implyi'n anythi'n. I'm just telli'n you guys what I know."

" What did you see on prom night?" Joey knocked one fist on the metal. It made an interesting sound. Loud. He sat back in the chair and crossed his arms. His amber eyes bored in to the chestnut brown the detective percieved him with.

" I was hangi'n from da vent, prayin' ta God while tryi'n not ta get electrocuted. I didn't see anythi'n." The room was silent again. That was enough for today. Tristian nodded to the cop and he turned the camera off. Together they stood up and shook hands.

" Thank you for your time, Mr. Wheeler. And I'm sorry again." The blonde man only nodded to him. The trio left the interrogation room each one heading somewhere different. Joey walked down the stairs and though the checkpoint to the lobby. Sitting on the wiating room chairs were tow people: A pretty young girl with auburn hair and amber eyes just like her brother's. The other was a small boy with shaggy black hair and grey eyes. Serenity Wheeler jumped up from her seat and ran to her brother, who enveloped her in a tight hug as soon as they touched.

" How did it go? Okay?" She adked quietly. Joey took in a deep breath then let it all out in a heavy gust.

" As okay as it could'a gone." Joey held out an arm and the boy stood up from his chair and ran in to Joey's arms. As CEO of his own multi-million dollar company Seto Kaiba had always been followed by the public eye and the press. He never wanted his little brother to be exposed to the stress and media attention that was focused so sharply on himself, so in regards to his private life he kept those secrets well hidden. So outside of the Kaiba clan and extended family, it was not such a well-kown fact that Seto Kaiba ever had a brother. Joey was surprised when a lawyer turned up at his door with the boy two days after the fire. Seto's remains had been found and identified. One of the few bodies not burned to the bone, which gave him a small sense of relief. According to Seto's will he had named Joey Wheeler as Mokuba's guardian. Along with this boy came over half of the Kaiba inheritance-which some of course had gone to Yami's parents, and the Kaiba mansion.

Joey had severe reservations about moving in to the Kaiba home at first. He had just lost the man he loved. To be surrounded by him was too painful a thought to bear. Mokuba had to almost beg Joey to move in with him. " It's all I have of Big Brother! I don't want it to go away!" He sobbed. Joey instantly felt guilty. Maybe it was too much for him, but how must this little boy feel knowing that a home and an inheritance was all he had left of the one who loved him most? Joey had relented and together with his sister the trio made themselves a home there. Although there was enough money so Joey would pretty much never have to work again he was still looking for a new job.

" Don't wanna spoil myself." Was his explanation to the younger ones. In reality he felt by using the money to make his life more comfortable he would be using Seto in some way. Joey held too much love and too much respect for the former CEO to ever stoop that low. Things between Mokuba and himself had been somewhat awkward at first, but they became fast friends and Mokuba was rarely seen without Serenity or Joey. The boy held Joey's hand tightly now as the small family walked out of the police building to meet the sunshine outside.

Tristian walked down the hall and rounded the corner. His office door was waiting there for him. The room was dark when he entered it. A flick of the switch lit the place up with a substancial ammount of light. Too bright. He flicked the switch off and walked to his desk, feeling his way there in the semi-darkness. Tristian found the metal chian chord to his lamp and gave it a tug. The light was dim but warm, not irresponsibly bright like before. He sat down at the desk and folded his hands. A well deserved heavy sigh blew though his lips. What the fuck was he supposed to do now? To him the case was clear: Yugi Mutou had telekeneisis, and his abilities were raw and powerful. But his expirience was limited, his control weak. On the night of prom after he had been doused with blood-which he was terrified of, his mind went in to shock and forced in to autopilot. He was faced with the all too common fight or flight dillema. He chose to fight and ended up killing nearly everyone he met.

He suspected after he made it home an altercation ensued between Yugi's father and himself. Kengo Mutou seemed, according to Sada Annaden's account, to know of his son's capapbilities. For a religious man like him it would be conidered devilish. What could have gone though his mind as he looked at his son covered in blood? It was likely no one would know exactly what went down but he was very sure Yugi was the one who killed Kengo, and burned down their home. After that it was anyone's guess. His head was pounding. He wanted aspirin and food right then and there. The man opened the third drawer down and dug out the tape recorder again. It was too late and he was too tired to write everything down now. So he would have to record the basics now before he forgot, then fix it up and draw it out in to a suitable report in the morning. Tristian pressed the ' on' switch and held the recorder up so his voice would be more clear.

" This is Detective Tristian Taylor reporting for case file #4722-348 Investigation in to the disappearance of Yugi Hikari Mutou, today's date: June 9th, 2009." He paused here. What the hell was he supposed to say? He was faced with quite the dillema: Let's say he exposed Yugi's talents. Scenario 1, the most likely, would be his fellow officers giving him crap and accusing him of being drunk when he finished this report. Even witht he scientific evidence he could present no one would pay any attention to it. His credibility might be put on a line-not necessarily a thin one but it would be questioned. He could be putting himself at risk. Scenario 2, the unlikely yet still possible: What if someone took notice of this and persued it like he had? What if someone actually listened to him? On that chance it would ultimately come to popular conclusion that Yugi was alive and every cop in the country might be after him. Not to mention those in the scientific community.

What would happen to Yugi then? Nothing good he was sure. There was nothing for it. That boy had been though enough. It was a case of morality to Tristian, and no matter what Yugi had done the simplest facts couldn't be ignored. He didn't know what he was doing, and more still...Yugi Mutou was just a boy. " In accordance with the crime scene reports and the testimonies of Anzu Mazaki, Miho Tadao, Rex Raptor and Joseph Wheeler I have come to the conclusion that the body's location is still unknown as of today, and seeing as the school grounds have been excavated and no other traces of the missing have turned up I will issue warrants to search all other town accident areas in association with the night of the town fire." He left Sada's account out on purpose. There was no need for it since Yugi was dead. And on that night several homes and even the children's park had been prey to the fires Yugi had manipulated that night. Should keep the department nice and busy.

The cemetery could have two effects to the mind: Peaceful or creepy. At night it would be considered creepy to anyone. The two standing before a lone set of headstones only felt this visit as an obligation. Anzu held a beautiful boquet of daisies in her hand. The boy next to her held just as beautiful an assortment, but these were sunflowers. They had been Father's favorites-a fact Yugi felt was necessary for this trip as unwelcome as it was. His hair had changed. Now brilliant gold locks fell just to his chin, the lightning bolt bangs blending well with his hair. Though it was simple the disguise drastically changed his look and it was good. No one would recognize him as the missing boy from Chamberlin street. The pair of gravestones they had come to visit were a good distance away from the others in an almost seculded place behind a great elm tree. The night air was cool and refreshing with the promise of summer tangible in the air. The wind gently fingered their hair as each one finished thir own silent prayer to the dead. Anzu looked to Yugi. His face was blank, but she could see the sadness and guilt behind his eyes.

She put a comforting hand on his shoulder and rubbed gently. " It wasn't your fault." Yugi blinked and looked at her disbelievingly. " It wasn't all your fault." They both looked back to the gravestones and she sighed softly. " We shouldn't be here. Everyone thinking you're dead is kind of contingent on no one seeing you alive." She smiled as she said the last part. Especially considering whose grave she was in front of.

" What's going to happen to me now?" He wondered aloud.

" You're staying with Yami now. I heard his parents talking to mine earlier. They want him to go to some private school in Florida. He has relatives there, so he won't be alone. He's eighteen now and he decided to rent out an apartment. For two." She stole a glance to the side and could swear she saw a blush in the darkness. She took pity on the boy and carried on with the conversation. " You have the stuff I gave you, right?"

" Yeah. In my bag." After that night when Anzu had stolen him away from the burned reamains of the house he hated so much, she had taken it upon herself to forge him a new identity complete with a birth certificate, social security card and a state ID. The feat was admirable-especially considering she had them all ready for Yugi in less than four days. " How did you do this?" Was his shocked answer when asked if he liked his new image. On the documents she had made for him Yugi Mutou's name was now Akira Hazama. To his shocked inquiry she had only smirked and said: " I know some people." And they had left it at that. Yugi/Akira had been staying in Anzu's basement until now when things had slowed down some for the neighborhood.

" It's a good place to start over. So far away from one knows you there." Yugi nodded absent-mindedly and bent down on his knees to the earth. Anzu followed suit and together they lay their flowers on the graves. The headstone was made of simple stone, square and topped with a cross which Father would have approved of. On the stone were two metal plaques. On the left it read: Yugi Mutou. 1992-2009. Anzu lay her daisies down here. Yugi stared solemnly at the other name before almost reverently lying the sunflowers down. Kengo Mutou. 1969-2009. ' Goodbye, Father.' Together they stood up and left the cemetery heading for Anzu's car. Yugi slid in to the passanger's seat and buckled the seatbelt as he was constantly told to do. He looked to where Anzu was sitting...but she wasn't there. Vivian Wong was at the wheel wearing Anzu's clothes. Yugi's breath caught in his lungs as She turned to Yugi...smiled...then jerked her arm forward and grabbed him by his jacket.

Yugi gasped and jumped up from his resting place breathing heavily. He blinked furiously to focus his vison. Anzu was at the driver's seat watching him with concern though the review mirror. Yami had a comforting hand on his back and his eyes watched him with protective care. " Yugi? Are you alright?" Yugi nodded and rubbed at his eyes hard with his hand. ' It was just a dream. Nothing but a dream.'

" Do you need me to pull over?" Anzu asked. Yugi cleared his thoat and shook his head again.

" No. It was just a nightmare. That's all." Yami stroked his hair gently and leaned down to kiss his head.

" We're almost there. Get some more rest." Yugi wasn't tired in the least but he obeyed this request and lie his head back down on Yami's lap. It felt good resting there, with Yami stroking his hair. A sudden thought occured to Yugi and he sat back up again.

" Hang on." He sat up fully, then reached up and practically tore the blonde wig from his head. His spiky hair resurfaced and Yugi ran his hands though his scalp. Better. He set the wig down on the floor and resumed his former position on Yami. This was how they stayed for the next half hour before Anzu pulled her car up to the apartment complex parking lot. The dashboard clock read 2:03 am. Yami and Anzu had alternated during the long drive taking turns to rest. As a result everyone's sleeping schedules had been altered and right now no one was tired. They exited he car and gathered the bags from the trunk of the car. With nothing left to do they stood facing eachother at the entrance to the building. " Thanks Anzu. For everything." She smiled at him, and they took eachother in an embrace saying the things they couldn't say without words. When they parted she turned to Yami next.

It was safe to say there was nothing more to do or say really between them. He offered her a kind smile and she returned the guesture with a kiss on his cheek. Platonic goodbye. " I have to get going. Gotta freshen up for tuesday."

" What happens tuesday?" Yugi didn't know she had another task waiting for her.

" I have to go down to the prescinct to talk to some cop. No worries." She hugged him one more time then got back in the car. " Take care you guys." She started the engine, pulled out of the lot and disappeared in to the night leaving only the sound of cicadas behind her. Yugi and Yami collected their bags in silence and made the trip up to their new apartment. Inside most of the furniture had been assorted and cleaned already with some boxes littering the dining room table and some stacked against the wall. Stretching across the west wall was a black leather couch that probably cost as much as Yugi's old house had. Over the back of the couch was a black and gold velvet blanket probably meant for decortive purposes. It was here Yami chose to toss his bags and collapse on the couch. Yugi stood by the door, his fingers fidgeting with the hem of his jacket. This was the metaphorical crossroad in their relationship. To stay and be happy with him forever, or to let him go and keep Yami safe fron him. He had yet to tell Yami anything about his powers. But from what small memory he had of prom night he was fairly sure Yami knew, or at least had some idea. So what in the world was Yami thinking letting him stay with him? To keep him from hurting anyone else? Because that would be understandable...

" Why aren't you moving, Yugi?" Yami had been watching him for the couple of minutes that Yugi had silently debated with himself.

" I'm wondering where I belong."

" The spare bedroom is all ready for you."

" No, I mean...what if I left?" Yami sat up from the couch and frowned.

" Yugi, what are you talking about?" Yugi continued to fidget and bit his lip wondering how to form the words so clear in his mind. Saying them seemed much harder.

" You know about what I can do." It wasn't a question. Yami nodded his head slowly and sighed through his nose. " I don't understand why you want me here with you. After everything I've done to-" His voice broke off as his chest constricted and his eyes misted over with unshead tears. He closed his eyes tightly and turned around. He had to get out of there. He didn't belong there. Yugi reached for the door and turned the knob yanking it open. Suddenly a hand reached forward and slammed the door closed. The other was wrapped around Yugi's waist, his back pressed against something strong but warm. Yugi wanted nothing more to just turn in to Yami's arms and hold him tight. But he didn't belong with him. He was too dangerous. A freak. His own hands pressed hard against the door as a brace for his body and mind.

" Do you want to leave?" A strangled sob escaped his thoat and the tears spilled free from Yugi's face.

" No."

" Then why are you doing this?" Yugi's breath shuddered in his thoat. The hand that had been on the door came away and also coiled around him, around his chest to latch on to his shoulder. He was pressed firmly against Yami now. It was such a wonderful feeling. All the more hurtful because he knew it couldn't last. His hands curled inward so that they were now clawlike as his nails dug in to the wood.

" Because I'm dangerous!" He cried. " If I get too upset, or mad at you for whatever reason I could hurt you! I don't want to hurt you, Yami. I just..." Slowly Yami leaned down and gently kissed Yugi on the neck. He gasped softly as his sobs strained his throat. His lips trailed along his neck seeming to know just which places to go that would give him pleasure. " Why are you doing this, Yami?" Yugi's voice was weary now heavy with his sadness and confusion as Yami kissed him more passionately, locking his lips to his neck as he sucked on the pulse point. Yugi was helpless to fight against the moan that escaped his lips.

" Because I love you, Yugi." He murmured against his skin, his breath tickling him. " I love you and I don't want you to leave." Yugi's hands relaxed and Yami gently turned him around. He reached up and tilted Yugi's upward and their eyes met. " I don't know everything about what you can do, nor do I know how. But that will come in time, when you are ready to tell me. Right now all I know is that I care very deeply for you and I want to be with you...if you'll have me." Yugi sniffled and wiped his eyes with trembling hands.

" Yami I love you too. But I'm scared. Of me, of this, everything that I've done. I know I killed all of those people and caused so much suffering, and I don't even remember it. I'm afraid of what my powers will do next-especially to you if something else bad happens." Yugi wrapped his arms tightly around Yami's waist and buried his face in to his shoulder. " I just don't want to hurt anyone anymore." Yami returned the embrace tightly, then pulled away. Resting a hand on Yugi's face he leaned down and kissed him on the lips. His lips tasted sweet, his tears making them salty as well. He felt the younger tense for a moment. Then Yugi relaxed in the kiss and responded by kissing him back. Yami tasted so intoxicating. Like wine, chocolate and spice.

Yami nipped Yugi's lower lip lightly then gently caressed the skin with his toungue. Yugi understood and parted his lips so Yami's toungue could slide in to his mouth. Yugi forced his own past Yami's lips and a small struggle for control ensued. Neither one relented, only tasting echother each one feeling as if they could get drunk from the other. When their lungs ran out of air they parted panting as the oxegen returned to their bodies. " are not alone. I am here, and I want you to stay with me. Whatever happens we will face it together." Yugi had only ever dreamed Yami would say such words to him full of the love and hope he promised. Yugi fisted Yami's jacket and his eyes became hard with determination and passion.

" Promise?"

" I promise." Nothing more needed to be said then. Yugi's lips crashed with Yami's again and he pushed his body hard against Yami. The older boy grunted in response then backed Yugi up against the door where he pinned him firmly. Yugi gasped in the kiss, then as an act of retaliation he rolled his hips in to Yami's own making him moan. It seemed a natural thing. Though Yugi's expirience with sensuality and sex in general was very limited his body seemed to know what to do. Yami reached down trailing his hands down his face, his neck then further down to feel his chest. His hand paused there long enough to feel Yugi's hammering heartbeat then traveled his hand further down to rest on his hips. He gripped his hip tightly and then caught his leg and lifted it up, hitching it around his waist pulling them even closer together. He ground his hips in to Yugi's making them both cry out as the pleasure shocked it's way through their bodies. Yami picked Yugi up, Yugi's legs wrapping around his waist and together they made their way to the couch. Yami gently lay Yugi down on the leather and crawled over him. Yugi's hands went to work as he reached up and began unbuttoning the black dress shirt Yami was wearing.

Unknown to Yami at the same time Yugi almost timidly called out to his powers and the buckle of Yami's pants came undone by themselves. Then his pants were slowly unbuttoned and unzipped in the same manner. Yami pushed Yugi's jacket off of his shoulders then they broke the kiss off long enough for Yami to remove Yugi's shirt and pants. Afterward Yugi worked on Yami's clothing and before long they were both completely bare to eachother. Each boy could only stare at the other, Yugi's eyes taking in the seemingly perfect contours of Yami's body. His abs were sensuously sculpted and washboard flat, his strong arms and legs surrounding him all encased in silky warm skin. Nervously he looked in his eyes and saw nothing but love, lust and need as Yami's eyes roamed over Yugi's body. Yugi's frame was smaller than his, but he did have some developing muscle to him. His slim body and soft skin were tantalizing to see and would be even more enjoyable to touch, he knew.

Yami leaned down and caught Yugi's lips with his own again, this time their kiss was more fierce and passionate as the heat and lust traveled though their bodies. Yami moved his lips from Yugi's then and trailed his kisses along Yugi's jaw, then further down to his neck pausing long enough to find that spot that had made the younger boy cry out in pleasure before. Yugi moaned as Yami nipped and kissed his neck sensuously. Then he moved further down...lower...there. Yugi gasped and arched in pleasure as Yami's mouth surrounded his nipple and began to suck at the skin. Yugi ran his fingers though Yami's hair as he continued pleasuring him. Once that one was nice and hard he moved over to the next one giving it just as much attention. Once both nipples had been taken care of Yami kissed and nipped his way further down and almost tauntingly bypassed Yugi's manhood and began kissing and sucking on the inside of Yugi's thigh.

He squirmed under his lips wanting to feel more. A sudden idea came to him then that made the color rise in his cheeks. He had read many books before, some admitadly romace novels with detailed sex scenes. The particular move he wanted to try was something he'd happened upon in one such book. The act seemed so vulgar to him then, but now...he wanted Yami to be the one wanting to recieve pleasure. He put both hands on Yami's face and slowly guided him back to his lips where they kissed again. Gently Yugi pushed him down in to the couch and before Yami had time to think he lowered himself down and took Yami in to his mouth. Yami's cry of pleasure echoed though the apartment and he tried to buck his hips in to Yugi. He was very surprised to find he couldn't. In fact Yami was completely pinned down with his arms above his head and his legs spread apart. Yugi's hands softly caressed his legs as he slowly sucked on Yami's member, his powers aiding him in holding Yami down. He took his time, slowly dragging his tongue around the organ as he pleasured the man beneath him.

Yami felt like he was being tourtured. But it was such a sweet kind of pain that he didn't want it to stop. But he didn't want to come-not yet. So he remained still and tried his hardest to stave off the need to release. Yugi felt confident now that Yami wouldn't move now, so he released the mental hold he had on him. Big mistake. Yami felt it when the invsible chains binding him were taken away. It was a subtle pressure on his body where Yugi's hands were not that were taken away. That was what let him know it was okay to act now. He took Yugi by the shoulders and carefully pushed him off, the younger boy watching him with confusion. He rolled over so now Yugi was the one on the bottom. With his manhood nice and wet now it was a good a time as any to take the next step. He nudged a knee between his legs and Yugi willingly parted allowing Yami to position himself right in front of Yugi's entrance. They didn't say anything, or ask if the other was ready for this. It was a mutual this was what was meant to happen at that moment and with one look in to eachother's eyes it was decided.

They never broke eye contact as Yami slowly nudged his way through the ring of muscle and in to Yugi's hot, moist cavern. The action made Yugi grit his teeth as the motions brought a small stinging pain to his body. But with time that eased. Once Yami was fully sheathed inside of him he willed himself to stay still despite his need to pound in to him senselessly. But he didn't want to hurt Yugi. They would do this his way and when Yugi was ready then so was he. The alien feeling of Yami inside of him was both pleasurable and strange. After a moment Yugi rolled his hips, telling Yami he was ready. Yami groaned softly in pleasure then slowly pulled out, then pushed himself back in. They took their time with eachother. Soon the pace was not enough and Yugi bucked his hips upward showing he wanted more from Yami. The older boy was more than happy to comply and he began thrusting against his lover just a little harder.

Yugi cried out as his body was enveloped in ecstasy as Yami's movements gradually became harder and faster than before until he was nearly ramming himself in and out of the younger with everything he had. Their release was coming. Yugi thrust his hips against Yami's own their pace evenly matched, the intensity raw. Yugi suddenly reached up and guided Yami's lips down to his and they kissed eachother fircely as Yugi came. His cry of pleasure was muffled by Yami's lips and his seed was spilled all over their stomachs. Feeling Yugi's release and the walls of his cavern constricting around him was enough to send Yami over the edge. With just a few more thusts he came himself filling Yugi with his essence. He rode out the wave of his orgasam relentlessly pounding in to the boy beneath him, which was enough to make them come all over again. He collapsed on top of him both boys panting heavily. Slowly Yami pulled out and gathered the shaking boy in his arms.

" Are you alright?" He held Yugi tightly to himself as the boys took deep breaths to calm their rapidly beating hearts.

" Y-Yes. Are you?" Yami nodded and then leaned forward to kiss his damp brow.

" You're shaking." His voice was a whisper now, soft as the hands caressing Yugi's back in soothing motions.

" I'll be okay, really." Yugi nuzzled his face in to Yami's neck kissing his skin softly. He reached up and touched his fingers to the stong, warm skin of his chest feeling Yami's heart beating in time with his own. Again Yugi called to his powers and the blanket which had been draped over the back of the couch unfolded itself, then lay over the couple. The all of the lights in the apartment were turned off by themselves. " That is a very useful trick." Yami admitted tiredly. Yugi smiled and laughed quietly in the darkness before settling down to sleep in his arms. This is how the night stars would see them and the morning find them. Together.

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