The years went quietly with the newly wed couple. Even though Fox was with the one he loved, he couldn't help but to think backā€¦to other times. The times he and Krystal shared together. He remembered the last time he ever saw her, all those years ago; as if it had just happened the other day. He still remembered his final thought to her, as if an eternal memory.

I love you. Please, take care of yourself. That was, 5 years ago. He hadn't heard from her since, he didn't know anything more then that; he didn't even know if she was still alive; out there, somewhere. It had been hard for him to get over; he still caught himself thinking about her from time to time. But with Miyu's support, he had a brighter idea of Krystal, that she was still out there somewhere, hopefully happy.

They were happy, enjoying these time of peace, it seems they couldn't have gotten married and settle down at a better time. Fox's words were true; Corneria did in fact enter an age of peace and prosperity. But Fox had other ideas of his future, then flying around in the stars. He had passed the team to Falco and Katt, thinking that Falco was never one to truly settle down. He took this chance to be close to Miyu.

But with no threats in Lylat, even someone like Falco soon had gotten bored. He had given up on trying to be a mercenary, for now; and with that, the Star Fox team had gone practically into hiding. Sure, pretty much everywhere they went, people knew immediately who they were, but they were all tales of the past, nothing of the present. Except one thing.

To everyone's surprise, Falco and Katt had indeed settled down on Corneria, and were still close by incase something ever came up. Fay had locked her relation ship with Michael; for good, and they were engaged just one year ago.


Miyu was looking out the large front window that looked over their front yard of the home. It was just a little past 10 in the morning. Fox had left early that morning, not really saying what he was up to; only saying that he had to run some errands. She knew what today was; it was just the end of April. She had thought back to those happy memories, those first few years she and Fox were married.

She heard the quiet and sweet voice of the stirring of consciousness coming from the room she and Fox shared. Miyu smiled warmly and walked into the room, stopping by the crib where an excited female kit was bouncing up and down, waiting for her mother to come to her; begging to be held.

"Hello Rikku." Miyu kissed the top of her daughters head sweetly. "How's my little angel this morning?"

"Mommy." The young kit clapped her paws quickly; she stuck them in the air, towards her mother. "Up, up." The kit said in return. Miyu answered by lifting the young girl out of the crib, and having her head rest onto her shoulder. Rikku had looked almost exactly like her mother had when she was that age. Except for a few minor details, Rikku had a white flock of hair on top of her head, obviously a trait she had inherited from her father. She had Miyu's dark fur coat, but was unique when it came to her eyes. Rikku had been born with one color eye from each of her parent's, Fox's emerald gem; and Miyu's cerulean crystal. Rikku had also inherited her mother's markings on her coat, but only the ones that were on top of her head, their was no markings on the rest of her body. It was quite cute, the markings had interfered with the white flock of hair onto her head; she was truly unique.

She quickly dressed her nicely, today was a special day indeed. All of her clothing was stored within her parent's room. Rikku was reaching the age of where she could be in her own room, but she liked being near her parents, so Fox and Miyu let her stay in with them. Miyu had walked back to her original position, gazing out the window that revealed an empty drive way, and sighed contentedly.

Everyone thought that someone who had flown in the Star Fox squadron couldn't possibly live the life of a normal person. Where action never occurred, especially here; everything was quite peaceful. But Miyu had enjoyed the quiet times, despite her hyperactive and excited personality. Miyu was done with taking the risks of life and death; she had more important things now, her family and her friends. She had far too many near death experiences and unyielding threats of demise, all she wanted, was to live happily with her loving husband, Fox.

Miyu felt Rikku stirring against her shoulder, and turned to see her young kit giving her an awkward; almost saddened look on her face. She smiled to her reassuringly, and petted the white flock of hair on top of her head.

"It's alright Rikku, mommy is just thinking right now, of where you're daddy is, and what he's up to." Miyu had walked over to the couch, and set Rikku down onto her lap.

"Where's daddy?" Miyu had blinked rapidly toward the sudden question, she looked down to Rikku, grasping at her shirt, trying to get closer to her mother's face, she just giggled in return.

"I'm not sure Rikku, but I'm sure he'll be back soon." Just as she had finished her statement, the view and sound of the car coming into the drive way came into picture. Miyu smiled from the return of her husband, and walked out towards the front yard, not bothering to wear sandals; the sun hadn't risen high enough yet for the need of them. She walked over to her husband; where they exchanged gentle kisses.

"Good morning." Fox talked to Miyu quietly, he petted the little flock of hair on top of Rikku's head.

"Good morning hon." Fox looked over to his daughter, and took her from his wife's grasp.

"Good morning Rikku, how's my little girl this morning?" she looked away, then back towards her father, putting a finger into her mouth.


"That's good; daddy has a surprise for you."

"What?" She asked in cutest voice there was. Fox didn't answer; he only shifted his gaze over to the passenger seat, followed by Rikku; to see Peppy emerge. Rikku's face let up, and started squirming with impatience.

"Grandpa!" She yelled out. Fox set her down where she stumbled on over to Peppy, tugging onto his shirt. He picked her up and set a warm kiss onto her cheek. Even though Peppy wasn't their blood relative, he still acted, and was treated as one indeed.

"Hello Rikku, my you're a big girl now."

"Yea." She gave a small cheer. Fox and Miyu let Peppy slowly make his way into the home, age was finally taking it's tole on Peppy. But he still conquered it, slowly but steadily. Miyu pulled Fox over to the side, with a smile on her muzzle.

"So, is everything set?" Fox picked up her golden pendant, and twirled it within his paw. He looked to her happily.

"Yea, all of it's in place." They went into the home, to find Peppy bouncing Rikku up and down on his lap, their thoughts were interrupted when Falco and Katt suddenly entered the home, Rikku looked over, face excited. She quickly got down off her grand fathers lap and ran over to the tall avian.

"Uncle." She called out to him. He swooped her up in his arm, and petted the white flock of hair. Wearing a warming smile.

"Hey their sport, how are you doing? I hope you're not giving you're mommy and daddy to much trouble." She shook her head sideways, stating No. She turned her gaze to her pink furred aunt, who placed a warming kiss onto her cheek.

"Oh Rikku, you're so precious." She let out a wide grin. Katt's gaze shifted down to her pant leg, where a small feline tugged at it tightly, pink in fur just like Katt was. Fox and Miyu shifted their gaze to the small girl. She tucked away behind her mother's leg when she met eye contact with the foxy couple. Falco put down Rikku, and had Katt move, so she couldn't run. He placed his legs right behind her. He gently patted her closer to Fox and Miyu.

"Come on Skye, why don't you go say hello to mommy and daddy's friends?" As she got closer, she tucked her face away, Fox and Miyu bent over, talking sweetly to the young feline.

"Hello Skye, how are you doing sweetie?" Miyu asked nicely, though Skye was a bit shy. She quickly ran behind her mother's leg, not even speaking. Katt only giggled in return, as she picked her up in her arms. Skye was indeed a mother's girl, just as Rikku was.

"Oh, she's just shy." Katt walked over to Fox and Miyu, Skye started to whimper a bit; she looked up to her mother's loving face as she talked gently to her 4 year old daughter.

"Why don't you talk to you're uncle and auntie? They really want to talk to you." She shifted her gaze back to Fox and Miyu's heart warming smiles.

"Hi." Was all she said, quiet as a mouse. Miyu placed a gentle kiss onto the young feline's cheek. Skye was their adopted daughter. (I didn't want to go into the whole Falco and Katt having a kid deal; it just seemed weird sense there like two completely different species.) Falco and Katt took her in at a young age, maybe that was why she was so shy around other people. Although, she didn't know yet she was adopted, she was too young to wrap her mind around the idea.

Even though none of them were blood related, they acted as one family. Being there for one another, their friendship was as strong as family ties. They relaxed a bit in the home, waiting for Fay and Michael to show up. Skye and Rikku played together; in the little play home that Fox and Miyu had gotten Rikku for her 4th birthday; while their parents and grandfather talked among each other.

After a while, Fay and Michael entered the home. Everyone shifted their gaze to them, Rikku got up from where she was and ran over to Fay; she and Falco was her favorite of her parent's friends. Fay kneeled down and planted a loving kiss onto Rikku's head, and picked her up into her arms. Talking gently as she walked over to the adults.

"Hello Rikku, how are you today darling? I hope you're not giving your mommy's old friend too much trouble."

"That's what uncle Falco said." She answered innocent like, Fay just loved the cuteness of Fox and Miyu's daughter. Michael stepped up to Fay and Rikku; who turned her gaze to him and her face lit up. She gave him a small hug within Fay's arms.

"Hello Rikku, you're a pretty girl now, don't give you're parents to much trouble now." Fay had set down Rikku, who ran over to her parents. Fay and Michael walked over to the adults, Fox and Falco had gotten up to shake with Michael. Although they didn't know Michael all to well, they wanted him to feel welcome into the group, and be treated as a family member. Fay turned her attention to Skye, who gasped as she noticed the Border collie look at her.

"Hi Skye, how are you sweetie?" her only response was to go into the small play house and close the door. Fay giggled and turned to Katt, who showed her a warm smile.

"She's so precious."

"Well, if were all here. Let's get going." Fox got up, followed by everyone else. Miyu had picked up Rikku, as Katt did to Skye; that is after getting her out of the play house. Peppy rode in the back with Rikku, Miyu had put on her booster seat. Fox backed out of the drive way, followed by everyone else. Miyu turned back to speak to her daughter, who was playing with grandpa Peppy.

"Make sure when we get there, that you give uncle Slippy and Aunt Amanda a big hug, ok Rikku?" She only responded with a big smile. Rikku never really got to see them, sense they lived so far away. She only really got to see them during special events, and occasional visits to Aquas, or them coming to Corneria. Fox parked along the sidewalk, followed by everyone else. He got out to help Peppy while Miyu went and unbuckled Rikku. They walked onto the cool green grass.

They were at the same park where Fox and Miyu came as a child all those years ago. They walked as a group to Slippy and his family in the distance, near a set of pick-nick tables; Slippy was barbequing. He stopped what he was doing when he saw Rikku running up to him, and picked her up. Amanda came from setting up the table and ran over to the young kit.

"Hello honey, how are you doing?"

"Good." She stated, she heard the chatter of children, to see Jake and Amanda's and Slippy's 4 year old daughter, Alyssa. Slippy set her down where all the children jumped around happily. Fox picked up Rikku and started walking towards the tables resting under the tall trees; she looked to him with a questioned look. He talked happily to her.

"Rikku, do you know what day it is today?" She quickly spun her head, saying no. Miyu walked up and pointed to something hanging in the trees; Rikku followed her finger and saw a banner tied between them both. It said, Happy 5th Birthday Rikku. Her face lit up happily, even though she didn't know exactly what it meant; she only recognized the word birthday. Miyu placed a warming kiss onto her cheek.

"Happy Birthday sweetie." Fox walked over and placed Rikku in the booster seat that was set at the end of the table; a birthday cake was set in front of her. She looked down to see the same thing written as it was on the banner, with five candles placed around the cake. Fox took over on the barbeque, and the adults took a seat while the children went and played, Rikku had gotten down to join them, bringing Skye with them.

After a while, Fay had called all the kids back, who sat at their own table; except for Rikku. Miyu had lit the five candles, where they all started to sing her a birthday tune. Fox had taken a picture of her just as she blew them out, and the cake was distributed. They took many pictures of her, as she did many other things like play in the sand box and swung on the swing.

Rikku had opened the presents she gotten from her family. Fay and Michael had given the young kit a drawing book and coloring utensils; Rikku had shown her interest in drawing, and figured she would continue her hobby as she matured. Falco and Katt got her a princess outfit, Miyu had told Rikku the story of when she was sick, and how her father treated her like a princess at that time. Rikku liked to play dress up with her mother in spare time.

Peppy had gotten the young girl a little play patch, where she could go and place all her toys in a certain order or design, and have easy reach to them. Slippy and Amanda had gotten her a little play along kitchen, to go along with her play house. Not to try and look good compared to every one else, but because they didn't get to see the young kit so often, so they got her more unique gifts to try and make up for it.

Rikku loved her mother and father's gift. They had gotten them a little heart pendant, just like their own. When she opened it, there was a picture of parents on each side of the heart, and in the middle, was a picture of her. The day came to an end, where everyone went their own way. Everyone gave Rikku a loving remark before they left, after loading up all her gifts. The foxy family drove home.

It was later at night, a little past Rikku's bed time, and she yawned cutely in her mother's arms. Miyu looked over, giggling to her daughter; who was rubbing her eyes.

"Time for bed little one." She walked into their room, to change Rikku and put her to sleep; while Fox handled all her gifts. After changing her, she gently laid Rikku into the crib, where her father just came in and put a paw onto her mother's shoulder. Miyu pulled the covers up to Rikku, and placed a warm kissed onto her forehead, followed by Fox.

"Good night Rikku, happy birthday sweetie." The young kit just closed her eyes, and went into a gentle sleep. Fox and Miyu exited the room, turning off the lights and going into the living room, not yet ready to call it a night. They sat on the couch, watching the local news. Miyu looked up to her loving husband, who looked troubled when watching the screen; she sat up, and turned his head to face her.

"What's wrong?" he turned to her, and placed a loving kiss onto her lips, and pulled her in closer to him.

"Sometimes, I just don't think I stop; and appreciate everything that's happened to me that's so wonderful enough. Everything that's important in my life; you and Rikku." Miyu could tell he was taking deep thought into this, he could really never get over the fact that they were together; not that it wasn't what he wanted, her wedding ring obviously proved that. But he couldn't help but to think, what would Krystal say? Would anything be any different if she was still around?

Miyu laid her head onto his chest; closing her eyes as she spoke.

"You obviously appreciate us, as we do to you. You're a loving father, and a wonderful husband, don't ever forget that." He looked down to her cerulean eyes, and kissed her forehead gently. After a while, they decided it was time to call it a night. They quietly opened the door, and turned on the lamp sitting on the night stand. They walked over to the crib that held their only daughter, and watched as she slept peacefully.

They smiled happily, Fox placed his arm around Miyu's waist. They walked over to their side of the room and undressed; and got into bed together. They got close as Fox turned out the lights. Neither of them really fell asleep fast, Miyu talked to her husband quietly, not wanting to awaken their child.

"Do you still regret nothing?" Fox looked to her, with a questioning look; she giggled and placed a small kiss onto his cheek. He smiled warmly to Miyu, and brought her close to him.

"Yea, I have no regrets, you've taught me that; and so has Rikku." Miyu followed her husband to a blissful sleep, as he lost himself in his thoughts; their shared thoughts. This is how they would spend the rest of their lives. Together, raising a beautiful baby girl. When the tough times come, they'll face them together, and conquer them. Like they did everything else. This is they're story; the door to tomorrow is unlocked, filled with possibilities that some can only dream of; and other's, who are living this fleeting dream.

Author's Notes

Hey guys! I guess this is the end; this is where the story stops. Woot, but to tell the truth, I kind of just want to write one more chapter or so xD Meh maybe not =X

Okay, now I know I got the idea of writing a sequel to this story. But then I got to thinking, what could I possibly write about? Wolf and his team are dead, Krystal has vanished from Lylat, and everyone is just happy. I'm not saying I won't write a sequel! But if you, the readers could leave me a few tips and suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!

To tell the truth, I've already started writing another story, well it's actually the FIRST story I wrote, so it's sloppy, and I never really got that far, like two chapters or so. I was thinking of making that one the sequel, or leave it as its own story. It follows Krystal as Kursed. It's on DeviantArt if you are interested in reading it.

It's called 'The Royal Death Tour.' Just type in "RDT Mixed Feelings". Or go to my Deviant Art page; Phantasy-Star. Just type it in on Google or something xD.

I had a plot line for the sequel. A few more years past for Fox and his family, and he starts to get nightmares; involving Krystal in much pain and suffering, he finally comes to the conclusion that he has to find and try to help her, leaving Miyu and Rikku behind, and that's as far as that goes for now.

My 'The Royal Death Tour.' Fanfic goes like this. Kursed is hunting a target, and runs into Fox on Kew; who is a much colder and hostile person then he was before she fled from Lylat. He pretends not to notice Kursed, he doesn't realize right away that she's Krystal also by the way, and decides to ignore her for now. He eventually leads her into a trap, and takes her away to his employer, who uses Krystal as his weapon in the Royal Death Tour, a 6 month round-to-round death match tournament, that is held within the Undercity, where all crime and the major Black Market is their. Kursed is trapped within this sick hell hole of a game, and the only way to win her freedom, is to eliminate all her fighters and win the whole tournament, eventually even having to fight Fox himself.

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