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So this is death

It's a strange feeling. Awaking from the dead. I was dead, I'm sure of it. I had felt my eyes get heavy, my thoughts becoming muddled, then blackness and nothing. The next thing I knew I'm hearing a strange scratching sound. My eyes are still closed and I contemplate the sound for a while, it's familiar but at the same time completely new. Then I recognize it, its dirt moving. Like when an insect borrows into the earth. But why on earth…

My eyes fly open. Nothing. Complete blackness. It's disconcerting and I don't like this at all. I move my hands and find wood at my sides. It was all around me. I put my hands above me, the wood was inches from my nose. I was in a coffin. Guess the being dead part was true. But not now. I was alive, or at least, not dead. I'm just beginning to realize there is a difference.

I don't like this coffin. The wood splinters under my fingers. Which are stronger then I remember. Cool earth tumbles onto my face and chest, I can feel the worms moving, hear the blood moving through their tiny bodies. Hungry. I claw at the wood, tugging and pulling until the hole is big enough for my shoulders to fit through. I keep my eyes closed and make my way by feel as I push dirt away from me, instinctively seeking the surface. The earth was loose and moved easily, I found myself relieved to discover I no longer needed to breath.

My finger break the surface and I collapse onto the damp dewy grass. I hear a rustling, and I turn my head towards the sound. The hem of a white dress edged in gold brocade obscures my vision. I glance up, searching for a face and find the most beautiful face I have ever seen. It's familiar and I realize with a jolt it's the noblewoman from the alley. A mop of golden curls frame her delicate heart shaped face and I find myself staring into her large sapphire blue eyes. An unneeded breath catches in my throat, and I slowly pick myself up. I tower over her by head and shoulders; she is such a delicate slip of a thing.

She smiles at me and reaches up to stroke my cheek.

"My darling boy" she murmurs, almost to low for me to hear. "Do you want to have some fun?"

I look into her soulless eyes, and smile. So this is death…