A/N~ This is just something I wrote randomly a couple of years ago and found again on my laptop which is why Grissom is still present and Greg will not be represented as the more serious character he has become in latter seasons. I read the chapter and felt motivated to post it and will hopefully finish the next chapter and maybe even the whole story (once I remember what I was going to write in the first place!).

Hope you enjoy this little taster.

CSI Dork 2009.


© CSI Dork 2009.


The pounding drops of rain that were encompassing every available object be it carbon based or inanimate, showed no signs of letting up. The phrase 'soaked to the bone' seemed an understatement at this present time. Soaked through to the nuclei of every cell of her bone marrow may have been more accurate. However this was not a random thought she felt inclined to enlighten those that shared her current state of over-hydration with. It seemed as though few people cared for the weather - as though it were an after thought. She almost half expected someone to announce in surprised realisation that the precipitation was even present.

But no-one really spoke. Save for a murmuring of one or two patrol officers complaining about the quality of their coffee, the few people who had arrived at the scene shortly after herself were silent. Looking fixedly into the shallow hole that had been unearthed, they reminded her humorously of stereotypical road workers looking down a hole and not actually achieving anything.

Becoming somewhat jaded with the tedious behaviour of the strange group to which she had not yet been formally introduced but had heard a faint whiff of a rumour of their brilliance, she began drifting off in a state of reflection. It had been a stressful shift so far with over-sexed deviants groping her backside, proposing indecent rendezvous' and angry mothers screaming that their child had done nothing wrong after being charged with attempted manslaughter for kicking ten bells out of some poor teenager for the sake of five dollars.

All in all it had been a difficult night and she was only four hours into her first shift as a detective at the Las Vegas Police Department. Somehow getting stuck in torrential rain with irate patrol officers suffering from caffeine withdrawal, and forensic scientists who ought to have chosen a career in highway maintenance and saved themselves the college fees, seemed to be something that perhaps she ought to have at least expected. Or at least ought to have been in the job description.

There was a ripple of an attention shift as the lead criminalist moved as though he were going to speak. For some reason, the word of this slightly shorter than average, somewhat portly man was so valued that even the bored policemen wanted a piece of the action.

Before the much anticipated words even began to leave the mans lips, the pounding of the rain was overshadowed for a moment by heavy squelching footfall as another, younger, man with tousled hair plastered to his face by the rain and Converse trainers upon his feet appeared. His arrival was somewhat undignified by his slight stumble as he overcompensated to slow himself down in his haste which was met with a disapproving look from the older CSI who clearly had been waiting to have his say.

'Sorry I'm late, the car wouldn't start. What have we got?' the young man asked all in one breath taking a peek into the hole.

What was it with scientists looking into holes she wondered, edging slightly closer to get another look of the incomplete skeletal remains of an as yet unidentified victim. They were still partially buried and even though she was not a forensics expert herself, she knew that access couldn't be easy with the rain pouring down.

'Poor guy, he's soaked to the bone,' the younger man quipped, looking from his superior to his other work colleagues. The joke was met with silence.

She sighed and brushed wet hair out of her eyes.

Tonight was going to be a long night.