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Tsukaima no Chrono

Chapter 1: The beginning of a new story…

Sometime after what is known by some as the Book of Darkness incident, somewhere in the void between dimensions, through a swirling vortex of colour a metallic object majestically glides forth in silence. Looking much like a tuning fork with a spherical bulge in the middle from a distance, the L-class cruiser 'Asura' belonging to the Time Space Administration Bureau is where we find one of the protagonists of this story.

"Chrono-kun, convincing the people at Saint Church to accept and teach Hayate-chan the ways of ancient Belka will greatly smooth over the aftermath of the Book of Darkness incident." The commanding yet melodious voice belongs to a tall, green-haired lady of indefinite age dressed in the blue uniform of the TSAB navy bearing the insignia of an Admiral in command of a dimensional ship.

This is Lindy Harlown, the person in charge of the 'Asura'.

"Yes Captain, I will do my best to explain the circumstances regarding Yagami Hayate to Paladin Carim Gracia at the cathedral!" A diminutive blue haired figure standing in front of what appears to be a large door with a wormhole hovering in front of it reports, saluting smartly.

This is Chrono Harlown a 14 year old Mid-childan male who looks more like a 10 year old by our standards. He holds the rank of Enforcer in the TSAB military whose main job is to act as the arms and hands of the 'Asura' where its weapon systems are not suitable for the job. He is often dispatched on errands to negotiate, investigate, report and as his job title indicates ENFORCE the will and mission of the vessel to which he belongs.

"No need to be so formal, you feel like such a stranger to your mother sometimes… Oh where did my warm and loving son go? Don't forget to bring back some souvenirs for me and Fate when you come back!" A bright red blush appears on Chrono's face as he watches his mother and commander wave a hankerchief at him in a farewell gesture.

"Dimensional Teleport commencing in five seconds…" Hearing his colleague Amy's voice begin the countdown, Chrono feels the familiar magical energies involved in his form of dimensional travel gather around him ready to whisk him away via dimensional relays from the 'Asura' via TSAB headquarters to the planet Mid-childa where the Saint Church cathedral resides. What he wasn't expecting was a hovering green oval appearing above him and intercepting his transport stream. His only thought before he was sucked into that green oval which seemingly no one else had noticed was a stunned Eh…

As expected from such an advanced race of technologically boosted mages, they immediately noticed the anomaly as well as Chrono's subsequent disappearance from the teleport stream. But for all their sensors capabilities, they lost his signal forcing the TSAB to declare him MIA much to the distraught of his mother and newly adopted sister Fate… There are an infinite number of dimensions and it wouldn't do to waste the significant resources of TSAB's navy to search for a single person after all.

-Author's Notes-

Hello all, hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my very first fanfiction. I've had this idea bouncing in my head all day after marathoning both Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and Zero no Tsukaima, including all their sequels straight and found that I disliked what they did with Chrono in Strikers and I found Saito to be a bit too much like a typical high schooler to be a genuinely worthy hero.