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The Snake King's Temple

Summary: AU: Yugi and his two best friends go to Egypt with Yugi's grandfather on a dig. They are looking for 'The Snake King's Temple', said to have been swallowed up by the desert itself or destroyed. While Yugi and his friends are looking around and admiring the landscape, they never notice three pairs of eyes watching them.


Chapter 1


"Yugi!" Said boy's grandfather, Solomon Motou, called from downstairs in the shop part of their home.

"Yes Ji-chan." A soft voice replied.

"Can you come down here please?"


Footsteps sounded coming down the stairs that led to the top part of the establishment. The bottom part was a game shop with the basement as a store room. The top part above the shop was a living area with bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room.

A small boy, who looked about 13 or 14 appeared from behind the curtain, was actually 17. He was pale and had large amethyst eyes. His hair was gravity defying, black with amethyst edging and gold bangs framing his face. His body was thing and had a bit of a famine look to it and was a little built from running from bullies and from lifting boxes for the shop that his grandfather couldn't anymore.

"You called Ji-chan?"

"Yes I did. Listen next week on Friday; I'm going on a dig in Egypt. It will be about a month ok?"

"Ji-chan can I come? Graduations tomorrow and I'm sick of being alone while you're on digs. Please can I come?"

"No Yugi it's too dangerous."

"But Ji-chan I won't go near the dig site."

"No Yugi you are staying here and that's final."

Yugi growled and glared at him and went back upstairs.

~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~ Graduation Day ~~∞Ω∞Ω∞~~

"Finally, schools finished." Malik said happily. "No more evil essays, homework and equally evil teachers."

"Malik only you find essays, homework and teachers evil. It's a wonder you even graduated." Ryou said.

"Well not everyone can be smart like you and Yugi, Ryou."

"It's amazing you passed 8th grade let along the rest Malik." Yugi said, causing himself and Ryou to laugh at Malik's glare and annoyed face.

"Hey! Is it pick on Malik day or something?"

"Yeah you didn't get the memo?" Yugi asked as he and Ryou laughed again.

"Alright students let's get out there."

The students got together with their friends and lined up. Ryou linked arms with Malik and Yugi did the same making Malik in the middle.

As the ceremony went on Malik would make snide remarks about people he hated and then cheered when Ryou and Yugi went up to get their certificate.

After Yugi went and found his grandfather with Malik and Ryou. When they did he found him talking with Malik's sister, Ishizu.

"Yugi, Ryou, Malik congratulations." Solomon said.

"Thanks Ji-chan."

Ryou and Malik call Solomon 'Ji-chan' one to Solomon's wishes because he hates being called Mr Motou, Sir and anything else the boys would come up with. So in the end it was Ji-chan.

"Yugi Ishizu has offered to have you stay for the month while I'm gone."

"Ji-chan come on let me come. I'm old enough to be able to look after myself."

"Yugi is right on that part Solomon but your grandfather is right when he says it's too dangerous."

"But that doesn't mean I still have to stay home. I remember when I was eight I asked to come with you and you said when I was in high school. I've just finished so why not?"

"I don't remember that Yugi and my answer is still no." Solomon said to save himself.

Yugi growled and walked away to talk to some other people, Ryou and Malik going with him.

"You did say he could didn't you? When he was younger." Ishizu said.

Solomon sighed. "I did. I just don't want him to get hurt."

"He's a smart and careful boy. He can take care of himself."

"I know."

"Think about letting him go."


"Congratulations!" Everyone cheered to the three graduating teens.

Family and friends of Ryou, Malik and Yugi's were all together having dinner. Yugi's grandfather's friend from digs, Arthur had come back for their celebration before heading back to the dig in Egypt the day after. A few neighbours of the graduating trio had come as well.

"Thankyou." The trio said, Yugi and Ryou blushing.

"So what are you three going to do now?" Arthur asked.

"I'm going to Uni to be a doctor." Ryou said.

"I don't know. I guess I'll find some more work somewhere." Malik said.

"What about you Yugi?" A neighbour asked.

"Go to Uni so I can be an archaeologist like Ji-chan. I'll specialise in Egyptology." Yugi said smiling.

Ishizu gave a look at Solomon who seemed to be fighting with himself about what she'd said earlier.

"You'll do well in that Yugi. You have your grandfather's enthusiasm."

"And his genes."

Everyone started laughing except Solomon, who came out of his thoughts. He frowned, not understanding why there were laughing.

"What's going on?" Solomon asked.

Yugi turned to him and frowned. "You ok Ji-chan?"

"Fine, wasn't listening before, so why is everyone laughing?" Yugi smiled and told his grandfather, who chuckled softly and nodded. "Yes that is true. Both of his parents had short parents so he is short and will most likely be short for the rest of his life."

Everyone smiled as Yugi pouted at the last part his grandfather said. Dinner rolled on nicely and when it got late everyone started home.


As soon as they got home Yugi headed to bed. Solomon smiled and headed to bed as well. He'd give Yugi about 5mins before Yugi would come in screaming. When he didn't he looked in to see Yugi had placed the present on his bed side table and was curled up fast asleep. Solomon smiled and stuck a not on the side of the box facing Yugi before heading off to bed.


End of Chapter 1


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