This chapter was written for prompt #22, I hate myself.

Although she kept her eyes free of any emotion, inside Kagura's mind was reeling.

He had called her to him with a painful squeeze of her heart, and she had no choice but to go to him. Naraku may have been only hanyou, but she knew his senses were keener than most. Once she stepped into his chambers she knew he would sense she had been with Sesshoumaru. There could be no hiding it, and there would be no escaping the punishment she was sure to receive.

She had endured his punishments before. She had been chained and beaten. Her heart had been squeezed almost to the point of her death, but her spirit had never been broken. She told herself she would never obey that oppressive fool.

But this time was different. It was not only her head on the chopping block this time. Kagura had no doubt that Naraku would seek out Sesshoumaru. She knew Naraku stood no chance of killing the powerful taiyoukai himself, but Naraku had dragged Sesshoumaru into his plans before. He would wound the taiyoukai's pride and make him act brashly. Naraku saw Sesshoumaru as his puppet, and Sesshoumaru's meeting with her would surely move Naraku to put Sesshoumaru to use in his plans again.

Kagura stepped into Naraku's quarters, and the hanyou immediately began laughing at her.

"Stop laughing," Kagura hissed, "Let's just get this over with. What's my punishment this time?"

Naraku only laughed harder.

"Punish you?" Naraku asked. "You're playing right into my hand," he said, and suddenly a purplish light erupted from his palm. He held his hand out to her, and she watched as her heart grew out from his flesh.

Her eyes became narrowed and angry as she watched her heart beat in his grip. "What are you talking about?"

Naraku stood and approached her, coming to stand almost toe to toe with her. The glow of her heart fell eerily upon their faces.

"The closer Sesshoumaru gets to you, the easier it will be for me to manipulate him," Naraku said. "Why would he act against me when the heart of the one he loves is in my hand?"

Kagura watched as he slowly closed his fist over her heart. The pain was excruciating as his nails dug into the beating flesh. She clutched at her chest as her knees buckled, bringing her to kneel at her vile master's feet. She clutched at his hakama with her free hand to keep herself from collapsing onto the floor completely. He only squeezed harder.

"When I have need of him, he will not oppose me," he said, and the pressure in her chest was gone.

He stepped away from her and she fell the rest of the way to the floor. She pushed herself back up with unsteady hands, sitting with her hand still closed over her chest.

She hated the situation she had been put in. She hated herself for being part of the vile man standing before her.

She would not let Naraku get to Sesshoumaru. If it meant pushing him away, she would do it. Even if it meant that she would have to drive Sesshoumaru to hate her, she would do it. She wouldn't have him put his life in Naraku's hands.