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Half an hour…

Into the weirdest…


Unbelievable day Naruto was having. His right arm was bandaged and he had Band-Aids plastered all over his face. Wearing a new, orange T-shirt, black pants, the same sandals, and his headband wrapped around his right arm, the boy slowly, but surely made his way across the Land of Woods and back home. Of course, the illusion that he was alone didn't come to pass, as he was constantly haunted by the presence of his closest friend…

As it turns out, it was more bearable then he expected.

A small smile on his face, he watched as Fu floated around him, giggling happily and taking to the skies. She eventually returned to ground level and, while the young Jonin walked along with his hands in his pockets, she came to float upside-down right next to him, both of them side-by-side.

"So! Are we going to your home now, Naruto-kun?" she asked. "I bet its lovely…"

"Swamped, actually," Naruto grinned at her. "People keep barging in unannounced. I'm running out of room at the estate."

"Oh, wow! You live at an estate? Your own estate!" Fu exclaimed, floating round to his other side and grabbing the scruff of his shoulder, shaking it enthusiastically. "That's amazing! Does it have a hot spring? I bet it does!"

"Yup! Coincidentally, the first question everyone has asked me upon mention…"

Fu squealed excitedly and did flips through the air, but lost control and eventually hi the ground with a loud thud, face first. Naruto stopped walking and quickly bent down to help her, finding it rather surprising that he could still touch and feel her. For a manifestation, she sure was one of good quality.

Groaning, the green haired girl smiled at Naruto as he knelt next to her and rubbed the back of her head in a similar manner he did.

"Oops… I need to work on my flying…"

"That's… okay…" Naruto replied, but then looked away. His expression of delight falling, he let his fingers wander her shoulders, tickling her a little at his touch. However, when she saw the look of hurt and regret etched on his face, Fu quickly became concerned and leaned it, touching his cheek tenderly, and tilting her head at him.

"W-What's wrong, Naruto-kun?"

"It's just… it's my fault that you're like this. If I just… if I did… if I had just let you 'kill' me, you wouldn't be in this situation, and we could have lived happily together, as normal people," Naruto sighed, looking away, and laying his hand against hers as she caressed his cheek. "If you're angry at me… I'll… I'll understand…"

"N-Naruto…" Fu moved in. Pulling the young ninja towards her, she pressed her cheek against hers. The strange warmth Naruto felt off of her applied itself to his skin as she nuzzled him affectionately, making him blink in surprise at her friendly actions. "I don't blame you for what happened. I… I shouldn't have acted the way I did… if I… if I had just listened, and trusted you like I should have… then… things wouldn't have turned out this way, and I would still be walking about…"

Naruto blinked, and then smiled when he saw her grin.

"Besides, this is AWESOME!" She suddenly took to the air, and floated about ten meters above him, hands on her hips and looking proud. However, as she started talking and expressing her excitement, she starting drifting off to her right, with Naruto following her with his eyes. "Look at me! This is way cooler then transforming and performing ninjutsu! I can fly anywhere I want, I can walk through stuff, I can pick up objects and scare the crap out of people, and I can get the full person-to-person experience and then some." She continued drifting through the air, Naruto raising an eyebrow as she didn't seem to stop from her slow, linear motion. "I mean, you honestly have to try this, Naruto-kun! Being separated from my physical body never felt so cool! I can also age, so I'm not immortal, but I can't be killed! Hell yeah!"

"Where are you going?" Naruto asked with a chuckle, seeing as Fu was now floating away from him.

"Uhh… I ahh… I don't have… full control over my flight patterns yet. But this is still awesomeDAMMIT! STOP!" Fu began flailing around in mid-air awkwardly in an effort to stop herself as she drifted further and further away. Naruto shook his head with a grin and, getting to his feet, chased after her down the road.

He eventually caught up with her, and managed to yank her back down to his level. Laughing and giggling along the way, the pair continued onwards, crossing through the Land of Woods and back home. However, Naruto, not forgetting the details regarding his mission's specifications, remembered he needed to pass across the Land of Wind, before going back home. So, he took a detour, and began heading North Easterly.

Not too far away…

Sakon and Ukon breathed there last when suddenly, the same body they shared stopped functioning from several different factors. Number one was the massive amounts of damage patterned across their bodies, as well as having most of their blood drained from them through several holes punctured in several places, particularly the gaping hole Naruko had her fist currently through and holding them two feet off of the ground, her hand grabbing his spine. One of the other more irrelevant factors would be that they had the shit kicked out of them.

Tayuya, crawling back to her feet after having the beating of a lifetime, looked up, trembling from head to toe, and bleeding pools of blood from open wounds. When she did, she watched as Naruko ripped her arm out of the suspended Sakon, and allowed his corpse to fall lifeless to the ground.

With another Sound Four member littering the battlefield, Naruko looked up towards the only surviving member, across a field covered in craters, scorch marks, splits in the earth, weapons and blood. With Sakon and Ukon lying dead on the ground in their own pool of blood, they accompanied the corpses of Jirobo, who had his head severed, and Kimimaro, who had literally been turned into a pretzel, his limbs twisted and bent in all sorts of places. It was a very miserable battlefield to be present on.

When Naruko spotted Tayuya, the red head gasped and quickly leapt to her feet, pulling out her flute and gripping it tightly in a single-handed grip.

As soon as she brought her musical weapon out, her Cursed Seal once again activated, the black patterns from it crisscrossing over her skin like square lightning bolts. The markings didn't just resemble random etchings on her skin; it also rapidly boosted her physical and chakra strength. With her energy level climbing to a reasonable level, she prepared for a second engagement with the blonde haired woman.

However, Naruko, having already proven more then enough against all three of her Doki, and dispelling them in the process of the immense battle, had the red head trembling in her boots, and doubting her abilities to stand up to her one on one.

The moment she pulled out her flute, she also made a grab for a kunai lying on the ground, and pitched it at the girl, who simply side-stepped it before lunging for her opponent across the field.

Tayuya retreated, quickly playing a tune, and hitting the approaching Naruko with sound waves to send her into a genjutsu, and boost her chances of escape. However, the blonde girl simply shrugged off the effects in mid-run, and within seconds, caught up with the red head. With a quick slight-of-hand maneuver, Naruko drew her kunai and, grabbing Tayuya's flute arm, slammed her against the wall of the cliff.

The impact did more then hurt the girl, but also knocked the flute out of her hand and cracked the wall. Naruko further pinned the kunoichi against the hard rock, securing her by slamming the kunai straight through her shoulder and into the wall, and also holding back her other arm and pressing her knees against her legs, literally sprawling them against the wall.

Tayuya managed to bite back the pain from the kunai driven straight through her shoulder, and after regaining her sense of vision, glared back at the girl with the pigtails. Her brown eyes meeting green, the red head growled against pain and chakra exhaustion, her Cursed Seal faltering.

In a last ditch effort to sound tough, she leaned forward, meeting the girl nose to nose, and shouted. "What the fuck are you?"

Naruko only blinked her face expressionless. "I am a weapon for Lord Orochimaru, and nothing more. He brought me into this world, and as his tool, I will do everything in my power to make sure his dreams and aspirations come true."

"Y-You have no soul!" Tayuya hissed. "Look at yourself! You fucking… butcher my comrades without even flinching, and you just stride over corpses like they are your carpet! You're just trash, who belongs with garbage, you bitch!"

Naruko simply glared into the girl's eyes, seeing her fury and pain reflected in her orbs. Of course, in spite of being several times stronger then her, the blonde haired girl didn't let up, and simply looked her up and down, inspecting the damage on her…

As well as other things…

"You are quite well-endowed," Naruko murmured, looking down at the girl's chest, earning a raised eyebrow from her.


Before Tayuya could say anything else, Naruko suddenly reached down and grabbed her crotch, earning a yelp from the girl, who squirmed against her grip. The blonde's right eyebrow rose curiously.

"You're still a virgin. Fascinating. I would have expected you to have lost it by now," Naruko blinked, and then leaned in closer to the trembling Tayuya, who glared up at her through clenched eyes. "I can change that…"

"Fuck you!" Tayuya shouted, using her free hand slap the girl across the face. It didn't do much, as her shoulder was pinned down by the kunai, not to mention Naruko could barely feel the hits given to her. "What's wrong with you, freak?"

Naruko simply blinked, and pushed her arm back into place, leaning in closer so that their noses touched.

"Because I am a clone of a boy, I have more than just a healthy fascination of the female condition. I'm particularly interested in girls as hot-blooded as you," Naruko murmured in a monotone voice, leaning in more. "I'm sure you will satisfy me greatly…"

"Go screw yourself!" Tayuya spat in her face, before beginning to pump chakra through her veins. "Like hell I'll let you have your way with me! I'd rather die!" Her Cursed Seal began spreading across her body, and within seconds, she transformed, the remaining gauze wrapped around her head snapping as her horns grew out. Shaking off the saliva from her face, Naruko looked to see the girl grin as she transformed to the Second Stage of her Cursed Seal, her strength increasing and beginning to fight back against Naruko's, now beginning to struggle against her. "Come on, bitch!"

Naruko, gritting her teeth slightly, then smiled confidently, and reached up with her left hand, as Tayuya swung in with a hook to her face.

"Very well then…"

Blocking the red head's hook, Naruko batted it aside and grabbed the girl's shirt, ripping it from her body, exposing her bare chest. Shocked, Tayuya attempted to cover her modesty, only to receive an upper cut to the stomach. The blow alone was strong enough to smack saliva and blood flying from her mouth, before Naruko grabbed her by a horn and yanked her over her, showing her the back of her neck, where her Cursed Seal was, blowing brightly.

Naruko smirked, and then placed her left hand over it.

"Oh look. I've found your off-switch," she exclaimed.

Suddenly, seal patterns appeared across her hand, and with a twist, she switched off the Cursed Seal, smoke suddenly rising from between her fingers. Tayuya's eyes flew open and went blank, as she suddenly felt her chakra begin draining from her body.

Like how Yoroi drained chakra, Naruko simply sucked the dark chakra from Tayuya's body and added it to her own. As she did, the red head's body began changing back to its base state, the darkened skin becoming sucked into the blonde's palm clenching the back of her neck, and her horns shrunk away, leaving her normal skull intact. Once she had reverted back to normal, Naruko giggled and pulled her hand free.

Turning to glance down at the palm, she spotted the three square hooks of Tayuya's Cursed Seal on her hand, the tattoo remaining imprinted on her before suddenly burning away. Flexing her fingers, Naruko cracked her neck, shrugging.

"What a powerful seal. I can see why Lord Orochimaru favors it," Naruko then pulled Tayuya back upright, and glared into her now shocked and terrified face. Now with all of her chakra drained from her and Cursed Seal removed, she was defenseless. "Are you curious as to how I can remove your Curse Mark?"

Tayuya gulped, earning a frown from the blonde haired girl.

"Orochimaru bestowed upon me the greatest of his techniques, as well as the techniques of the shinobi with the most potential in the Land of Fire, all culminating into one, supreme body. A body that will one day become his," Naruko stated, tilting her head to the side and smirking. "I am the result of all his years of hard work, a shinobi who feels no pain, no remorse, no hatred… just a machine, one not completely limited by lack of emotions and compassion. You see, a shinobi with aspirations and feelings, is just as deadly as one without…"

Tayuya gritted her teeth as she glared back into the eyes of her dominatrix of an opponent, who furrowed her brow and lean in, pressing her forehead against hers.

"Before I kill you… I'm going to have some fun with you…"

Just as Naruko licked her lips and was leaning in for a kiss, a shadow crossed the wall in front of her, causing her eyes to widen suddenly. All of a sudden, blood suddenly sprayed out of her chest when a kunai lodged itself through her back, followed by the force of a bullet train suddenly rammed her in the side of her head a second later. Tayuya had to hold back a scream when her opponent was sent hurling through the air at high speed, crashing straight through a boulder, before hitting the ground some distance away.

When Tayuya looked back up from her head turn, she was given a sight only reserved for action comics: a figure bearing a striking resemblance to her opponent and would-be-rapist, standing before her, defending her. It took her several seconds to realize that it was in fact the boy from the Chunin Exams who fought the Three-Tailed Giant Turtle and its jinchuriki.

It was quite astonishing…

"The fuck…"

"Oh… exquisite…" Naruto murmured, looking behind him and smirking at the red head now hunched up against the wall, covering her chest. "So much for first impressions… nice to meet you…"


"Okay…" Naruto glanced back ahead of him, furrowing his brow and smirk turning into a frown. "What have we got here?"

Glaring towards the boulder he had just sent to offender through, he watched as the blonde haired girl pulled herself out of the rubble, stumble a bit, and then dust herself down. Once she was satisfactorily clean, she then walked around the giant rock and, reaching for her back, yanked out the kunai lodged in her spine.

Sparing it but a glance, she then threw it away, before throwing her right hand forward. Naruto was only able to catch a glimpse when suddenly, high velocity nano-wire suddenly shot through the air and whipped around him. He aimed to duck, and noticed that the wire wasn't directed at him, but to the kunai lodged in Tayuya's shoulder. The girl let out a sharp cry of agony when the blade was yanked out of her, and she collapsed to her knees.

The kunai returned to its owner with a whip crack through the air, before being caught in a tight grip. Naruto blinked when he saw how the girl was attached to the one weapon, let alone the shocking similarities between him and her.

If her body wasn't swimming with his own chakra, along with a host of other familiar energy signatures, Naruto would have mistaken her as a part of his clan. As it turns out, judging from the company she was in, she must have been one of Orochimaru's insane experiments.

Unlike the rest of them, this one was a success.

The girl cracked her neck to the side as soon as she was on her feet, and with a trickle of blood running down from the corner of her mouth, she simply glared back at her new opponent, who had just entered the battlefield.

"Mmm… I got rejected… oh well…"

"You'll be meeting yourself soon enough…" Yukari's words echoed through Naruto's head, causing him to roll his eyes in annoyance.

"Fan-fucking-tastic," the young Jonin muttered. "Anymore surprises I should be expecting today? Why don't we just throw in the leader of Akatsuki? Make it a full set!" He was obviously being sarcastic.

"So… you are my original template?" Naruko exclaimed, twirling her only kunai in her hand, before holstering it with cowboy like precision. "Granted I have a few more additions to my body in comparison to yours, I'd say you are a spitting image of myself…"

"Ditto," Naruto snapped back. "I can sense your foul chakra. You're something that shouldn't exist in this world, something vial and corrupt…"

"Shut your mouth, Kyuubi," Naruko pointed at him. "Don't talk to me like you understand everything about the world."

"Ouch, I'm not that mean, am I?" Naruto glanced back at Tayuya, who was just sitting there, listening to the talk being thrown about. The red head blinked and shrugged her shoulders.

"Sort of, shit-head…"

"Ah… okay," Naruto glared back over at Naruko. "I'll give you that one. However, I have no intention of letting you leave here alive, no matter how much you look like me… God… that makes no sense whatsoever…"

"This is beyond weird," Tayuya thought, furrowing her brow at the head-scratching boy. "Just let me die already, I don't need this shit…"

Naruko stepped back a little when she saw her doppelganger step towards her, his best glare fixated on her. Although she was feeling confident in her abilities, she wasn't in the mood of fighting against the original Naruto, who looked like he was raring to go at it. Comparing her chakra to his own, even though it was significantly lower then hers, she wasn't going to chance at going at the Kyuubi's chakra, which she could sense a lot of.

Deciding to play it safe, she backed down.

"My mission here is done. I'm going," Naruko stated, wiping the blood away from her chin. "Maybe we'll fight at another, more appropriate time…" Forming a hand-seal, slabs of earth suddenly jutted up from the ground around her, in a manner similar to one of Gaara's compressed sand techniques. The girl smirked at her copy before the giant lengths of earth suddenly slammed together around her, encasing her in the rocky tomb. "Later, dattebayo…"

Once she was encased, the rocks then pulled her into the ground, leaving only upturned earth and gravel in their wake. Naruto's right eye twitched when he watched the girl disappear, and shook his head.

"She's mocking me…"

Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto then glanced around and down at Tayuya, who desperately tried to cover up her modesty, and looked away with a heavy blush. The blonde simply blinked in interest of the girl, whom he recognized as the member of the Sound Four from his bingo book. Ignoring the fact that he had just saved a supposed enemy, he instead took into account, the remaining Sound Four members lying all over the place. Well, not as wholes, but in pieces anyway.

"Geez… you're incredibly lucky to be still alive, you know that?" Naruto commented, earning a glare from the girl who turned to look up at him. He then, finally, noticed that she was covering up her bear chest, and although he was more resilient to such displays, couldn't help but whistle. "Wow, good on you. You should probably find something to cover that up…"

"Fuck you, pervert!"

"Heh… well, at least it's not a thank you, like every other time. Points for originality," Naruto mused, turning around to face her fully, and watching her squirm in discomfort under her gaze. She blinked in surprise when he suddenly removed his shirt, and although her first thoughts were that he was going to do something unsavory to her, he instead handed her his shirt. "Here… you'll need this…"

Tayuya looked from the shirt to him several times, before slowly coming to a decision, and snatching it from here. Turning her back on him, she quickly slipped it over her head and on, ignoring the tatters of her last short still tucked into the purple rope belt around her waist.

Once the shirt was slipped over her, she began struggling to her feet, but ultimately failed due to a lack of chakra. Seeing her plight, Naruto helped her up. Despite her attempts to throw him off, including an annoyed glare and growl, she couldn't help but allow him to help her, and she casually fell into her arms. Thanks to her chakra being sucked out of her, she was now seeing triple, with the three Naruto's she saw in front of her moving in blurry circles.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Y-Yeah… I'm fine, shit-head," Tayuya replied, pushing off of him and out of his arms. "Just… just give me a moment…"

"Take all the time you need…"

After shaking off the dizziness and the fatigue, the red head then glared back up at the spiky haired blonde, who simply smiled down at her, hands on his hips. Looking him up and down, while not paying particular mind to his scarred upper-body, and well-toned torso and chest, she looked back up at his face.

"What are you smirking at?"


"Are you going to kill me, or what?" Tayuya asked, stretching her neck out a little bit and flexing her arms. "I am an enemy of your village after all, and since I have nowhere else to go now that that two-timing shit-stain Orochimaru tried to kill me, I guess you'll have to suffice." She held her arms out, leaving a big wide opening in her defense, and closed her eyes. "Go ahead, make it quick. I'm useless anyway… all my chakra is gone…"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow your roll," Naruto eased back a bit, still grinning in amusement. "I'm not gonna kill you. Heck, my policy against killing is a rather strict one, particularly after today, when I accidentally killed my best friend…"

Tayuya cracked open an eye and looked at him again. Considering his expression and the way his voice held no wavers of doubt whatsoever, she raised an eyebrow. "So… you're… not going to kill me?"

Naruto shook his head.

She then lowered her arms. "So you're going to bring me in for questioning? Right? Get some 'valuable' information on the Sound Village and Orochimaru? Great!" She threw her hands in the air briefly, before crossing her arms. "Perfect! Boy, this is, by far, the fucking worst day in my entire life. They'll probably torture me physically and mentally, even take away my virginity with what they'll do to me in ANBU headquarters…"

"Your virg… what? No!" Naruto shook his head. "Of course not, they won't… violate you in any way, unless you're completely uncooperative, rude, expectant of violation through sexual conduct, and, to put it as delicately as possible, are a bit of a whore, then they might comply to a gracious, half-an-hour function in the bed. But if you want to avoid that, then all you have to do is answer all of their questions without complaint, and be nice. Ibiki has a short temper, but is actually a softy outside of work. Although… I can't really guarantee anything from Anko…"

Naruto actually forgot about his sensei and her womanly ways, and visibly shivered at the prospect of her interrogation methods. He rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Damn… maybe I can find a loop hole…"

"So… they won't do any of that shit? Because I am fed up with it!" Tayuya shouted, turning away. "It's not like it's never happened before, I've always avoided it by killing the culprits or whatever… (sigh)… it's been tough being me…"

"Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I'll talk to you… interrogation wise of course. That is, if you want to come with me," Naruto said, nodding in her direction, and making it perfectly clear to her that she had options in this situation. "I'll understand if you don't want to, you are an Oto shinobi after all. If Orochimaru is out to get you, then I don't think you'll last very long on your own, unless you can fight him effectively. However, if you come with me, I can guarantee your safety."

Tayuya looked at him again, sizing him up. After taking in everything he has said to her so far, he didn't seem like an untrustworthy guy. In fact, he was the nicest, honest, most considerate ninja she has ever met. Every other shinobi outside of her companions were all yelling, accusing and stabby. It was a real change of pace for her.

So, setting aside her traumatizing experience with the evil doppelganger of the shinobi in front of her, she bucked up all the confidence she could, and betting it all on the cards she had, held her hand out to him.

"My name is Tayuya…"

"Tayuya… nice name," Naruto exclaimed. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki."

"Pleasure…" the red head replied, snatching her hand away from his. "Now, I'm not gonna bitch. You can take me back to your village and do whatever shit you want to me…"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her statement, to which the girl blushed heavily and looked away, embarrassed.

"I didn't mean literally, of course, cock-head…"

"What a colorful character. She will definitely be a real 'joy' around the village," Naruto smirked in amusement. "Alright then. You let me pull the strings, and try not to swear so much. I'm not sure the girls I hang around with will be very… pleased to hear some of those words…"

"I won't use the big 'b', 'p' and 'w'…happy?"

"Good enough…"

"Wait? Other girls?" Tayuya raised an eyebrow at him. "As in; girlfriends?"

"Well… yeah…"



"You think you're such a stud, don't you," Tayuya smirked at him. "Don't you go thinking I'll fall into line like the others. I'm not easy."

"I'm not expecting you to," Naruto laughed, crossing his arms. "But Tayuya… where have I heard that name before… I could have sworn somebody mentio…" he then looked up, his eyes widening when he suddenly remembered where exactly he had heard that name before. Her words poured into his head like a boiling tea into a cup…

"You yourself have restarted the clan, and are happily married to Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuuga, Anko Mitarashi, Tayuya…" Yukari's words and nobody else's.



"Oh… uhh… nothing," Naruto cleared his throat and turned away. "We should… probably get going. Fu!"

Tayuya blinked when she heard him call another name, and looked in the direction he was. She got the shock of a lifetime when she suddenly saw a transparent girl rise up from the ground, arms folded and glaring at the red head. The ghost-jinchuriki's jealousy obvious, she sized up yet another competitor, before looking back over at Naruto.

"You don't seriously intend to bring her back with you as well?"

"Fu-chan, I'm simply doing it because I feel that I need to," Naruto replied, walking up to the girl and reassuring her with a smile. "She needs help, okay…"

"Hmph… she's vulgar and rude," Fu stated, turning her head. "If you two are going to have kids, they'll be coming out of her, cursing like sailors…"

"Hey listen, it's not like that!" Naruto said, turning Fu towards her. Since she was lighter then a feather, she turned easily in mid-air. "I'm just helping her because she has nowhere else to go…"


The pair turned back to Tayuya, to see her staring wide-eyed at Fu, pointing at her with her mouth hanging open. Speechless, she settled for staring for the next few seconds, before her vocal cords eventually restarted.

"A… g-g-g-ghost…" she murmured.

A second later, she passed out, keeling over and hitting the ground, hard.

Naruto and Fu watched her fall, and once the red head was unconsciously sprawled out before them, the young Jonin ran a hand over his face and groaned.



Author's Note: I didn't want to drawl on the Sound Four's battle too much, the only one I really liked out of all of them was Tayuya anyway. I just wanted to convey that Naruko was so powerful that she effortlessly wiped the floor with them. If I were to play her anywhere, she would be the same strength as Kimimaro.

Anyway…hope you enjoyed the chapter…coming up soon, the Land of Snow Movie Arc.

Character Stats: (Evaluating Characters based on Rank in the Bingo Book. However, just because they are weaker by comparison, doesn't affect the overall conclusion of a fight, as a battle can go either way)

Not a complete list, just randomly selected characters, and completely irrelevant from the previous list.

(In order from weakest to strongest)


Iruka Umino

Hinata Hyuuga

Sakura Haruno

Subaku no Gaara


Anko Mitarashi

Yagura (Under Mind-Control)

Naruto Uzumaki

Kakashi Hatake





Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage)




Kisame Hoshigaki

Konan (I think so. She was one of the first to fuck up Tobi big-time)

Itachi Uchiha


Killer Bee



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Mia (Sage of Six Paths)