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Sasuke was currently laying on his and Naruto's bed with a 2½ month old Saeki laying on top of his chest sleeping. As he continued to think of the past 2 months of his life with his son and wife. He was so deep in his thought that he didn't realize Naruto's presence, he was only able to realize it when he felt the other side of the bed dip due to Naruto who went to lay beside his husband.

"What are you thinking about?" Naruto said as he lay on the bed facing Sasuke.

"I was thinking about the past 2½ month of our lives with Saeki." Sasuke said as his left hand reach for Naruto's while his other one is holding Saeki securely on top of his chest.

"And?" Naruto asked as both his and Sasuke's hand intertwined with each other.

"And I know for a fact that I won't change anything in my life. I'm so damn happy and contented with my life right now with both you and Saeki." Sasuke said looking Naruto straight in the eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too Sasuke." Naruto answered. And both shared a soft kiss before both cuddled together as best as they can without waking Saeki up. And once they are both comfortable Sasuke and Naruto had fallen asleep.


Note: This chapter revolves around the life of Takara. From beginning and after Uchiha Saeki was born.


Chapter Seven: Takara's POV, From Beginning To Now

When I was first taken by my human Uchiha Sasuke out of the box I was in together with my brother and sister. My first thought was 'This human is strong and powerful a worthy master to serve' and serve I did, doing everything my human Sasuke had asked.

When I first met my master's mate, Uzumaki Naruto or now known as Uchiha Naruto, which happens to be my real intended master, since Uchiha Sasuke had adopted me for Naruto. Anyway, when I first met my human Naruto, I realize on my young pup's mind that my human Naruto was different, I can sense that my human Naruto was special, I just can't put my paw on it, although one thing is for sure, I'll protect my human Naruto with my life. In fact I'll risk my life for both master.

That fact had become a reality when 3 months after I was adopted. My human Uchiha Sasuke was out on a 3 day mission, living me alone with my other human Uchiha Naruto. For the 3 months I had been living with my humans, I realize or rather deduced that what makes my human Uchiha Naruto special was the fact that he was a walking pregnant male which in my very young mind was out of the ordinary. Anyway I was minding my own business while keeping an eye out at my human Naruto when suddenly the front door of the house burst open and 5 man entered the house, some started to trash the place while one of them grab my startled human and hit my master on the face.

I might be young but I'm smart and for the last 3 months I'd been accompanying my human Naruto for a check-up with a busty woman my human called ba-chan, I understand how vulnerable my human is right now. My human can't use his chakra and with the stress of what was happening right now, I knew that I must act or my human and the pup my human is carrying would be in danger. So without a plan, I started to attack taking out the one who post the most threat to my human, the one who still had a hold on my master.

Who would have thought that 5 men could be so strong, I was baring my teeth out while growling. I was in pain, I probably have a broken rib or two and I started to feel lightheaded, although I didn't show it, not wanting to show weakness in front of my enemies. My human Naruto is standing behind me feeling useless. The 5 men was about to attack and I to defend when a chakra shield came out of nowhere and surrounded me and my human. And that was the first and the last time I met the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the real reason why my human Naruto is different from the others, and also the reason why I'm going to be different from my brothers, sisters and all of the nin-dogs. And I was right, the Kyuubi no Kitsune had taken over my Human Naruto's body and told me that she, the Kyuubi no Kitsune would bestow upon me some of her chakra so that I could use it whenever I wanted to save and protect my human. In order to protect my human I agreed and then the pain in my body vanish followed by the chakra shield that was around me and my human. I use the powerful chakra that the Kyuubi no Kitsune had bestow upon me to catch my unconscious human, which according to the fox would be asleep for a while and would have no recollection of what had happen. Once my human is secured I use my newly acquired power to defeat my enemies in pulp and that is when my other human Uchiha Sasuke witness upon his arrival.

Just by looking at the scene and interrogating one of the nearly unconscious men, my human Uchiha Sasuke, had figured out what had happened except for the Kyuubi thing. Anyway my human had quickly wrote something on a piece of paper and told me to deliver it to the busty blonde they call Hokage. I did what I was told and once I got back, I brought with me the Hokage and some ANBU, said Hokage went towards the couch to check on my still unconscious human Naruto who was laid there sometime while I was out delivering the message. As the Hokage check on my unconscious human, the ANBU that I brought started arresting the now 5 unconscious men.

Once everything was settled and everyone had left. I found himself in front of a very thankful Sasuke and a plate with 5 generous serving of steak as payment for my good deed. After that incident it goes without saying that said incident never happen again and both my humans realized that it was due to me who happen to acquire great powers from the Kyuubi no Kitsune, they don't know when or how but I can say that both of my human are thankful.

Few more months had past and my human Uchiha Naruto is finally ready to give birth to his pup. Actually he was a few days early and they were supposed to celebrate an occasion called Christmas Eve. Anyway I was laying behind the couch trying not to listen to my human crying out in pain every once in a while, however, no matter how much I try, I just couldn't block the sound and that cause me to faint, before I fainted though, one though cross my mind 'at least the old pervert Jiraiya had fainted first.'

When I first came to consciousness, the first thing I heard was a faint whimper coming from one of the bedroom upstairs. I went to investigate and walk towards the room where I remembered my human called Nursery.

Upon entering, I saw my human Uchiha Sasuke cradling a bundle of blanket. My human saw me and beckon me to come nearer. Once I was near enough, my human had lowered himself to show me what was inside the bundle and what I saw is the cutest thing, very small and fragile, I could hear my master talking but it wasn't registering to me all I could hear was the soft breathing of my human's pup and the words 'His name is Uchiha Saeki and his going to be your new charge.' Spoken to me by my human Uchiha Sasuke.

And that is the beginning and the now of my life as Takara, the loyal and faithful guard dog of the Uchiha Family.

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