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Chapter 52


Previously: "Ji-chan."


Solomon was looking at a photo of his daughter, her husband and their new born baby, just after they were released from hospital. Little Yugi was asleep in his mother's arms, his hair was already multi coloured and obviously as he was asleep you couldn't see his eye colour . Solomon had tears in his eyes looking at the photo.

"I'm sorry. I tried to keep him safe. I just wish he wasn't into archaeology and Egyptology then none of this would have happened. Please forgive me." Solomon cried.

Picking up another picture ti had Yugi, Ryou and Malik on it, just after graduation. Solomon just stared at the picture, he didn't even hear movement off to the side of him, not till someone started talking.


Solomon jumped and turned towards the voice and then just stared. Solomon gasped as his heart leapt in shock. There stood Yugi along with Ryou and Malik and six others he didn't know, his mind not noticing the tail they had for the moment.


Yugi smiled as tears fell before he ran over to his grandfather as he climbed to his feet and grabbed Yugi once he got close. Yugi cried as his grandfather held him close as he too cried as he hugged Yugi tightly.

"Yugi, oh Yugi I'm so glad you're alive. Where have you been? "

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you but the Snake King's Temple is real and the Snake King's of the myth are real and alive."


"Ji-chan this is Atemu, Akefia and Mariku the ones from Ancient Egypt. Their lovers Yami, Bakura and Marik." Yugi introduced.

Solomon looked at the six men behind Yugi and his eyes finally travelled down and he saw six tails instead of legs. Solomon could only gap at them in shock and horror. There was the naga's of the Egyptian myth right there in front of him.



"What is going on?"

"They brought us here to say goodbye."

"What do you mean? Saying goodbye?" Solomon asked.

Yugi looked away, as he couldn't look at his grandfather. Atemu moved forward and noticed Solomon tensed when he did. Yugi looked behind him and saw why and moved aside so he was beside his grandfather.

"We brought them to come say goodbye. They will be coming back with us."

"No they will certainly not. They will be coming home with me." Solomon said defensively.

"Ji-chan after this we have to go back with them. It's not safe for us otherwise." Yugi said trying to not make an argument happen.


"Because hunters will come looking for them if they leave. They will torture and kill them when they find out the information they have about us and where to go. Because they have been missing too long to escape hunters now."

"Why didn't you just let them go earlier?"

"Because they were going to tell you all about the entrance to the temple they found. We couldn't allow that. We live there. If they were to get away and tell you we would be either killed or taken and locked away to be experimented on. I will not allow that to happen." Atemu said and moved closer again making Solomon take a step back but Atemu was right in front of him. "They wanted to say goodbye, that's the only reason we are here."

"But I now know of you won't they come after me."

"No, we'll remove your memory of us so that you won't remember. I'll make it so you won't feel too bad over their disappearance. You'll have moved on so it won't hurt so much."

"Why couldn't you do it with them so they can come home?"

"It's easier on one person than three. We have a better chance it lasting on you than them."

"I won't let you take my grandson and his friends, not without a fight."

"Ji-chan..." Yugi started.

"It is a fight you will lose."

Yugi turned and walked to Atemu and stood in front of him. Atemu looked down at him as Yugi held back tears.

"Let me talk to him. Let me explain."


Yugi smiled and turned to his grandfather and grabbed his arm and led him to his bed. Yugi sat his grandfather down on the bed and sat next to him.

"Yugi I can't lose you."

"Ji-chan we have no choice. You'll still lose me eventually when hunters find us. You'll lose us then. You'll be worried constantly about when I go out. This way it won't hurt as much. Atemu can make it so you can accept what has happened and it won't hurt as much."

"Yugi there has to be another way."

"There isn't."

Malik walked forward out of Marik's arms and up to Solomon.

"We already tried escaping Ji-chan. It didn't end well. This is the only way for everyone to be safe. Besides even if they let Yugi and Ryou go I wouldn't leave. Not now."


"I love Marik and Mariku."

"And I love Bakura and Akefia." Ryou spoke up from where he was still standing.

"How? Malik, your sister is worried about you. Going to get the next flight out if she can get time off but its not looking good. Ryou I'm sorry you're father hasn't returned my calls."

"I wouldn't expect him to." Ryou said stiffly making Bakura and Akefia look at him in shock at how uncaring he sounded.

"Ryou you know he loves you." Solomon said.

"Yeah sure."

"Ji-chan tell Isis not to worry about coming out. Tell her that the search will be called off soon."

"Malik how can I do that when they are going to wipe my memory."

"I can leave the idea of what Malik just said in your memory, but you'll think it was something you decided." Atemu said.

"Ji-chan I'm sorry I just wanted to say goodbye and when he mentioned he could manipulate your memory I thought it might be easier on you."

"I know Yugi it's ok."

"Is there anything you would like to know before we do this? I know you won't remember but for your curiosity."

"Are the fake temples correct in some of the information that's there?"

"No the Egyptians didn't get rid of the naga's myself, Mariku and Akefia were the ones that got rid of the naga's after what they did to us."

"So not everything we know is correct."

"No. The humans back then might have gotten rid of the warriors for the naga's but they didn't get rid of the leaders that were hidden in where our true temple is."

"Wow interesting. I guess there is a lot you could tell us about Ancient Egypt that we don't know about."


"But we will never know."

"Unfortunately no, no one will. If people weren't like they are, everyone would know what naga's are and we could live amongst humans. But unfortunately it doesn't work that way so we can't. Did you want to know anything?" Atemu asked.

"No there is no point in asking, I won't remember."

Atemu nodded and Ryou and Malik left the naga's arms and moved over to Solomon. Solomon stood up and gave them both a hug, Ryou and Malik had tears in their eyes. Solomon had been a grandfather to them.

"You look after each other now."

"We will."

Solomon let go of them and turned to Yugi who was looking at the floor as he was still sitting on the bed. Tears were already falling from his eyes. Solomon moved and sat back down beside Yugi and wrapped his arms around him. Yugi curled into him and started crying.

"Yugi it will be ok."

"I don't want to go. I know I have no choice but you'll just think that we got lost and died in the elements."

"I'll be ok. You look after yourself, and Ryou and Malik, as well."

"I love you, Ji-chan."

"Oh I love you too my boy."

Solomon slowly let go of him and wiped his tears away. Yugi looked behind him to Atemu who held out his hand to him. Yugi slowly walked backwards and took Atemu's hand and he pulled him into his side with a small hug. He realised how hard this was becoming on him. Yami walked up next them and wrapped his arms around Yugi and pulled him back to him. Yugi turned and buried his face in Yami's chest trying to regain his composure and not cry before turning back. Yami wrapped his arms around him and rubbed his back. Yugi took a few shuddering breaths before turning back around.

Atemu was standing in front of his grandfather who looked worried. Atemu took Solomon's arm and directed him back over to the bed. Solomon looked at him confused and Atemu indicated for him to sit down. Solomon slowly sat on the bed looking slightly worried.

"You will fall asleep after this takes place so it would be better if you are sitting on the bed than standing."

Solomon nodded in understanding as Atemu took another step forward. Solomon looked over at Yugi, Ryou and Malik and they all had tears falling down their faces. Solomon gave one last smile to them before looking back at Atemu who reached out and placed his hands on either side of Solomon's forehead and closed his eyes. Yugi saw a black mist flow out of his hands and seep into his grandfather's head as his grandfather's eyes closed when this happened.

Yugi waited for something, anything else to happen and nothing did. For three minutes they stood there but it felt so much longer before Atemu opened his eyes and the black mist returned to his body and Solomon's body swayed slightly, his eyes still closed. Atemu moved him so that he was laying down on the bed comfortably.

Atemu turned back to the group and saw Ryou and Malik were watching Yugi sadly as he curled back into Yami's arms and cried. Atemu walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder causing him to look up at him.

"Time to go."

Yugi nodded slowly and followed Yami's lead and left the hut. Ryou and Malik being led out by their lovers.

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