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"When Two Worlds Combine"

After Tabuu was defeated, the Smash world was at peace...For now.

In the depths of Subspace, a dark spores burst out of the ashes of what used to be subspace...

"Ahh...After many years, I, Tabuu, am free! Now, I must absorb more power regain myself, and make a new army of subspace so I can rule the world once again! Mwhahahahaha!" Tabuu said as he started to form back.

Then, Tabuu faded into the darkness, never knowing where he might appear next...

Right now in the Smash world, everyone is busy training for the next tornament. But little did they know that there was another world hidden somewhere, it was so obvious but they still didn't know.

While everyone was busy training, a mysterious figure sent a message.

The message was received to to another world.

While somewhere else...

"You've got mail!" It said on the big computer screen. "Nii-san! It's from our master!" The aquamarine hair colored girl said with joy, along side with a blue haired boy with a scarf around him.

"Master sent us a message...?" Kaito said.

"Yes. C'mon Nii-san, I wanna know what it says!" Miku said as she grabbed his hand and ran.

"Ahh! Miku, Wait!" The blue boy told her to stop but she wouldn't listen. Everyone laughed at the scene.

Miku opened the letter, it said:

"Hello Vocaloids, How are you?

I hope you all will keep singing so everyone will listen to your songs.

Take care of yourselves,


P.S. As a reward for your hard work, here's some presents for you all."

From the transmitter, they were some presents. They were all they were something that they like.

"Yay! Thank you, Master!" They all said.

They all enjoyed their gifts from their master. "Master always gave us the best gifts!" Len said while hugging his banana plushie. "Why, of course! Silly...Master made us after all." Rin said as she was drinking her orange juice.

As the Vocaloids enjoyed their gifts from their master, Tabuu reappeared deepest, darkest part of the vocaloid world. "Ahh...This looks promicing..." He said as he reached his hand out and let the data flow through his body. "The scars are starting to heal...Soon, I will have enough power to have my wings back and revenge for the lost I had..." As he vanished into thin air.

At night, Miku couldn't sleep, she felt something terrible was going to happen. So, she went out the balcony and she felt something wasn't there anymore.

Then, she heard a voice from behind. "What's the matter, Miku? Couldn't sleep?" She turned around to see who it is, it was just Kaito.

"Nii-san! You startled me..." Miku said as she laughed.

"Haha! Did I?" He laughed. Kaito looked at Miku's face, her smile turned into a frown. She seem to be worried about something.

"Something bothering you?" Kaito said. Miku nodded as a reply.

"Nii-san, look..." As she pointed at the sky. Kaito looked at where her finger is pointing.

"Something isn't right, the data stopped moving and they're starting to disappear. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen..." Miku said as she was worried what's going to happen next.

Suddenly, it was raining dark spores. "What are these?" Miku asked.

"Miku! Behind you!" As Kaito warned at her, she turned around seeing the dark spores forming into Primids. They were going to get surrounded.

"What are they?" Miku asked. "No time to ask! Let's get out of here and warn the others!" Kaito said as he grabbed her hand and ran out the balcony. Miku started to blush, she never held hands with anyone before.

"Hurry! Close the door!" Kaito yelled. Miku and Kaito closed the door quickly, trying to stop the Primids from coming in.

They both were breathing heavily. "That was close..." Kaito said.

Miku stood up and said. "C'mon! We gotta tell the others and Master!" Kaito nodded as he was starting to wonder if the door can hold on long enough for them to escape.

Miku ran to the computer room to send a message to Master.

Kaito pushed the emergency button. The loud serens made everyone awake. "What's going on?" Luka asked.

"Luka, I'm sorry that I woke you up but-" Then a huge bang interrupted them and the whole house started to shake.

"What's happening?" Luka asked. "I'll tell you later, right now tell everyone to go to the ship! Now!" Kaito ordered.

Their world started to collapse, pieces of data were fading soon, their world will disappear. They all ran to a spaceship, Master set the ship to auto-pilot so it will take them to a safe place without needing them to control it.

Meiko and Luka are checking to see if everyone's here.

"Well...that's everyone." Meiko thought everyone was there.

"Wait, where's Rin?" Luka noticed that Len's twin sister was missing.

"Rin...I'll get her!" Miku ran out of the ship and went back into their home to find her.

"Miku, wait! It's too dangerous to go back!" Kaito yelled.

"I don't care! Rin is our little sister! We can't leave her alone!" She yelled. Miku ran back in the house to find her.

"I'll go after her, I don't want her to get hurt." Kaito said.

"Alright, but you better hurry, we don't have much time!" Meiko said.

Kaito ran back in the house to find Miku.

"Rin! Rin! Rin, where are you?" Miku shouted and hoped Rin to reply. "Rin, please don't die." She said to herself.

"Miku!" Kaito ran to her.


"Miku, everyone's worried about you..."


"There's no time, let's find Rin and leave!"


They searched everywhere, they both called out for Rin, but Rin was nowhere to be seen. They were running out of time.

"Where could she be?" Kaito said. "We don't have much time left..."

"Their room, we haven't searched their room!" Miku said.

They ran into Len and Rin's room.

"Rin! Rin, where are you?" They yelled.

"Miku onee-chan?" Rin said.

"Rin?" Miku thought she heard her voice.

"Onee-chan! Over here!" Rin yelled.

"Rin!" Miku yelled, they found her under the bed.

"Rin! Are you alright?" Miku asked.

"Yes, I'm alright." Rin said.

Before they could say another word, a rock dropped from the ceiling. Kaito was the first one to notice it.

"Careful!" Kaito yelled.

"Ahh!" They both yelled, Kaito grabbed them both and pulled them out of their way.

"Hurry! This place is going to collapse!" Kaito said.

They nodded.

They ran back out quickly, back into the ship. They were safe.

"Rin!" Len yelled as he ran to his twin sister.

"Len!" She ran to his twin brother.

They both hugged each other.

"I'm so glad you're ok." Len said.

Everyone were looking back at them, it was cute.

"C'mon you two, go back inside." Miku said.

They all went back into the ship and flew away, as their home was destroyed, it started to fade into data. "Well...There goes our home..." Gakupo said as he looked through the window.

"Master opened a portal for us, now we can escape!" Meiko said, the ship went through the portal.

As the Vocaloids left their homeworld, Tabuu had became even more powerful than before. His wings were starting to grow back but they were darker than before. His eyes turned blood red. "Now that I'm fully recovered...I can finally plot on my revenge on those Smashers...Just you wait..."

Out of portal, they were in another world. A world that they never knew.

"Where are we?" Rin said.

"Watch out!" Kaito said.

Then suddenly a beam that came from nowhere hit the ship which made a large hole, Miku got sucked in. Kaito grabbed her hand and tried to pull her in.

"Miku! Hold on!" Kaito said to her.

"I can't! My hand feel like it's going to slip." Miku said.

"You can make it! You just have to believe in yourself, Miku." Kaito said as he held on to her hand.

Her hand was starting to lose grip, she can't hold on any longer.

"Miku, give me your other hand!" Kaito yelled.

"Goodbye Nii-san..." Tears were falling from her face, she let go of her hand and got suck out of orbit. The last thing she could ever see were Kaito's tears fell from his eyes.

"Miku! No!" Kaito yelled.

Everyone pulled him back in, they maybe safe but their loss of their sibling, made them unhappy.


"Kaito..." Meiko tried to comfort him by putting her hand on his shoulder.

Kaito was still crying. "Why...Why didn't I save her?" Kaito said to himself, then he pounded the metal flooring.

"Kaito..." Luka said in a calm voice.

"Miku...was more than a sister to me...She was the one who pulled me out the darkness and gave me a new life, my liking for ice-cream and she changed my whole life forever. Without her, my fans would have forgotten about me, I...would have been forgotten."

After they heard what he said, they all felt depressed. Not only that their only home is lost, their sibling was gone too.

At the Smash World...

While everyone was sleeping at night, everyone except Marth. He couldn't sleep isn't because of Ike's loud snoring, it was because he had a lot of things in mind. He wanted to take his mind off a lot of things so he wore his dark blue robe and went out to the Smash garden, the garden was beautiful. It was designed by Master Hand himself. Every single flower resembles each of the smashers. Especially, the blue roses which he loved most. In the middle of the garden was a big fountain with all of them in their statue forms. To him, everything was beautiful.

"My my, what a beautiful night! The stars are shining, the Moon is glowing in the night sky and the whole place makes me feel relaxed." Marth thought.

He looked at the night sky for a while and then he saw something falling from the sky.

"What is that?" He said.

When he looked closely at it, it was a girl with long aquamarine hair, tied in pigtails.

He reached his arm out to catch her, the girl lighty floated down to his arms. She wasn't that heavy to him at all.

"Who is she? Where did she come from?" He thought.

He touched her hand, she was cold like ice.

"It's getting cold out here, I'd better get Mario and see if she going to be alright." Marth thought.

He carried the girl till he he was in front of the door to Mario's room.

"Mario! Mario, open the door!" Marth said as he quickly knocked on the door.

The door opened showing a short, fat man with a moustache and an italian accent.

"Marth, what-a are ya doing here? Do ya even know what-a time it is?" Mario yawned.

"I'm sorry to bother you, Mario. But, I'm carring someone who's unconscious...Please take a look at her." Marth said.

Mario wore his white doctor coat and told Marth to come in to his room.

Marth gently placed her on a bed.

"Mama-mia...Who is-a she? Marth, Where did-a ya find her?" Mario said.

"I don't know who is she. But, I found her at the garden." Marth said.

"I see..." Mario said as he nodded.

Marth started to yawn.

"It's-a getting late. You should-a go to sleep, Marth." Mario said.

"Don't-a worry, I'll take good care of her."

"Thank you, Mario."

"You-a don't need to-a say that." Mario said. He opened to door for him and Marth went out of his room.

Marth walked back to his room and went to bed, thinking about what had happened not long ago.

The next morning...

After Marth got his breakfast, he left quickly. Some of the smashers wondered where is he going in such a hurry. So, they followed him.

Since it's the weekends, the Smashers don't have to worry about the battles between who versus who. Instead, they take a dayoff.

"How is she, Mario?" Marth said in a worried tone.

"After I did a check-up on-a her, she's-a fine. She-a only had-a few scratches, that's all. No-a vital warnings." Mario said.

"That's good. May I see her?" Marth asked.

"You-a may." Mario said.

Marth went in the room to visit her. So did everyone else, they wanted to know who is he visiting.

After they went in, they all saw a girl with long aquamarine pigtails lying on the bed.

"Marth, who is she?" Zelda said.

Marth turned his head around, seeing all the smashers have came.

"You all knew?" He said.

"No, but you were acting strange this morning, so we followed you." Zelda said.

"It's alright." Marth said.

"So, who is she? Do you know her?" Peach said.

"I have no idea who she is, I've never seen her before. Is she from any of your worlds?" Marth asked.

Everyone shook their heads, she's wasn't from their world.

"Then that must mean she's from somewhere else. Say, where did you find her?" Ike said.

"I found her at Smash garden last night, she fell from the sky while I was strolling around the garden." Marth said.

"The SKY?!?" Everyone said.

"Pika-pika!?!"(The sky!?!) Pikachu said.

"How is it possible?" Samus said.

"Since she is from another world, it is possible..." Fox said.

"Shh...She's waking up!" Marth said.

Miku slowly opened her teal eyes, her vision was still a blur.

"私はどこにいますか? この場所はどこにありますか?" (Where am I? Where is this place?) She said.

"をちゃんとしていますか?" (Are you alright?) Marth asked.

She looked at Marth and she thought it was Kaito.

"カイト, 申し分なくある!" (Kaito, You're ok!) She said and then hugged him.

"Huh?" Everyone said.

"Marth, did she just called you 'Kaito'?" Link asked.

"Kaito? Who's 'Kaito'?" Peach asked. Then, everyone started talking.

"Shush! Can't you guys shut up for a sec?" Ike said.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at the scene.

"すみません, 彼ではないです..." (I'm sorry, but I'm not him.) When Miku heard his voice, she looked up as her vision began to clear, it wasn't him.

"ああ! すみません, 私が誰かと思っていた." (Oh! I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else.) As she let go of him.

"は無事だ, 少なくとも良い." (It's alright, at least you're well.) Marth said as he smiled.

There was slience between them. Then, Miku broke the slience.

"ああ! 私はほとんど自分自身を導入することを忘れていた, 私は初音ミク" (Oh! I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Hatsune Miku.)

"私はマルスそしてこの私の友達です, アイク." (I'm Marth and this is my friend, Ike.) As he introduced his friend.

"Hello!" Miku said as she waved at Ike.

"Hi..." As Ike waved back.

"Marth, you understand what she's saying?" Zelda asked.

"Of course, she speaks Japanese, my language." Marth said.

Marth turned to everyone to introduce to this new girl. "Everyone, this is Hatsune Miku." Marth said.

"こんにちはみなさん!" (Hello everyone!) Miku said as she gave a politeful bow to everyone.

The Smashers started talking to each other about her and her appearance, "Welcome to Smash Mansion." Zelda said politly as she gave her a hand-shake.

Miku gently smiled at Zelda for her warm welcome.

"She's very cute!" Peach said.

"That's a very short skirt she got there, I wonder..." Snake mumbled.

"Snake!" As Samus slapped him.


Everyone else laughed, except the kids they wouldn't understand.

I'm using Google translate and Dictionary(dot)com "Full Text Translator" to translate this. The translation might be wrong, so if you have a better translator, PM me.

Ok, so let me tell you a few things about this story...

1. I have no idea what Tabuu is made of, so let's just say it's a combination of subspace and data.

2. Subspace is just like space. In space, time speeds up and back on earth, time slows down. So, the Smash world is just like earth. (If it was a few years in Subspace, then it would be a few months in Smash world. (Besides we don't our Smashers to grow old, do we?)

3. In this website, it shows that Kaito's name starts with an "N". But in Vocaloid wikia Kaito's name is "Shion". (I'm guessing Kaito's name in this website is "Nakamura", because Kaito Nakamura is a character in "Heroes". According to that "Kaito", he is Hiro's father. Also from what I know, "Shion" is a type of flower meaning "forget-me-not", if you think his name is "Shion" then it means "Don't forget Kaito".)