This is a Digimon/SailorMoon crossover. The plot is actually very simple: Three of the Outer senshi are related to four Digidestined. Right now, though, we will focus on one of them. These shows are not mine.


Hidden Bloodlines:

Chapter 1


Takaishi Takeru rubbed his eyes. It was Sunday, & he saw Patamon snoring next to him.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Takeru!" Ms. Takaishi smiled at her son.

"You slept good?"

"Yeah, okaasan. How 'bout you?"

"Fine, thanks."

As Takeru got dressed, Ms. Takaishi got her son's breakfast ready, which was a bowl of oatmeal.

"Oh Takeru? Can you do me a favor & get me a perfume called 'Trésor? It should be at the bottom of my blouse drawer."

Takeru walked to the drawer & opened it up. It was full of blouses. As Takeru dug through the sea of blouses, he felt a hard object brush by his hand. As Takeru felt its shape, he noticed that it felt like a picture frame. He slowly pulled it out of the drawer & was amazed at what he saw.

In the frame was a picture of a girl of about 6 years old. She had very, very short hair & piercing blue eyes. Her hair was the same color as Takeru's: sandy blonde. This doesn't look at all like Okaasan, thought Takeru. Who is she? I'll go ask Okaasan. She'll know.

"Okaasan?" Takeru walked up to his mother. "Yes Takeru? Did you find that perfume yet?"

"Um, no Okaasan," stuttered Takeru. He showed her the picture.

"Who is this, Okaasan?" inquired Takeru.

Ms. Takaishi's face paled, & her eyes went wide. Then she burst into tears. "Oh my God! Haruka!" sobbed the upset woman.

"Okaasan! Okaasan! Daijoubo ka?"

Takeru got scared by his mother's reaction to the photograph.

When she calmed down, Ms. Takaishi took the photo. "Takeru, I'm about to tell you something about the girl in this picture."

"What is it, Okaasan?"

"This girl...this girl...she's your older sister."


"Yes. Her name is Haruka. She's two years older than Yamato."

"& you never told me?!"

"When she was 6 years old, she ran away."


"I don't know, & neither does your father. We haven't seen her since. We miss her dreadfully, & hope that one day she'll come see us."

Takeru collasped on the couch.

"Oh my God...I've got a sister..."


"I want to say thanks for coming here on such short notice," said Takeru. He had called all the Digidestined to Odaiba Bay for a meeting.

"What's up, Takeru?" Motomiya Daisuke arrived, holding DemiVeemon in his arms.

"You guys," began Takeru. "I've got a sister."



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