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Title: Family 101

Category: Romance/Humor/Drama

Rating: M (For safety)

Pairing: Uchiha Sasuke And Uchiha-Uzumaki Naruto

Summary: Sasuke and Naruto are now married. A baby on the way. Watch them as they try to be a family. Just what does it takes to be a family. (This story is about family and parenting).


Chapter 1: A Son

Naruto sat on a lounge chair beside his and Sasuke's bedroom window. He watch as the sun rise a sign of his husband return from his first solo mission out of the village after being married together for almost 3 months. Naruto sat silently with both hands rest a top his protruding stomach his right hand rubbing gentle circle around the area where his baby was moving every once in a while. Naruto look down on the floor where he was sited and watch as Takara move once in a while trying to get a comfortable place so he could sleep. Watching Takara and feeling the baby moved inside him made him remember the time when Sasuke had propose to him. The memory couldn't help but send tears to his eyes. His teme was so gentle and so sweet to him and even though his teme had been like that to him even before they were engage or married like now. That night had been different, Naruto couldn't explain it but it was different in a very good way. Naruto was so caught up in his thought that he didn't see a man with raven hair and onyx eyes watch him from the path near the entrance of the Uchiha district nor did he saw when the man disappear from his place and appear just outside the open bedroom door.

"Not paying attention is bad for the baby love." A voice that was so familiar made Naruto raises his head from watching Takara to the man leaning on the door frame.

"And how would it be bad for the baby?" Naruto asked as he watches his husband walk towards him.

"It's bad for the baby since if you're not paying attention, means enemy ninja could sneak up on you and hurt you and the baby." Sasuke said as he pulled Naruto out of the lounge chair and gently pulled Naruto against his chest where Naruto had rest his head on Sasuke's chest and snuggled contently.

"But then you would be there to save me and the baby right?" Naruto asked looking up as Sasuke with his head laying on Sasuke's right shoulder blade while said Uchiha look down at Naruto lips almost touching.

"Of course love." Sasuke simply answered capturing Naruto lips in a heated battle making Naruto moan in undiluted passion and lust.

"Beside, if you're not here with me than what is Takara for." Naruto panted out as Takara who was wide awake after sensing Sasuke's chakra yawned and look at Sasuke as if like saying to Sasuke 'Yeah, what am I? Chop liver?' "I swear Suke, with Takara, it's like having you around even when you're on missions. His very protective of me just like you." Naruto said in a teasing way to irk Sasuke but said raven could see that Naruto was in fact thankful for having Takara around, at least with Takara he didn't have to worry about his loveable dobe, since anyone who would hurt his dobe would need to go through Takara first and I tell you, Takara may be a cute and what you call a dog with a big soft heart like his owner Naruto, but once you try to hurt anyone of his owner then Takara behave just like Sasuke. Oh, and let's not forget Kyuubi-kaasan, she somehow had bestow some of her chakra to Takara. Don't asked Sasuke and Naruto about it because they didn't know how that had happen, they were just told by Kyuubi and that's that.

"Good, I didn't get you a nin-dog for you to just display him around the house." Sasuke said as he looks at Takara and somehow the dog understands what his raven owner was trying to tell him with his onyx eyes. 'Thank you for looking after them both for me.' Takara look at both his owners for a second before standing up on his four legs and leave the bedroom at the same time standing up on his hind legs, biting the door handle and started to walk in his hind legs to close the door to give his two beloved owners a private time to themselves.

Sasuke moved Naruto and himself on their king size bed. Once Sasuke was laying on his back with Naruto cuddle next to him with his head on Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke asked the question that he was anxious to know the answer too.

"How are you and the baby love?" Sasuke asked as he carded his hand on Naruto blond tresses.

"Well Tsunade baa-chan said I was a little small for a 5 month old pregnant person and that our baby is smaller than it should be…" Naruto said and then put a finger on Sasuke's lips to silent his husband who was going to react to the news. "Before you continue, let me finish first." Naruto said as he felt Sasuke reach for the hand that was silencing him, Naruto felt Sasuke kiss his finger before gently laying their entwined hands on top of Sasuke's chest while Sasuke send him a silent message that told Naruto to continue. "Anyway even though the baby is small, Tsunade said that the baby is healthy and doing okay and the same goes to me. According to her, there are cases were a pregnant people is smaller than the appropriate size but still is healthy and deliver a healthy baby." Naruto said as he watch his left hand that was entwined with Sasuke's (1) right hand, he watch as their wedding band and his engagement ring glitter as Sasuke's chest rise and fall as his husband breath.

"I see, you didn't get any pain at all when I was away?" Sasuke asked as he savors the moment. If he learned something from his dobe, one of them is to enjoy life and that was he was currently doing enjoying his time with his dobe and the life they had made together. Sasuke stop carding his fingers on Naruto's tresses but instead his hand migrated to Naruto's baby bump where Sasuke could feel his baby shift.

"I did, but nothing that I can't handle." Naruto said as he felt Sasuke rub gentle circle on his tummy where their baby was located. Naruto gasp when their baby kicks a bit harder than he was doing hours before. "I see that our baby recognize that his daddy was the one rubbing my tummy and decided to say hi." Naruto said giggled as he heard Sasuke chuckled at what he said.

"Did Tsunade-sama tell you if the baby is a boy or a girl?" Sasuke said as he continued rubbing Naruto's stomach making Naruto moan from both pleasure and pain. Pain because the baby was excited to have his father close so he was making that excitement known by kicking harder than he was hours ago and pleasure because the part that Sasuke was gently stroking was one of Naruto pleasure spot.

"I didn't want to know at first since you aren't there with me but Kiba was with me and you know how exited he is being an uncle that he demanded and to make the story short Tsunade got pissed from all the yapping Kiba was doing so in the end to shut him up she told us." Naruto said as he remembers the incident.

"And?" Sasuke asked making Naruto stop remembering the incident so that he could continue.

"And you have a healthy baby boy love." Naruto said and gave a squeak when Sasuke suddenly sat and bringing Naruto with him.

"What…" Naruto question was halted when Sasuke put his ear on Naruto's tummy while once hand caress Naruto's tummy. Naruto kept quiet as he looks down at his husband action. He watches as his husband whisper to their son and talk to their son as if it was already born and understands what he was saying. As Naruto watch Sasuke, he can't help it but to fall in love with Sasuke all over again.

"Did you hear that love? Our son is talking to me." Sasuke said suddenly breaking the silence as he heard a gurgle or grumbling sound (he wasn't sure) coming from Naruto's tummy. Naruto laugh upon hearing what his husband had said. "What's so funny? Our son is talking to me; it only shows that he knows his daddy's voice too."

"Sasuke, I'm sure that you're right, our son recognize your presence and your voice but right now I'm pretty sure that it wasn't you're son talking to you." Naruto said holding back a laugh. Naruto saw the confuse look from Sasuke's face so he added, "I'm the one talking to you Suke, it's early morning and I hadn't had breakfast yet." Naruto let out a small giggle at Sasuke's shock look.

"Really, just when I thought that our son is talking to me." Sasuke said as he help Naruto out of the bed so they could go down to their kitchen and prepare breakfast.

"Suke, in a way, your son is talking to you." Naruto said as Sasuke looks at Naruto waiting for Naruto to continue. "His telling you that his hungry just like me."

"Then shall we go to the kitchen then and feed you both." Sasuke offered as he slid his right hand on Naruto's left and both made their way to the kitchen.

"Suke." Naruto said as he stop at the door leading to the kitchen.


"I love you!"

"And I love you too!" Sasuke said as he kiss Naruto with all his love and passion. Once they finish with their small make out session both entered the Kitchen with Takara following behind them with breakfast in mind.

(1) In some countries people put wedding band on left hand because of tradition or since according to those countries the left hand contains vena amoris or vein of love. Although in other countries such as Columbia, Haiti, Denmark, Germany Greece, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain (except in Catalonia), Macedonia, Ukraine, Venezuela and Serbia they wore their wedding band on the fourth finger of their right hand.

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