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This prologue is the work of Angel Queen, and sets the scene perfectly.



"Are you saying you can't do it?"

"I'm not saying I can't do it. I'm saying you can't afford me."

"You'd be surprised at what we can afford. You're close to the family. You can get in, get the samples and get out again."

"Does it matter how I acquire the samples?"

"No. You have free rein, though the less violence you have to use the better."

"I see."

"Do we have an agreement?"

"Hardly. You've not told me your offer yet."

"Five million as a start; ten if they're viable, and your record expunged. Permanently. "




"Excellent. You know where to deliver the samples to."

"What do you need them for?"

"Why do you want to know?"


"Curiosity killed the cat. You don't need to know why; I don't need to know how. Do we understand one another?"

"I think so."

"Good. Off you go."


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