Epilogue – Christmas.

I think this may well be the best Christmas I had ever had.

I had Edward, I had the Cullen's, I had my best friend Jacob and I had Charlie.

A few months had passed since Charlie's first had dinner here, and now he visited often. Usually after work, and just like Jacob, there was always something for him to eat when they arrived. Esme made sure of that. She thoroughly enjoyed cooking and preparing her meals. I had vague memories of food, and a lot of what Esme made looked fantastic, but smelled disgusting.

But today was our first Christmas together, as an entire family. Jacob and Billy Black included. The rest of the wolf pack was to be joining us later in the afternoon for the feast that had been prepared. The Wolf pack was more then comfortable visiting the Cullen's, and they just couldn't turn down the food. Even Paul had got comfortable enough to walk into the kitchen and help himself to the fridge. Esme thought of them as her extended family, buying them shorts and shoes when they would turn up bare foot with dirty ripped shorts. At first they felt like charity cases, but they soon warmed to Esme and realize she was just trying to help in her own motherly way.

Charlie now knew what I was, and I was sure, he would run screaming when he found out, but he didn't. He took it quite well actually. It was actually Billy and Jacob who started the whole thing off. Charlie suspected something was up, but he hadn't thought of mythical creatures being what I was. Of course he would confide in Billy that he thought something was different about me. He wasn't worried or anything, just knew something was different. Ultimately he knew I was happy, changed or not, and I guess that's what really mattered to him.

Apparently Billy wasn't so forthcoming with explanations, suggesting lame things like I had red eye contacts, and decided to brush my hair. Silly suggestions like that. It was Jacob in the end that let the wolf out the bag. He didn't see what the big deal was with not telling Charlie. He couldn't straight out say to Charlie what he was, but he could show him, and that he did.

Jacob said Charlie didn't even bat an eyelid when he phased in front of him, instead he muttered something along the lines of, "and I thought there was something in the water." Billy wasn't too pleased with his son at first, but in the end conceded that it was only a matter of time before Charlie would have found out.

It didn't take Charlie long after that to figure out what I was after that, why Billy Black was none to pleased when the Cullen's first came back to Forks. All Charlie did was ask himself, why a pack of werewolves would not like the Cullen's, and everything clicked into place in his mind. He had claimed it was Hollywood movies, of all things that made him realize what the Cullen's were so quickly.

He decided he didn't want to know the mechanics of it. He just wanted to accept me as a vampire, and that was all he wanted to know. I did tell him though I didn't feed on humans and neither did any of the Cullen's. It was important for him to know that, and he seemed more then relieved at that prospect.

My eyes had lost its red color and were now a lovely butterscotch color. That fact pleased me to no end, this color seemed more natural then red, and with Charlie knowing what I was, I didn't bother with contacts when he visited.

The rest of the wolf pack had started to visit more. At first they would tag along with Jacob, but now they would arrive on their own. Paul and Emmett got along like a house on fire. They'd even had wrestling matches, which was always fun to watch. Jacob and Leah were kind of together. They never confirmed it to anyone but the two of them were always together. I never had the chance to give him a bit of stick about it because she was always with him. She had also warmed to our constant presence in her life. She was still a little bit shy, but she was getting there. Sam and Carlisle could talk for hours on end about anything from the weather to the inner workings of the wolves mind, quite often they would disappear to Carlisle's office and spend all day in there talking, sometimes Jasper would join the both of them.

There had been no visits from any other nomad vampires, so it was all very peaceful in Forks. I had not seen Angela, or Jessica, or anyone else for that matter. I had received a few emails from Angela and I had replied, she was off to college. I had told her Edward and I were taking the year off, to travel. That was what our story was to outsiders. Angela thought I was so lucky, and wanted me to send photos through as often as possible, I hadn't mentioned to however that I was still in Forks, and didn't actually have any idea whatsoever when I would start traveling, and I wondered if she would notice if all the photos I would send when I eventually traveled would be taken at night, or on a overcast day. Here I was worrying about photos in the dark, when she would most likely notice my lack of aging.

"Love?" Edwards's velvet voice interrupting my train of thought.

"Huh?" I responded, and he chuckled.

"Everyone is here." He said

"And its time for presents!!" Alice's voice said loudly. We all made our way slowly to the living area. The Wolf pack, Charlie and The Cullen's. Alice had done an amazing job with the Christmas tree. It was huge and decorated in blue and silver. There was presents galore under it, and it didn't go unnoticed that the wolf pack suddenly felt uncomfortable. They hadn't realized they would be receiving presents, and they knew the Cullen's were extremely generous. I had yet to get the urge to shop like Alice did, and I soon discovered she knew no bounds when it came to Christmas present shopping. Edward and I had come up with out own idea for a present for Jacob, while Alice had taken full responsibility for everyone else's presents, including Charlie. I had no clue what she had brought him and suddenly realized maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let Alice pick it up.

Alice went around handing out presents to everyone, and the wolf pack were grateful but were embarrassed with all the gifts they supplied. Boxes and boxes of Nike running shoes, and boxes of stylish denim shorts. It only took at least 10 minutes and the boys were arguing over what styles they wanted. I couldn't help but giggle at them. Leah made no secret of the fact she was glad she was girl in the pack, she didn't have to share her shoes or shorts with anyone, plus she got shirts to.

Next was Charlie's present, and even though like me he hated being centre of attention, there was no hiding the fact he loved his present. A fish finder, how appropriate for him.

There were regular presents for the Cullen boys, games, hi tech toys that I don't even know the purpose for which they were made for. It was incredibly hard to buy for people who already seemed to have everything, so the best you could do was buy the latest thing out that they hadn't brought already, and even then that didn't leave much you could get the Cullen's. Alice received earrings from Jasper, and she loved them, she already knew she would. Emmett gave Rosalie some little outfit that she quickly hid away before even we had a glimpse of it, but we all heard her hand slap across the back of Emmett's head and we all roared with laughter at his expression.

Edward and I had not bothered with presents; I had made him promise me not to get anything for me. I had already received enough, a house, the Volvo and most importantly, him. What more could I want or even deserve. But we had decided to do something special for Jacob. If it was not for him our relationship may have fallen apart all because of not communicating.

Jacob was arguing with Paul over who's Nikes would make them faster, when we walked over to him.

"No, I really do think these shoes are made for speed," he said jokingly, then pointed at Paul's "while yours are made for comfort." He had started laughing.

"Think you're so funny, don't you." Paul said, but he was smiling at Jacob.

"I don't think Im funny Paul…..I know Im funny." He replied, still laughing.

"You being a comedian again are you?" I said to him as we came closer to him.

He just turned and winked at me. He looked so happy, I didn't know if it was Leah or something else, but he was that old happy Jacob again. This Jacob was in a good place in his life and I only hoped that Edward and I could help with that.

"We've got you a little something Jacob, from Bella and myself. It may seem a little extreme at the moment but we think you deserve this."

"Oh" Jacob said his face suddenly serious.

Edward spoke a little quieter now, even though we all knew everyone could hear us anyway, but maybe they were too distracted with their own presents to worry about our conversation.

"It's our way of saying thank you," he looked down at me, and put his arm around me pulling me closer to him.

"Thank you for?" Jacob looked confused.

"Thank you for giving us our forever Jacob. If it wasn't for you, well, I don't even want to think about what may have happened." And I felt his arm tighten around me.

"No big deal." Jacob said.

"Yes it is a big deal Jake," I said. "Well it is to us, it's a huge deal. You gave us our forever, so wed like to give you something to help with your forever, well maybe you won't be around forever but maybe this can help with that. Like, you can leave it to your children one day or something."

"Bella? What are you talking about?" Jacob looked totally lost, so I placed the plain white envelope in his hand.

"This better not be money." Jacob growled.

"Its not." Edward promised.

We watched quietly as Jacob opened the envelope and read the contents, he looked at Edward and I, then back at the papers, then back at us.

"You brought me a mechanic shop?" he stuttered.

"Yes, but its empty at the moment, and its kind of rundown, and its in serious need of doing up but its yours Jacob. We can help get it cleaned up, it won't take long. Maybe you don't want to open it now, maybe you want to leave it for when your settled down." I spoke quickly now, trying to get everything out I wanted to say before he spoke again. "You can even employ Rosalie, she's a good mechanic, and Alice has already volunteered to do the books, which you know she is good at. You've got the talent to really make yourself known as a good mechanic Jake, and it's in a good spot in the industrial area of Port Angeles, and you know one day you could leave it to your children."

Jacob stood staring at Edward and I. I hoped I didn't say too much, and I hoped he would like it. Alice was all for renovating the place before we gave it to Jacob, but I didn't see that going over well. I was hoping that giving Jacob a workshop that needed work would make him feel better about the whole situation.

"Say something." I said to Jacob. He didn't look mad.

"Im speechless." He whispered.

"That's got to be a first." Rosalie called out.

"A simple thank you will suffice." Edward said smiling, obviously answering his thoughts.

"Thank you" Jacob stuttered, "Thank you, it's too much, Im overwhelmed, but thank you so much Edward, Bella. I….I… really don't know what to say."

"A hug will do then." I said, and within a second Jacob was hugging Edward and me. When he stood back he had tears in his eyes.

"Are you going to cry Jacob Black?" Edward mocked him.

"No" he retorted as he wiped his eyes, "just your stink made my eyes water." He said smiling.

"Oh go on, I think maybe you smelled yourself." Edward replied chuckling.

Jacob smiled, then his face was serious again, his dark eyes twinkled though, with excitement. "Seriously though, thank you for this. It means so much to me to receive this; my mind is already planning how I want things to look at MY work shop. This is amazing. I could never thank you enough."

"Saying thank you and accepting our gift was more then enough." I told him.

"Ok ok, now let's eat!!!" Alice's voice chimed. "Paul's stomach is growling, and I tell you what, it's not a pretty sound!"

Now that Charlie was aware of what we were we made no attempt to pretend to eat, we simple mingled with the people eating. Everyone was impressed, like always, with the food prepare.

"Fantastic" Charlie had said.

"Some good shit," Paul had told everyone, had he stuffed his mouth.

"Awesome," Seth said as he got stuck into his 3rd helping.

The rest of the day went fast, in between snacking on leftovers, playing Emmett's new games, and with the new gadgets it was late evening before we knew it.

Billy Black had headed off earlier with a large tray of leftovers, which no doubt Jacob would go home and eat. Most of the wolf pack and left, Leah and Jacob included, as he left we could hear him suggesting names for his workshop while Leah told him they were lame, or had game. I laughed when I heard her say that to Jacob. Sam was upstairs with Carlisle again; Paul and Emmett were having challenges on some new game, while Esme and Alice tidied the kitchen. Rosalie was out in the garage putting some new piece in her car that she brought herself for Christmas. Edward and I said our good nights and made our way to the cottage.

"Did you have a nice first Christmas?" he asked as we walked towards our cottage.

"The best." I said, I couldn't hide my happiness.

"I do wish I could have got you a gift my love." He said quietly.

"Maybe next year," I suggested. "You've already give me so much this year."

He sighed, he would disagree with me, always saying I had got it the wrong way around and it was I who had given him everything.

"Don't disagree with me Edward, not tonight, its still Christmas."

He turned and smiled at me, my favourite smile. "Merry Christmas Bella." He said, and kissed me softly on the lips.

"Merry Christmas Edward," I replied, kissing him back.

"You know since I didn't give you a present, I do feel kind of bad." He kissed me on the cheek, "I was thinking maybe I could be your gift tonight, and you could unwrap me." He kissed my other cheek then looked at me, his smile was amazing, his eyes twinkling mischeiviously.

"Well Mr. Cullen that I could do. I think I like Christmas, it could be Christmas everyday if I could unwrap you everyday, everyday of forever. It would be perfect"

"Our Forever." He whispered, and took me in his arms.

"Sounds perfect" I said back, already losing myself in his eyes. "I couldn't ask for anything more." and with that, I picked him off the ground, laughed at his shocked face as I ran with him to the cottage so i could unwrap him....


So that's the end of this particular story. I know its a abit of an abrupt ending but I didnt really know how else to end it and move on to the next story of their life. My next story is set in the future. It didn't seem right to set up a whole other story set in the future within in this one.