All the stories in this collection will be inspired by the 30 prompts at Un_love_you on LJ. This particular one was inspired by #025- You Remind Me of Someone

A gust of fierce wind disturbed the peaceful night air and he knew she had arrived. The scent the wind carried was of the dark hanyou Naraku, but though the scent was the same, the demon behind it was not.

It was true she had been born of him, but she openly defied him. Her scent, her face, and her fighting prowess were all reminiscent of her master, as was her attitude. Her master would bow to none, and she in turn would never bow to him. So like her master, and yet so unlike her brothers and sisters.

So far he had not repaid her for her helpfulness. She had shown him the path to afterlife and given him the crystal of youki to help find Naraku's heart, but it was he who had suggested this night's meeting. Perhaps tonight she would have her reward. And he is, for that matter.

The night became still again, and there came soft treads in the grass behind him.

"Kagura…" he said, and the sound of her footsteps died.

"Sesshoumaru," she said, "What is the reason for our meeting tonight?"

He turned to face her and their glowing eyes locked in the darkness, warm gold with violent red. Her eyes were the color of her master's, but the mind behind them was independent of him. Naraku may have held her heart, but Sesshoumaru knew her will would never be bent by the likes of the hanyou. Her heart would never truly be his, either. Sesshoumaru knew as well as Kagura who her heart belonged to.

He slowly approached the wind witch, his eyes never leaving hers. He took a fierce hold of her kimono and pulled her to his chest. Her hands locked on his shoulders, and he growled deep within his chest. A smile played about her lips.

She leaned into him and made it very clear where her loyalties lie.