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Blood Mate


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Summary: Three years after their mating Yugi is kidnapped while being pregnant with Atemu's child. What will happen if Yugi gives birth while he is with his kidnapper and what happens when they get him back home?


Chapter 1


It had been three years after the mating between Atemu and Yugi and the threat from Pegasus. Both had been living and as any couple had a few fights. Bakura and Ryou, Marik and Malik still lived at the castle even though Atemu had offered for them to rule over another city. Atemu, Bakura and Marik had disbanded their harem and got rid of most of their blood servants. Their mates still requested that they at least still drink from them seeing they liked it and they knew their mates did as well.

Things had changed through the three years for the human community. Any harem or blood servants for Atemu, Bakura and Marik were given other jobs in the castle and also given a choice of if they still wanted to live at their home in the community or in the castle. Many choose to stay at home with their family till they were old enough and got use to everything than they either found their own place or lived at the castle. The gates around the human communities around the world were removed and vampires were now allowed to take humans as mates.

After the first two years Yugi was then told that he may get pregnant from now on. Yugi was a bit shocked at first but didn't mind. Within the first couple of months Yugi was pregnant. He'd woken and felt sick and stayed in bed. Atemu had been gone that morning when he woke. It happened for another five days and on the seventh Yugi went and saw Isis and she told him he was pregnant. That night in bed Yugi told Atemu he was pregnant and the new rules he was given. Atemu was more than happy about the fact that Yugi was pregnant but not about a certain rule. The fact that Yugi couldn't have sex for a month or two was annoying to him.

~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~ Present Day ~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~

Yugi was lying in bed. Atemu had been in meetings all morning and was coming back to have lunch in their chambers. Yugi had been reading all morning and was slowly getting bored. Yugi wince as the baby kicked him hard in the side.

"You ok?" A voice asked from the door.

Yugi looked over and smiled. "Yeah I'm fine. The baby is just really active. I really shouldn't be surprised though."

Atemu frowned and rested his hand on Yugi's swollen belly. Yugi was now seven months on and had about two months left.

"Why's that?"

"Because the child is just like you."

Atemu chuckled and kissed him gently just as there was a knock on the door. Atemu groaned and pulled away.


"Atemu there's no need for that. Be patient." Yugi said as the door opened.

It revealed Bakura, Marik, Ryou and Malik. Ryou was carrying a two week old baby boy called Silvio(1). He had his father's wild hair which was a silver colour and eyes while having his birth father's soft features. Malik had a small bump on his stomach. He was two months pregnant with Marik's child.

"Hey guys. Come in." Yugi said from his place on the bed.

"But Yugi today was our alone time for lunch." Atemu said.

"You've had me stuck in here for the last month. I'll make it up to you."

All four gathered onto the bed while Atemu ordered lunch to be brought up . When he returned back to the bed he smiled. Yugi was playing chess against Bakura and both were neck and neck. Atemu sat down next to Yugi and wrapped his arm around his waist and watched.

"And no helping him Atemu." Bakura said.

"I haven't helped him since he can hold his own against me. He doesn't need help to win against you." Atemu replied smirking.

Bakura growled, baring his fangs to Atemu. Marik and Malik snickered while Yugi and Ryou giggled and their child just laughed. Bakura turned hearing Ryou giggling and glared at him.

"Oh settle down Bakura. You know Atemu's just trying to get under your skin."

Ryou rested his head on Bakura's shoulder while he spoke. Bakura smiled down at Ryou who was holding Silvio and he moved his arm and wrapped it around Ryou's shoulder and held him firmly against him.

(((I love you.))) Bakura said to Ryou through the link.

((I love you too.))

"Your move Bakura." Yugi said happily.

Bakura looked at the board and picked up a piece and as he was putting it down Ryou spoke.

((Bakura wait...)) It was too late he'd placed the piece down. ((You left your King open and now its checkmate.))

Bakura's eyes instantly went to the King and saw what was wrong. Yugi's queen was instantly in line with his King, meaning checkmate and he lost. Yugi smiled and moved his queen across and took Bakura's King.


"Damn it." Bakura cursed.

"Bakura!" Ryou scowled now sitting up. "There is a baby in the room."

(((Sorry Ryou)))

There was a knock on the door and Atemu called them to enter. Servants came in with food and placed it on the bed where told. On Ryou's tray was a towel and a bottle of warm milk. When a human gave birth to a child whose father is a vampire the child is born human and when they get to 5yrs they turn vampire over a period of two weeks.

Ryou took Silvio from Yugi who had been playing with him and started to feed him his milk. While Ryou did this the others started eating. When he finished feeding Silvio Yugi took him and placed him in the cot that was in their room for when Yugi gave birth.


It was about 3 that very same day. Atemu, Bakura and Marik had gone back for more meetings and Ryou had given Silvio to the nurse to look after. Yugi, Ryou and Malik sat in Yugi's and Atemu's chambers and they were bored. Yugi wanted to get out of the room.

"Just ask him." Malik said.

"Malik he's in a meeting. I said I would only contact him if it was an emergency."

Ryou sighted and tuned out. ((Bakura?))

(((What is it Ryou?)))

((Yugi didn't want to interrupt Atemu while you guys were in a meeting. Could you ask him if we could go out to the gardens?))

(((Give me a minute.))) Ryou sat back waiting as they just kept arguing with each other about if Yugi should ask Atemu for permission. (((Ryou?)))


(((Atemu's going to talk to Yugi now.)))

((Yeah he's just gone silent. Thankyou.))

(((Yeah it's alright we were getting annoyed with the council.)))

Ryou giggled and said goodbye before watching.



/Atemu aren't you in a meeting?/

\Yes I still am, but Bakura got a message from Ryou saying you wanted to go to the gardens but wouldn't contact me. You know I don't mind.\

/I know but I did say I wouldn't contact you in a meeting unless it was important./

\(sighs) Anything you want to ask is important. Now I understand you want to go to the gardens, yes?\

/Yeah I'm getting bored in here./

\(chuckles) You can go as long as Ryou or Malik stay with you til you get back to our chambers.\

/Thankyou Atemu./

\You're welcome. Have fun love.\

Yugi smiled and looked at Malik and Ryou. "Let's go!"


End of Chapter 1


(1)Silvio: Belonging to the forest, silver


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