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Chapter 35


It had been a month since the execution of Pegasus's lover. Everything had turned back to normal and everyone was happy for it. Yugi and Atemu were slowly getting better but Yugi was still afraid to take that next step with him, even though he knew how wonderful it would be, but he knew Atemu would be reluctant to do anything when he could tell Yugi was still afraid so he knew he would have to do.

Yugi had spoken to Ryou and gotten two pairs of hand cuffs and hid them under the bed on his side and placed the key in the lock so he didn't lose it while Ryou kept the spare. Yugi knew he would just have to wait to nightfall and when Atemu was asleep to get him into the cuffs without too much resistance.


Night had fallen and they had both gone to bed. Yugi was still awake and had been waiting for Atemu to fall asleep. It had reached midnight and Atemu was sleeping peacefully on his back with Yugi resting his head on his chest. Yugi carefully moved Atemu's arm that was wrapped loosely around his waist and laid it on the bed as he sat up. Yugi slowly moved off the bed and pulled out the hand cuffs. Yugi quietly attached both cuffs to the back of the head rest of the bed and laid them down on either side of his pillow and placed the key on the bedside table.

Yugi attached Atemu's first wrist to the cuff and felt him stir slightly since the cuffs were slightly cold before he carefully and quickly attached the second. Yugi smiled as Atemu stirred again but didn't wake. Yugi smiled and moved the bed sheets from Atemu's body and pulled off his pants that he wore to bed for Yugi's sake.

Yugi slid from the bed and went around to Atemu's side and removed the lubricate from the draw and lay on the ground on his side and did his best to prepare himself for when he had Atemu take him.

Yugi smiled once he finished and laid back down beside Atemu and gently brushed some of the hair from his face before leaning up and kissing him on the lips. Atemu moaned softly as he awoke from his sleep and tried to move his arms to wrap around Yugi's waist. Atemu broke the kiss when his arms didn't move like they were meant to.

"Yugi what are you doing?" Atemu asked confused as to why he was chained to the bed.

"You wouldn't do what I would need you to, so I'll do it since then you wouldn't and no scares would be formed."

"How do you know I wouldn't do as you ask?"

"Because I know you Atemu."

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Yugi leaned down and kissed him on the lips before trailing down his neck to his chest where he kissed and sucked at his flesh. Atemu moaned softly and could feel he was getting harder. Yugi sucked one of his nipples into his mouth and played with it till it was hard and then gave the other the same treatment. Yugi trailed down, kissing and sucking at Atemu's body till he came to his arousal and took it in his mouth and sucked at it.

Atemu groaned, feeling Yugi take his erection into his mouth. He was gripping the handcuffs as he tried to control himself. Yugi sucked on him till he was so close to release and then he backed off causing Atemu to growl in disapproval.

"I can't let you release just yet Atemu. I'm not finished."

Yugi leaned over and kissed him again and Atemu fought him for dominance and won. Yugi reached over onto the bedside table and retrieved the lubricate and poured some on to his hand and then stroked Atemu up and down making sure he was lubricated well.

Atemu broke the kiss realising what Yugi was going to do. "Yugi don't do this."


"You're still afraid. I can see it."

Yugi's body was shaking in fear of pain and that he would never get over his fear. "No I need to do this."


Yugi sat back and raised himself above Atemu's arousal and slowly started to lower himself onto him. Yugi bit back a cry as the head entered and he stopped so he could calm down before he kept going. Atemu on the other hand was doing his best to not raise his hips and slam into Yugi. He was so much tighter than before because he was tense with fear.

"Yugi you need to relax or it will hurt more. Relax sweetie."

Yugi whimpered softly as he relaxed his body and kept sliding down onto Atemu. After having to stop as certain points because the pain heightened close to points where he wanted to run and hide, after about 5mins Yugi was sitting on Atemu with him fully buried inside. Atemu was panting softly after nearly lose his control a couple of times.

"So are you going to move?" Atemu asked.

Yugi was panting, remembering when he used to have Atemu inside him and the feeling was making him aroused. "Soon." Yugi said and Atemu growled.

Yugi smiled and clenched the muscles in his bottom causing Atemu to groan. Yugi leaned down, moaning slightly and kissed him and Atemu happily kissed back. Yugi reached over and retrieved the key from the bedside table and unlocked the handcuffs and pushed them back against the headrest and out of the way.

Atemu's arms instantly wrapped around his waist and rolled Yugi underneath him, still kissing him. When he pulled back he rested his head against Yugi's.

"May I?"

"Please." Yugi said as he panted from the kiss.

Atemu slowly drew out before pushing back in slowly and Yugi arched his back as Atemu brushed the nerves in his back. Atemu smiled and continued drawing out and then pushing back in, slowly getting faster and faster. Yugi was soon moaning in pleasure and he reached out and grasped Atemu's shoulders and held on tightly.

"Atemu please... Harder!"

Atemu reached down and grabbed hold of Yugi's hips and started to thrust harder into him. Yugi screamed in pleasure each time and was withering on the bed. Atemu reached out and grabbed hold of Yugi's erection and started to pump it in time with his thrusts. Yugi screamed at this and after a few pumps he released over his and Atemu's chests. Atemu groaned as Yugi tightened dramatically around him before releasing inside of him.

Yugi's eyes were closed as Atemu looked down at him and his chest was moving up and down fast as he was trying to control his breathing. Atemu slid out of Yugi and lay down beside him and brushed some hair from his face. Yugi opened his eyes and looked at him and smiled.

"You ok?" Atemu asked concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine." Yugi smiled.

Yugi moved and straddled Atemu's hips and kissed him. Atemu moaned softly and held the back of Yugi's neck. Yugi moved slightly and started to grind against Atemu as he started to harden again. Atemu pulled back feeling Yugi grind against him.

"Yugi?" Atemu asked surprised.

"I need you."



Atemu gasped as Yugi slid down on his semi erect erection and started to move up and down. Atemu grabbed hold of Yugi's hips and started to bring him down harder.

"Oh God!" Atemu gasped.

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After half a dozen rounds Atemu rolled onto his back and had Yugi lay on him while still had Atemu embedded inside him. Both were breathing heavily and were extremely tired.

"No more for tonight." Atemu panted out.

"I agree." Yugi said tiredly.

Atemu smiled and kissed the top of his head. "Go to sleep."

Atemu went to pull out and Yugi sat up slightly, stopping any attempt to remove himself from inside. Atemu caught on and nodded his head. Yugi smiled and kissed him gently and lay back down on his chest and went to sleep. Atemu wrapped his arms around him and slowly went to sleep.


Yugi groaned as the sun filtered it's way inside the room to land right on his face. Yugi opened his eyes to see the curtains were open and the sun was part way up, indicating that if Atemu didn't get up than Seth would be here any minute and banging on the door.


Yugi jumped as the sound of someone banging on the door startled him. Yugi slid off Atemu and in the process removing Atemu from inside him as Atemu was still peacefully sleeping, regardless of the noise. Yugi whimpered in pain as he grabbed a robe and put it on and limped over to the door and opened it.

Yugi saw a fuming Seth standing on the other side of the door. Yugi gave a small whimpered as Seth barged in, accidently pushing Yugi as he hadn't opened the door a lot to let him in, causing Yugi to fall to the floor. Seth looked at the bed and saw Atemu still asleep before he turned to Yugi and helped him up.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine."

"You're limping."

"I know." Yugi said blushing.

"Oh I see. Well tell Atemu that he better be at this afternoon's council meeting."

"Thanks Seth."

"I'd get back in bed if I were you or you'll end up hurting yourself."

"I will."

"Oh and why don't I take Ororo to Sarah. I'm sure she's hungry."

Yugi smiled and went to walk to the room when he was grabbed by the shoulders and steered to the bed before Seth went into the room and came out with Ororo and left the room, closing both doors on his way out.

Yugi sat on the bed before curling up next to Atemu and sighed in relief. Atemu turned on his side and wrapped his arm around Yugi.

"Where did you go?" Atemu asked, his voice was very drowsy.

"Nowhere. Seth took Ororo to Sarah so she would be fed and to tell you that you better be at the afternoon meetings."

"Oh crap. I slept in didn't I?"

"Yeah we both did."

"I guess you'll be eating dinner without me tonight."

"It's alright. I think it was worth it."

Atemu smiled and kissed him gently. "So do I."

"I love you Atemu."

"I love you too, my sweet little mate."

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